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Meilena Hauslendale
Meilena Hauslendale


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$3.99-$6.99 per minute


Rev. Dr. Meilena Hauslendale, Ph.D. is a Certified Psychic Medium and Reiki Master with over 25 years of experience. She connects with her guides to help deliver messages of empowerment to her clients as well as messages from those who have passed on. Meilena uses her clairvoyance and works with your guides to give you the answers and clarity you need. Meilena is a Personal Development Author and Artist advocating the growth of everyone's highest good.


I have been psychic ever since I was a child, but me, like many others out there, had to hide my gifts in fear of being looked at differently. For me, the answers and visions of future or current events were as clear as seeing them happen with my own physical eyes. In some cases, I didn’t realize there was a difference. I quickly learned that not everyone sees in this way.

It was not until I was in adulthood that I would come out of my “psychic” closet and publicize my ability and start teaching others to not be afraid of there gifts as well. We all have an internal compass, just some of us have the ability to tune in for others and guide them along their path.


• Non-denominational - I work with clients all around the globe and I help people regardless of their religious affiliation or denominations. Your spirit guides will always align me with your beliefs.

• Empowered and not disabled - My readings and sessions will always leave you feeling charged up and clear headed. You will know the actions you can take and the energy potential that is available for you.

• You are encouraged to embrace your higher self - I will remind you of your path and your purpose here. I will help you connect the dots and get clarity on your direction


When we do a reading together, I shoot straight from the hip. I’m going to tell you exactly what I see and nothing else. As soon as you ask me your first question, I start tuning in to the energy around you. I know how important time is and how crucial it is for you to get the answers you need quickly.

I’m compassionate, empathetic, and non-judgmental. I see your core and the full potential you do have. I’m a personal advocate for your well-being and spiritual health.


Certified Psychic Medium
by ImagineSpirit Universal
Psychic Arts
Certified Akashic Records Reader
by ImagineSpirit Universal
Psychic Arts
Certified Angel Reader
by ImagineSpirit Universal
Psychic Arts
Certified Reiki Master
Reiki Awakenings Academy
Ordained Reverend
University of Metaphysics
Bachelor Degree in Metaphysics
University of Metaphysics
Masters Degree in Metaphysics
University of Metaphysics
Doctoral Degree in Philosophy, Specializing in Metaphysical Counseling
University of Sedona
Best American Psychic (2014-2019)
Double-tested and proven authentic

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"Meilena’s intuitive sense of the question I had and the layers of obstacles she brought up provided me with much needed clarity. The way she broke up the reading provided feedback from several angles addressing both long and short term issues. I appreciate the finely tuned reminders of the resources that are available to help me on the way. I already knew I was on my way to something, but having Meilena come along and point out the paths I can take and the places to get support was an enormous help in a very confusing time!" -- Jodilyn from Washington

"I was very pleased with my reading from Meilena. I have been feeling things that I’ve told no one and it came out in my reading! Very happy I gave it a chance and would do it again in the future. Thank you Meilena!!" -- Ashley from Kentucky

"It seems like she knew my situation as if she knew me!"

"great reading her predictions were right on about things that have been happening in my past"

"this lady is amazing! She gave me the answer I needed"

"very good and to the point" "beautiful, changed my life"

"The best! Confirming things that I really had questions about. And so friendly too!"

"She puts my mind to ease and connects accurately to my instincts... Was great talking to her.. Xx"

"thank you so much. She was amzing!!!!!!"

"Amazingly accurate every time"

"Amazing reading! Gave me peace and guidance exactly what I needed, I'll be back"

"awesome and incredible and so nice to talk to great insight and gave me the answers i needed. Thank you Meilena"

"Love my readings with Meilena. I'm so glad I found her. She is friendly and tunes in super fast. "

"Put an old situation into perspective for me. Thank you."

"oh my. oh my. i am sooo grateful. your reading is still giving me chills"

"Wow! What a gem! Thank you for your insight in this situation and for making things clearer to me. "

"Thank you, this really helped me to clear up some stuff :) Meilena is both compassionate and clear and I am really appreciative for that. "

Listed since: Nov 9, 2014


My experience with Meilena has def been amazing. I have spoken to her a number of times and she has impressed me each and everytime with her accuracy. Meilena can pick up the smallest details which is outstanding! I trust her wholeheartedly! She is a very genuine honest psychic.. U will not be left disappointed! Thank you for everything I am definitely a client for life!
I've had several readings with Meilena and each time I'm left wanting more. I generally think of Meilena whenever there's something I need clarity on, and she's always able to deliver just the message I need. Extremely intuitive and personable, I plan to continue to leverage her amazing abilities for years to come! Thank you Meilena!
Meliena did some incredibly powerful long distance energy work and healing that was very effective for my fiance who was very sick. He was in and out of the hospital for all of last year with two serious conditions. Things did not turn around until she started her energy work. He has been doing very well since her work. She's very helpful positive and her long distance scans are s oooo accurate
Some times you just need a wee bit of validation that you're on the right track. Other times you need a bright light shined on your journey. Meilena Hauslendale has the accuracy and precision to provide validation; and she has the high voltage connection to the other side to provide illumination and guidance for the dark patches. If you are lucky enough to get a reading with her, you will treasure it, as I do.
Meilena is a wonderfully amazing reader. She is very accurate and honest. I've know her for a while and she always surprises me.
Out of 3 I have spoke with; Medium Meilena is the most profound and genuine experience I have had. I have been able to break free of a lot of darkness because of her, and that is priceless. Such a blessing she is.

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