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Kelly MacLeod is both a psychic and a medium with a sharp sense of intuition and the ability to clearly see the challenging situations that you are currently facing in your life.

HOWEVER, Kelly is more than just a psychic. She also has the unique ability to connect and communicate with loved ones that have passed on, providing solid information as to who it is in the Spirit World that she is connecting with.

Kelly is available for the following:

-Akashic Records
-Light Language Activations
-Life Coaching
-Business Coaching

-Light Language

Additional Information: 

Kelly lovingly provides guidance, clarity, direction and closure to whatever it is that you are facing, allowing the healing process to begin

SHE has inspired thousands to improve their lives with the clear guidance and wisdom of her extraordinary insight. Kelly amazes her audiences with the astounding accuracy and detail of the information that she delivers, messages that are always communicated with a warm sense of humor and compassion, leaving even the most skeptical a believer.

KELLY is no holds barred when it comes to readings though, she believes that you receive information for one of three reasons, to enlighten you, to help you prepare for a situation, or to help you prevent a situation from happening.

SHE always gives the full details of what she is receiving and believes that information is neutral; it is not positive or negative in any way. It is how we react and what we do with the information that will ultimately determine the final outcome of the situation. Kelly is available for private, one-on-one appointments in person or by phone. She is also available for group/audience sessions, as well as keynote lectures and demonstrations.


Kelly MacLeod is an internationally renowned Psychic, Medium, Akashic Record Reader, Light Language Facilitator, Life &Business Coach, Transformational Speaker, Radio & Television personality and the previous host of The Kelly MacLeod Show on CBS Radio.

HER CLIENTELE ranges from every day, ordinary people to law enforcement, clergy, judges, attorneys and business CEO's. Kelly has also read for and guided many celebrities and music super stars on a confidential basis.

KELLY has trained and mentored with many great teachers, psychics and mediums throughout the United States, as well as at The Arthur Findlay College, in Stansted, England. She is a lifelong student and believes that there is always more to learn as the world evolves. Kelly is dedicated and passionate about her work, and always serves her clients with the utmost integrity and respect.

KELLY IS THE AUTHOR of “Messages And Miracles From The Other Side” and has created a collection of holistic and self improvement CD's which are available on her website

SHE HAS BEEN FEATURED in the last 4 episodes of HAUNTED SAGINAW (available on Amazon Prime) as well as this year's current episode that will Premier in October 2020. Kelly is in the process of filming her own documentary, and will be traveling throughout the United States and Europe inspiring people from all walks of life with her incredible story of love, loss and the strength to survive some of the most devastating lessons in life.

