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Based in Tipperary, Ireland and descended from generations of Psychics and Mediums Sandie is an Evidential Psychic Medium who has been communicating with spirit since she was a little girl. Her Great Grandmother was a very well known reader in Ireland during WW2 right up until her passing in the 1970s.

Although she was communicating with spirit since she was born it wasn't until she grew older that she became much more comfortable with her ability and proceeded to train at the Internationally renowned "Arthur Findlay Spiritualist College" in London, England.

As a medium Sandie has worked extensively in Ireland, the United Kingdom, Denmark, the United States and Canada.

In addition to passing on messages from spirit and evidence of life after death Sandie gives guidance on life issues through Tarot cards and Angel Cards, as well as numerology readings.

Personal readings are available worldwide (onlive by Zoom) and full details are available on her website:

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Sandie also has her own podcast and releases a new episode each Wednesday. Listen here:
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If you want more regular spiritual content, Sandie has a Patreon where she does a live reading session once a month just for subscribers, you also get video episodes of each podcast, and extended editions of podcast interviews and access to members only Discord channel so you can chat with likeminded spiritual people. You can subscribe for just €5/us$6 per month):

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Phone IRELAND: (0504) 60069 mobile: (086) 175 0462

Phone UK: London: (0203) 627 4281

Phone US: New York: (0917) 720 0135

Phone CANADA: Toronto: (437) 8868419



Twitter: @SByrneMedium

For all information on readings, events etc please refer to the website:

