Jody Higgins

Jody Higgins
Jody Higgins


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Royal Oak


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$70 for half hour & $125 for one hour

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My name is Jody and I am an Intuitive Medium. I have the gift of being clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairescient and empathic (feeling). These gifts give me the ability to see, hear, feel and know things that we don’t normally access with our “normal” five senses.

I have had experiences, dreamed of things to happen and known/felt things my entire life. I use my gifts to help others to feel connected to God and spirit and I am able to get information for you regarding your career, financial situation, health, travel and love life…any situation that you may want to know about.
There are several ways that I get information:

• I hear/know information.
• I see images.
• I feel physical symptoms and pain.
• I get examples of other people, things and situations to share to explain the information I get.

When I get this information I am able to combine it with my personal and business experience to offer insight into your situation and to share helpful coaching and advice.

I do not use or need tarot cards, a pendulum, crystals or crystal ball, runes or any other divining device to read for you although I can and do use them occasionally. I simply get the information from God, my spirit guides and the angels.

When I read for someone they get what they need to hear as well as the information that they ask for. I will always ask you if you really want to know the truth about any situation and I will not hide anything or not be honest. I don’t feel it's fair to hide the truth if you honestly want to know something and I have been given the information (and there are times when I won't be given the answer…especially if it's something that you aren't supposed to know). But I will always tell you the truth. It is my honor to read for anyone who wants to have a reading with me.

Listed since: Jan 17, 2017


Jody did it again!!! Another amazing reading from Jody... she answered most of my questions before I could ask her... I love how she listens (as I could get excited and cut her off) but she is very nice, patience and understands... I will definitely get another reading in the future... this was my second reading from Jody and she was accurate with the outcomes she gave me from the first reading!!! Thanks again Jody!!!
I had a amazing reading with Jody...her style is very comforting... she knew who i wanted to connect with without me saying anything...she validated some information that I wasn’t sure about that was always on my mind.... I received a message that I needed to hear to move on and have a happier outlook on my life... I would recommend Jody to anybody who wants an accurate and genuine reading...
Jody is a sweetheart and so spiritually connected! She immediately channeled details and information directly from my loved one and my spirit guides. She received messages swiftly and accurately. Jody is sincere with a sweet voice and a kind disposition. I have had many readings and consider myself a bit picky so it is with gratitude to Jody and my Creator that I would ask for her help again in the future.
"I had a reading with Jody at an expo in Grand Rapids, MI. WOW! I was blown away with Jody's ability to communicate with my Great Grandmother who passed. She is the real deal. Jody knew specific details that even I didn't know until I spoke with the rest of my family about it. My reading was cleansing, healing and just really cool! I highly recommend a reading with her, so much so that I purchased a reading for my Grandmother (Great Grandmother's daughter).

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