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$30/1/2 hr. $60/hr. Rescue Pets Free

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I've been practicing Animal Communication for over 10 years and love being around animals and delivering their messages to you. I do pet telepathy, work with behavioral issues and offer energy healing. I can speak to your companions individually or as a group (as in multi-pet households). I do ask you to email or text me photos of your pets with their eyes wide-open, and their names and ages but you don’t have to.
You may also want to tell me the issue of focus!

A lot of what I do is based in meditation as I've found that many illnesses and behavior issues are often stress-related and meditation is very good at attracting animals to their people.

First we get quiet and listen to what your pet is thinking, feeling and seeing. I telepathically ask your animal or animals a few questions, just let them speak.

You may ask questions or take up a behavior point we can work with, and after communicating about that then we can scan his/her/their body and do an energy healing. We try to end with a few moments of silent meditation or a prayer.

As we heal them we are healed and we include the whole household, animals near and far, farmed or wild, all over the world: land, air and sea, in our sessions. All species welcome.

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I trained with the Fox Center Mediumship Certificate Program as an Evidential Medium who gives 5-7 points relating to your loved-one(s)'s identity and then a message. Very often the message is love. Some passed friends and relatives are as interested in speaking with you, as you are with them!

I also volunteered for three years(twice) at the Dakin Pioneer Valley Animal Shelter in Springfield MA. All my proceeds go to them.


Deborah E. - Zan helped to create a space for us that felt quiet, calm and connected, facilitating my ability to focus in on Suki and my relationship with her... I tend to worry about her health and other issues between her and I, and this session with Zan felt reassuring, and provided time for me to learn something about myself and Suki, on another level. This helped me to see my relationship with her in a different way, feeling lighter yet with a deeper bond.

Eric Tackeff - Zan is a skillful animal communicator. Her gentle presence seemed to quickly bridge the communication gap between my 18 year ld cat and me. Zan was able to shed light on what was causing her to meow so frequently. Life at home is more peaceful now. I highly recommend Zan to anyone who needs help understanding their furry friends.

Gigi G. - Mary James is making deep and meaningful changes that keep unfolding after the session. While maintaining her 'outside the lines' personality she is finding a new normal and some much needed peace. Thanks Alexandra!

Carolyn L. - Zan has been a great help to me and my 3 pets. She eased the transition when my sister and her dogs were back home. And another time when one Larry was ill. Both times we were able to everyone back to a good their playful selves.

Teriann R. -
I volunteered to write this letter of Testimonial for Zan, (Alexandra Ottaway) because she has helped me in preparing for the most difficult task of knowing when the time is to call the vet when my cats age 16 and 17 one year part were ready to cross over.

Zan is supportive and resourceful, compassionate, kind, and sincere. Keeping an eye on things and keeping all the ducks in order during this most difficult and heart wrenching time. I particularly like the way that she is an advocate for the animals because I likewise want to do what my animal wants most. Times like this are life’s most difficult passages. Hope is always needed. I believe that you will feel very comfortable working with Zan, it will feel like reconnecting with a lifelong friend.

Lisa L. - It’s always nice to hear good news. I wanted to follow up with you and tell you that Ollie has been litter-compliant for 3.5 months now. Between your chat with Diane and her placing litter boxes downstairs and large male contractors finishing work … well … one or all of them did the trick. Ollie is off all meds, too, so this is the real deal.

Maya Brown - We're trying, thanks!
By the way, Today and last night Philly was cuddling with me like she used to do

On Sat, Feb 17, 2024 at 7:16 PM Zan Ottaway wrote:
Good for you! You’re ahead of the game.

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An amazing animal communicator and also an amazing person.I have never met a more compassionate and intuitive human .Zan is an angel.She really loves what she does and puts her heart in it.I recommend with lots of stars.Very accurate and very helpful communication ,I noticed an immediate behavior correction.Thank you Zan!
Had a good reading. Answered all my questions and gave me tips for cat care.
I can't say enough about how wonderful Zan is and how much she helps with your animals and their various needs. I have four cats and a dog as well as one feral who has had various emergencies and Zan has been there to help with each one. She is WONDERFUL!!!!
Zan is a truly wonderful animal communicator. I have had two readings with her and both were very insightful and accurate. She was able to help with some problems I was having with my cat ,Bode. Also, when my other cat,Baby, passed away she totally tuned in to him giving me much comfort. She is a caring and true animal psychic who will give you much joy and peace.
Zan is truly in tune with the animals. I contacted her because I was adopted by a stray cat, and he and my other three kitties are struggling to get along. It was obvious in the first few minutes that Zan is a gifted medium. It was clear she was speaking to my cats, and for them. We talked about the problems they are having with adjusting to each other. They were sometimes very funny, and occasionally very revealing. I highly recommend Zan for your animal communication needs.
I received a reading from her about dear cats and dogs of my past the spiritual insight she gave me brought me peace I also asked her about my two cats and two doggies I have presently in my life I love animals and I believe in spiritual she is blessed to do what she does as a spiritual animal communicator the reading for me was a blessing thanks god bless from Jennifer's
Zan, thank you for your help trying to locate my missing cat. You gave me a lot of good information.
I contacted Zan after a young kitten I was fostering passed away. The information she gave was clear and she captured the essence of this little one that I had come to love so much. Zan is a beautiful giving soul and a gifted medium.. I would highly recommend her...
Zan is absolutely amazing! She has made such a positive impact on our fur family in such a short period of time. We have had two sessions to help our (now) 4 cats and a dog live in harmony. We have just trapped and adopted a young feral cat and Zan stepped in and evaluated everyone's temperament, their fears and apprehensions and her readings were critical in resolving over 90% of the aggression between the house mates (we had an aggressive male already) and our female feral cat. Spot On!
I had a great experience with Zan. She really helped me to better understand the past of my dog, a Chilean street dog I took in while living down there. Her communications were very thorough and insightful. I feel our session helped me and Clyde to confirm our intentions and love for one another. I went in skeptical, but came out amazed that she really could communicate with Clyde and help solve the mysteries of his past. A beautiful job well done.

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