Listed since: Jan 20, 2014


I can't recommend enough! We had reading with her recently,after passing of my nephew,she made contact with him and she was really accurate in what she was communicating to us. If you need to find peace and make sure that your beloved ones are doing well in spirit realm,do contact her! I am happy we found her!
Wow... I highly recommend this beautiful lady who really helped us with our grief. I was very eager to speak to my beloved dad who recently passed away in tragic circumstances. Well I certainly got more than expected. Sandie went above and beyond to help us understand the spirit world. We got to connect with other loved ones too. I cannot wait to do it again. Best decision we ever made. Sandie made the experience so comforting. You get your monies worth and more. We are so grateful forever X
Had a reading with Sandie after Xmas. She was on point for so many things. Gave me loads of validation. I felt like dad was sitting right beside her. Some very random things that would not be known to any “random person” but completely true. I feel so much lighter and she will never know the peace she has given me. Sandie puts you at ease and prepares you well. So glad I got in contact. Would recommend.
My whole family benefited from my reading with Sandie! The level of detail was incredible. I had to make a few calls to family members after the reading to understand some specifics Sandie provided as I was too young to remember certain behaviors or even specific actions. My family and I are still discussing all that Sandie shared. Her reading impacted so many of us, and we are so grateful for her gifts! AND a few family members are scheduling a 1:1 reading too! Thank you Sandie!
I had a medium reading with Sandie . The level of detail which came through was mind blowing. I really felt that I had a phone conversation with my loved one through Sandie. I would highly recommended Sandie. She also sent me a beautiful card after the reading. This was a beautiful touch .
It has taken time for me to realise how valuable Sandie’s reading was for me in the aftermath of my father’s and mother’s deaths. The traits that she described of my parents could only have come from someone who was observing them . Recently when we were going through Mums things, my sister picked up this bracelet. I said ‘I think Mum would want you to have that’ I knew it ! Because Sandie had told me ! My sister knew it too..Thanks Sandie !
I was so nervous before my reading but once I got talking to Sandie my nerves disappeared. She is such a warm and lovely person she put me completely at ease. Sandie said things to me during the reading that she could not have possibly known, the reading brought me so much comfort and peace. I would highly recommend Sandie to any one who has lost a loved one. It was the most amazing experience.
I couldn’t recommend Sandie enough! My reading was spot on and wasn’t rushed at all. Such a lovely woman. ❤️
Sandie is the real deal. She is highly skilled at mediumship and brings compassion and understanding with the communication. Sandie provided such remarkable detail so early on in the reading that I knew I was in conversation with my deceased partner. I now feel supported in Spirit and have made positive changes in my life. Thank you. I live in Australia so before the reading I was worried about connection and lag time. I should not have worried as this was perfect with no issues at all.
After listening to ALL of her wonderful podcasts I booked a reading for my father for his birthday. My mother and I were present at the reading and we all left the reading beyond grateful for the amazing experience and generosity that Sandie provided. My father is new to this experience and Sandie was so supportive and helpful as she connected him with several family members and took the time to answer his questions and to guide and support him as he worked through each connection.
George felt the reading supported many of his thoughts and feelings and more clearly gave him a picture of his future in the hereafter. Gail felt Sandie was empathetic, awesome, very professional, diligent and went above and beyond and what came to her was truly helpful to answer questions about family and continue her spiritual journey. It was truly humbling, inspiring and gratifying. We felt calmness never experienced before about our loved ones that gave us a feeling of peace and joy.
I recently had a medium reading from Sandie and she was so easy to talk to made me feel very relaxed. I recently lost my dad and she relayed messages to me that she couldn’t possibly know.. I was so glad I done this and will be definitely getting another one done in the near future.. she definitely helped my grieving process and gave me closure on a few things
Sandie did a remarkable job of bringing my loved ones closer to me. She captured the personality of my late husband so well there was no question that he and she had found each other for me. Though my husband did move aside after a few affirming laughs to allow my father to send his love, Sandie found he still had more to say (as he always did). This reading helped my heart in so many ways and I will forever be grateful. Can’t wait to talk again Sandie!
I met with Sandie last week for a reading. I had never done anything like this before and was not sure what to expect. It was a fantastic and rewarding experience. I got so much closure and comfort from the reading, the information I received was staggering. I did not want the session to end and could have listened to Sandie all day. She has an amazing ability and communicates it in such a lovely way. I would strongly recommend Sandie to anyone who has lost a loved one. Thx so much Sandie. John
Sandie was so professional and 100% genuine in every way. I have already recommended her to my friends and family. She is so sensitive with the information she shares but also very clear. She gave of herself completely and I am so grateful.
Sandie is an amazing soul and wonderful kindred spirit. You can tell by just talking with her how she is very passionate about what she does and how she wants to help humanity.
Sandie delivered a really detailed and indepth reading that gave me a huge piece of mind. I would highly recommend her readings to anyone who is interested in having a detailed sheet to follow.
I had a reading recently with Sándie and felt very comforted by the information she was able to offer me from two very important people who had passed. I found that her approach and empathy she showed made the reading a wonderful experience.Some things I could not relate to but later was able to go back to Sandie and validate it. For anyone who has lost someone and needs to make contact with spirit , I cannot recommend Sandie highly enough. I will be back.
Sandie was s as great podcast host, I’ll definitely be on again. She’s open, has a mission and is great for anyone who is liking to bridge religion with spirituality. Ie see both as a funnel for connection to their own soul
I had a reading with Sandie as I was trying to come to terms with losing my Dad recently. Sandie connected with both of my parents and others! Her manner was soothing and caring and I have experienced peace and calmness since. I would recommend Sandie to anyone who is struggling with their grief and I will definitely go back to her again in the future
My dad recently passed (in a foreign country) very unexpectedly 3 months ago. I needed to connect with him to say goodbye. Sandie was a great vessel for that. She was kind, caring, empathetic and accurate on many accounts. The very first thing she said was how he died and was 100% accurate. I was blown away with the facts and information that she she managed to convey to me during the entire reading. If you are looking to connect with a loved one, I would highly recommend Sandie
Sandie is a very kind, warm, and gentle soul that I share a strong cultural history with! Her abilities are very strong and I will be contacting her for a mentorship program in the near future.
Apart from being a wonderful, compassionate person Sandie has a very special talent indeed. During our session, a few things came out that she could not possibly have known or guessed at and, on reflection in the intervening week, a couple of thing that didn't make sense then do so now. Sandie may seek confirmation gently but will not lead in any way. Communication comes easily to her, I have been left with a deep sense of the continuing presence of my relatives. Thank you Sandie!
I met Sandie before Christmas and had not been to a psychic for a reading in many years. It was at a time where I didn't have anything in particular to ask so was going in quite open. It is testament to Sandie that because of this nothing felt quite like it hit in the meeting (which Sandie had pre-advised!) and just as she said, once I watched the video back two weeks later before our catch-up I couldn't believe how the most specific things had come out of the woodwork. Highly recommend!
Sandie is one of the loveliest people I've met. She has done a psychic and medium reading for me and was so compassionate and caring. Taking the time to really connect with me and several of my relatives on the other side. Her psychic reading was spot on and very helpful as I have been trying to make life changing decisions. She didn't tell me what I should do, just gave me insights on better directions for myself. I highly recommend her to anyone.
Sandie is just amazing. Doing quiet a lot of meditating myself I know that this is possible but also how difficult it is. Sandie knows nothing, and I mean nothing, about us...and there she describes the exact person you wanted to connect with...and speaks in phrases - using words...that were exactly his....even the personality came across 100%. Thank you so much Sandie x
Sandie is wonderful. Not only a kind, thoughtful person but very understanding and down to earth. She cleared a lot of questions up for me and brought me closure. She was pretty accurate with her reading with us. I highly recommend her.
I had a wonderful reading with sandie last week! My partner who has recently passed away came through, was very emotional but so lovely to know he is still around me, Sandie is such a lovely lady, very easy to talk too, i feel more peaceful now, I would definitely recommend a reading with sandie x
Had a reading with Sandie earlier this week. Brilliant experience. Made me feel very much at ease (in spite of initial technical problems), and came across with lots of empathy. In many places the reading was uncannily spot on and left me very impressed. Having recently lost my life partner, this gave me an amount of closure that I don't think I could have got anywhere else. Thank you, Sandie, and will definitely be back.
I have always wanted a reading I just happen to come across sandie on line and felt she was the one for me. I am so glad I did it. She is a lovely person easy to talk to and honest. There is no “hard sell” . She was able to help me contact my in laws and the message I got could only come from them. She is quite accurate. I would highly recommend sandie . If you’re thinking about doing a reading sandie is the one to go to. Her sessions are very healing . Thank you sandie.


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