Jennifer Goclik-Robinson

Jennifer Goclik-Robinson
Jennifer Goclik-Robinson


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Jennifer is an intuitive psychic who has made it her purpose in life to help others. Jennifer strives to have a safe space for every client to explore all they want to find in their reading, after all, this is their life's journey. As a fifth-generation psychic, Jennifer has embraced her natural gifts, not only in psychic and mediumship, but extending as a medical intuitive. With her ability to assist others in time of need, and the gift of intuitive and being an empath, it was a seamless transition for Jennifer to add Reiki I and II as an Energy Healer, as well as the enhancement of Crystal Healer Practitioner. Jennifer specializes in both mediumship of people we love and animal mediumship. It has always been important to Jennifer to make the connection for clients to their loved ones, both in animal form and people, to show that those we love never truly go away; they show us how much they love us in small little details of our everyday life, and they never miss the moments of our lives.

Besides intuitive abilities and guidance, Jennifer is Reiki, Crystal and Aura/Chakra healing, Jennifer also specializes in Tarot Readings and Oracle Cards as well. Jennifer will use her intuitive psychic abilities, and the Tarot Cards, to help clients to explore and dig deep to find some of the answers they are looking for. As Jennifer shares a strong connection to the divine and afterlife, she works very closely with the Angels and Archangels, and has taught courses in Angels and Numerology as well. She enjoys sharing her knowledge about angels, guardian angels and Archangels. Angel readings are quite special and treated in the highest of respect to not only the Angels but also the Sitter.

Whether you are looking for just a little clarity in your love life, or some direction in your career, Jennifer is here to help with no judgement and a caring heart. And, if you wondering about your own intuitive gifts, abilities, etc., Jennifer does offer one-on-one mentorship and consulting too.

Jennifer Goclik-Robinson

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Specialized Areas of Service:
Intuitive Reader & Empath Reader
Angels and Numerology Readings
Course Educator in Angels and Mediumship
Reiki I and II Practitioner, Energy Healer
Crystals Healer Practitioner
Chakra and Aura Reader and Healer
Mediumship Expertise
Animal Mediumship
Tarot Card and Oracle Card Reader
Crystals and Stones Course Educator
Mentorship One-on-One specific to Metaphysical Needs; Empath, Intuition
Empath Course Educator
Meditation, Breathwork, and Automatic Writing Process Educator

When preparing for a reading, consult, or mentorship, I always recommend that ahead of your reading that you spend some time alone, whether in meditation, or in a space that makes you feel grounded. Bring yourself to your session relaxed, open, and ready to hear and receive what messages may be given to you. As this is your time, I want you to receive the most of your message, so come prepared with pen and paper for note taking, a water or tea. Sit comfortably, take some deep breaths, and most importantly, relax and enjoy.

Listed since: Oct 14, 2022

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