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Tracy Arietti is a Bone Reading expert in Auburn Maine! Osteomancy - psychic readings (divination) through the use of bones, shells, stones and charms - is a type of spiritual guidance that connects to the energies of Ancestors, Angels, Spirit Guides, Ascended Masters and Departed Friends to impart help and life guidance. Osteomancy uses the "residuals" - the parts of the body resistant to decay - to connect with and symbolize the energy they hold. I am a bone reader who was formerly a tarot reader, and do mediumship, angel connection, spiritual guidance and coaching, Spiritual Artist, and am a certified Therapeutic Art Life Coach.

Tracy Arietti uses an ever-growing set of symbolic items to connect with and channel that energy and impart guidance to help you to see unhealthy patterns, tackle tough personal and interpersonal problems and take care of yourself and get or keep your life on track. Remember, your Ancestors - your family line - want what's best for you, as they have a vested interest in your happiness - it makes them happy, too! And it advances the family purpose that you forged together to make an impact on the world.

Trcy Arietti does phone or Zoom readings, select Psychic Fairs and a limited amount of in-person readings. It's always best to reach me via email, as my phone reception isn't always good. All of my readings are by appointment only, and must be made and paid in advance. I am almost never ready for immediate, on the spot phone readings. Please email me for an appointment!

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I am a contributing author and Chapter Sponsor of the best-selling book 365 Days of Angel Prayers, and am currently working on three other books, including one on Spiritual Osteomancy; and an artist using glass, ceramic, painting and mixed-media to reflect Spiritual and nature themes. I am also a certified Therapeutic Art Life Coach and a Mediator.

Listed since: Dec 17, 2017

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