Sarah Lawrence

Sarah Lawrence
Sarah Lawrence


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$99 for a half-hour, $180 for a full hour. In depth Soul Star Reading $199

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316 247 4144


Why am I here? What am I here to do? How can I get my _____________ to work better? (Fill in the blank).

How can I make better decisions? What is holding me back?

I'm a very unusual type of life coach and I can help you! Whether it's past life clearing or present life purpose and flow, I use methods both ancient and modern to help.

Experienced Intuitive Empowerment Coach, Life Purpose, Soul Purpose, 13 years experience to date.

Additional Information: 

Sarah uses different energetic tools to help you achieve your goals, including

The Akashic Records, Human Design, Empathic Intuitive skills, the Divine Lattice, Divination from Oracle Cards, and Soul Realignment.

Sarah is also an accredited NLP Practitioner, EMF Balancing Technique practitioner, business trainer, State Certified Reflexologist, and certified Soul Realignment Practitioner.

In previous professions, she was a Business Trainer, Course Creator, Software Teacher, and Designer.

Listed since: Nov 4, 2015


Sarah is amazing, clear, and amazing. She is one of the best Akashic Readers.
Sarah helped me when my dog Bailey was transitioning. We talked over the phone, she encouraged me to release him and tell him it was okay for him to pass on. (I guess I hadn't thought of that!) She also communicated with Bailey directly. She asked me to put the phone close to his ear and she told him what a good boy he was. All this support helped him and after we hung up, Bailey took his last breath and easily moved on. It was so beautiful. I'm so thankful for Sarah's love and skill.

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