Listed since: Jul 8, 2010


I just had a wonderful reading with Kelly and it was wonderful. Kelly is very accurate and such a delight to spend an informative eye opening reading. I have been read by several psychics/mediums and she was so easy to talk to and I could have easily continued for another with her. I f you want to give yourself a gift, then sign up form a reading with Kelly. I can truly say that she is definitely my Go-To psychic and that feels fantastic!!
Kelly is amazing. She hosted a 11-11 portal spiritual zoom meeting and I was absolutely in awe. I was able to let go of a lot of things that were weighing me down. I have always had high anxiety when flying. Well after her webinar, I was actually able to stay calm and had a great flight. She explains things and is genuinely happy for you. It's hard to explain how great Kelly is, you will have to expirence it for yourself. Thank you, I will be doing more zoom meeting in the future.
Kelly MacLeod is my favorite psychic reader hands down on Bob Olson's list! I am NOT a newbie to psychic readings. Kelly is truly one of the very best. She is friendly and easy to talk to. I really liked the rapid fire response questions and answers. She clarified major issues in my life about family, relocating, and a new relationship. Kelly gave me very fine extra details which helped me make the best choices. Treat yourself today with a psychic reading from Kelly and you will be very happy!
I recently received another reading from Kelly, we also had a special deal that night with the Lion's Gate, DNA & meditation, it was absolutely amazing!! I really feel that it helped so much, giving me the reboot that I needed spiritually, emotionally and physically!!
Wow, Kelly was amazing!!! I've spoken to many psychic mediums throughout my life and she is the best I have ever spoken! Kelly validated SO much of the ones who I wanted to connect with and crossed over. There was one thing she said where she repeated almost the exact same words my person said to me when he was alive! Thank you, Kelly!!! I will be back!
Kelly is very intuitive to what you need and has a heart of gold to want to assist in helping! I reached out to her and she immediately gave me her time and energy to get me an appointment quickly! She’s caring and kind and truly wants what is best for you
I have had a few readings with Kelly. The latest one, Kelly connected with my former son in law. This reading gave me peace of mind and let me know I was doing right by helping his family with some things regarding his passing
First off let me just say that Kelly is absolutely amazing! In the past couple of years, she has helped me work through some seriously traumatic events in my life. Kelly has connected me with loved ones including my late father in law and husband that both passed in December of 2020. She knew things about both of them that she couldn't possibly know unless told by either myself or one of them. She is professional and really just one of a kind!
Dear Kelly, I wanted to say how amazing you are! You help people in so ways.I read your story and was so touched. You spoke of faith and believing in God, while continuing your work. Working with police to helping people heal their homes, their faith, and themselves. The first time I saw you was on SEEKERS, HAUNTED SAGINAW. Wow! People, You don't want to miss everything Kelly has to offer. It was unreal!!! Kelly will blow your mind!!! One of a kind rare gem! Noone like Kelly!
Kelly is amazing!!! I have received multiple messages from loved ones, and every time it was point on and incredibly accurate!! I would highly recommend her!!!
My husband passed away June 1 2020. He had no way to tell me how he felt. He found Kelly and went through her. She came to me and told me to talk to him. He was driving her crazy. It was true every since then I smell him and feel him at the edge of my bed. We talk all the time. Thank you Kelly for being the amazing caring person you are.
During a night with spirit session that some of us had she was able to get in contact with my husband. I never be so happy to find that he made it to the other side. Thank you Kelly for that extreme amount of longing closure.
I had a reading from Kelly and she instantly knee what I was going through and helped me understand it. She was kind and compassionate I am looking forward to my next reading. Thank you Kelly.
Kelly is amazing! I wanted to connect with my niece because I had a lot of unresolved feelings about our relationship When she passed. Kelly was spot on and gave me all the answers to my questions and more. After my reading a couple things that didn’t make sense at the time clicked and I’m considering going back to see her again for more answers.
Kelly was spot on with my health issues and really came in contact with my mom. Was a wonderful experience and highly recommended giving Kelly a shot to wow you as she did me.
Kelly was amazing! We did a group reading with her and she knew things that no one would've known without being gifted as she is. She helped me connect with my cousin to know that she was okay and knew what was going on. I will for sure be going back!
Just had an empowering hour session with Kelly MacLeod and still soaking in everything she said. I wanted to connect to my grandmother whom I was very close, but first thing she addressed was me and my personal energy. A much needed check in! She was so honest and clear. I could really tell it was my grandma coming through. I am so encouraged and inspired from my talk with Kelly; I'll definitely use her in the future!
Kelly is very good at what she does. She was spot on with my reading she gave me and she definitely relayed the love that she was given from my sister to me. Just a totally awesome experience! Thank you Kelly
Fro the first time I met Kelly I was amazed and how easy she connected with my husband after that I brought three friends and three different times that I felt needed to hear from her and their relatives I believe in her she knows things that are unbelievable at times I feel she is amazingI will see her again thanks for being there Kelly for all of us
As my family was preparing for the death if my grandmother, we all came to say our goodbyes. Everyone sat with her and told them how much they loved her and yet she wasn't ready to go. I called Kelly to see if she had any answers. She assured me that the time was close. But she felt that something was holding my grandma here. Kelly asked if my grandma had a lot of people around her. There were, so we knew grandma was waiting for everyone to go home. She died peacefully with her daughters and me.
I had an Akashic Record done December 2019. It was a very intense experience. Much I knew was validated. Things removed from the record to allow me to grow as I should have. Since that reading, things have truly changed. I have put barriers where needed, reminded myself to stay protected and to allow growth to flow. I am now enrolled in the fall semester of this year following my dream and life path. Kelly in one reading my life has changed. I am forever grateful to you.
Absolutely beautiful experience. Kelly is a soothing person naturally and brought nothing but comfort to me and my Aunt that I took to see her. There were 4 family members in our group and she connected with each of us in a way she new we needed. Don't have doubt about about anything.
I've had a number of readings with Kelly over the last 7 years as well as connections with loved ones. She has provided psychic guidance through several traumatic personal issues and has been instrumental in growing my business. Her insight and ability to identify blocks and solutions is outstanding. I've had readings with others but no one has come close to her uncanny ability to get to the heart of the issue and deliver the message that needs to be heard. Call her, you will be happy you did.
Kelly is one off the best. She is right on every time she has done a reading for me. I cannot tell you how she has helped me through some of the worse times over the years. Have her do a reading for you and you will understand why I would never go to anyone else.
I recently had the opportunity of being in An Evening with Spirit. Kelly s awesome. I was able to contact with my mom. It was so rewarding to me to find that things I did and said were what mom wanted. I left that evening just ecstatic. I am now going to have a personal reading. Can t wait for that. Kelly you have such a gift and are such a warm & kind Lady. Thank You.
I have been going to Kelly for over six years now. She is very concise and loving in her healing work and messages. I also like her great since of humor.
I went to Kelly's Wine and Spirits event last night and was completely amazed at Kelly's beautiful and wonderful gift that she has been blessed with. She is truly a medium that tells it like it is. she herself is a gift to the living. with her honest and heartfelt readings. Hoping and wishing her continued success and much love and light. also, some much needed shower time alone!!! Thank you kelly!
Although none of my loved ones came through in the gallery session, a good friend's brother did come through. I believe he came through to not only comfort his sister who is still so troubled by his passing 21 years later, but to repair my friendship with his sister. I called her after the session and told her everything. She confirmed all of the things that Kelly said that he was bringing up. It was an amazing experience. I felt "touched". Thank you Kelly...You are AMAZING!
Six months ago a tragic accident took someone very dear to me. I have struggled to make peace with the loss and the overwhelming grief. Last night, Kelly brought her amazing gift to an event I attended. My loved one came through with a message for me. I am in awe of what happened. I slept last night with a weight lifted off of my shoulders and my heart. Kelly is an angel!!!
Kelly is Amazing. She is patient and accurate Her gifts know no bounds. She tell it like it is. There is no sugar coating or guessing in her readings There is absolutely no way she should know what she does when she's with you I always feel comfortable and welcome with her and whatever message she has for me. She's an incredible woman!!


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