Ronaldo Torres Evangelista

Ronaldo Torres Evangelista
Ronaldo Torres Evangelista


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10 min - $25, 15 min - $35, 20 min - $45, 30 min - $60, 45 min - $70, 60 min - $80, 75 min - $90, 90 min - $125, 105 min - $135, 120 min - $150

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Seer / Life Coach / Spiritual Counselor / Tarot Medium / Healer

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Sun: Noon - Midnight
Tue: Noon - Midnight
Wed: Noon - Midnight
Thu: Noon - Midnight
Fri: Noon - Midnight
Sat: Noon - Midnight

U.S. Federal Holidays: Generally closed but subject to change.

I consider myself as a seer with psychic and mediumship abilities. I'm also clairvoyant, empathic, intuitive, and a self-certified spiritual counselor/life coach. I mainly use tarot cards, oracle cards, my intuition, and my spiritual senses--to include my knowledge of Western and Eastern Astrology--to give you the spiritual reading and/or spiritual counseling you need on virtually any area on which you need advice and/or insight, e.g., your career, business, relationships, marriage, predictions, after-life communication, past-life retrieval, psychic background check on anyone, prayer incantations, dream interpretations, and even readings for your beloved animals. I've been doing psychic readings/spiritual counseling since 2003 and got really serious with it in 2010. I was born in Cavite City, a small town in Manila Bay, Philippines in the early 60s, grew up in San Diego, CA in the 70s, joined the Air Force in the early 80s (1st career), retired from military in 2002 (1st retirement), hired by DoD in 2005 (2nd career), got my masters in 2011 & retired from DoD as a civil servant in 2017 (2nd retirement). Allow me to help you achieve some clarity and/or pave the way towards healing in your life, getting you back "on track" with Spirit's help (which is my 3rd career). We even have classes available to help you gain the spiritual knowledge you need - to include 'specialized powerful prayers' to help with your own intentions on your life path.

My basic general psychic reading rates are 10 min - $25, 15 min - $35, 20 min - $45, 30 min - $60, 45 min - $70, 60 min - $80, 75 min - $90, 90 min - $125, 105 min - $135, 120 min - $150.
Other rates apply regarding past life, afterlife and other spiritual services advertised in this website. OPEN DAILY 12 noon to Midnight U.S. Eastern time, except Mondays. I'm off on Mondays.


If you can't make your scheduled appointment, please re-schedule ASAP before your appointment time to avoid this $25 FEE.

​Please Note: Readings can be recorded FOR $15, I CAN EMAIL YOU A COPY OF YOUR READING OR SHIP IT TO YOU ON A DVD DISC FOR $20 ($25 if your mailing address is outside the continental United States). Just let me know because I'll need your permission to record it.

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Readings can be done by phone, Skype, FaceTime, Facebook video, Whatsapp video or in person. I use both tarot & oracle cards along with my own spiritual abilities, interpreting & channeling messages to you from Spirit.

To schedule an appointment just click on the "booking" button at my website at

My Rates: My general psychic reading rates are (in U.S. Dollars): 10 min - $25, 15 min - $35, 20 min - $45, 30 min - $60, 45 min - $70, 60 min - $80, 75 min - $90, 90 min - $125, 105 min - $135, 120 min - $150 (these do NOT include PAST LIFE and AFTERLIFE readings). I also do a few other types of readings that involve Reiki and the Chakras in terms of paving the way towards healing in general. For more details please go to my website at

Listed since: Aug 14, 2015


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