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My name is Ann Marie, and I have been a Master Tarot Reader for 27+ Years. I need no astrology sign or private information, just your first name. Your voice carries the essence of who you are and your life story. Holidays and life changes can be a difficult time to get through. I offer empathic Tarot guidance with a compassionate, positive attitude. I keep it real and tell you only what I see, not what to do. I read on love, career, life path, dream interpretation, pet readings, crossing over, and past life.

With the assistance of Tarot, I will channel your energy frequency and the tonal resonance of your voice while placing cards on your life journey as we speak. I can listen, as well as read for you.

I can answer the nagging questions driving you crazy, confirm a hunch, give a general reading on love, life, or spirit, why you feel lost, or a message from the other side,

As a Spiritual Empath, Psychic Consultant, and Medium for three decades, I discovered Tarot at the age of nineteen, certified as a reader, and studied Transpersonal Hypnotherapy in 2011 to convey better the truth of what I see in a peaceful and accepting way.

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@ To have the best reading possible, be kind, and I will give the same back to you.

@. You will know immediately if what I tell you rings true, as I ask for no astrology sign or private information. The less you tell me, the better your reading will be.

@ The future is changeable according to your wise actions, and you always have free will.

Listed since: Sep 19, 2008


Ann Marie provided clarity for me at a time when I needed to make a decision based on two very different options. She encouraged me to follow my instincts. At times it is hard for me to trust my own instincts; but her reading was a confirmation of what I was feeling in my gut. Her assessment of my challenges (weaknesses) was “spot on” as well. If I didn’t know better, I would think she had talked to my Mom. I would definitely recommend Ann Marie if you need to make a big decision.
She picked up on personalities quickly. She gave me predictions to look forward to. Really enjoyed her. Would call again.
I just want to say I am really grateful for the reading with Anne Marie. It gave me a lot of hope and relief. - I will definitely come back for your guidance. Thank you!
I have been going to Ann Marie for the last couple years and every time she has provided so much clarity for me on certain situations in my life. After speaking with her, I always feel like I have a solid sense of direction moving forward in life. She has an incredible gift!
Anne Marie is a gifted psychic/angel communicator. I still go back to her readings and angel message delivered to me two years ago. She guided me in my career decisions and provided excellent insight on some personal matter and they were spot on. I am so thankful to her!!!
Ann Marie was super nice ! my reading felt so comfortable I’ve had readings before and I’ve never felt so comfortable before ever !! usually I get messages with money money money with previous “physics” and Ann Marie was super nice and professional i felt like I could connect with her and this definitely was nothing about the “money” definitely will be booking again in the future!
Anne Marie is such a true and straight talker. I love my reading with her. Every time i speak to her I know I am not being sugar coated or pleased just for the sake of it. She says what she senses and her readings are always right on point. Thank you for being so clear in your communication and making sure each reading is full of clarity. Thank you for helping!
Wonderful reading:). Ann Marie went right to reading my energy and it was so correct. I absolutely loved the end where she pointed out things I’m not honest with myself about and they were so true! Long time ago I stopped concentrating on timelines because I noticed things will shift as it got closer to the prediction time but Ann Marie was so right on so many things and people all round me, I don’t doubt her timeline will be right on. Thank you Ann Marie for your advice and making me laugh.
My reading with Ann Marie was a great experience! She is a kind person & gives detailed & honest answers to any questions you might have, although, many of my questions were answered before I even asked when she read my energy at the start of the reading. The angel card reading was also a nice bonus & the advice she gave from spirit was so personal to me & my internal struggles that no one else would know or be able to guess. Ann Marie is a blessing to anyone lost on their path & seeking truth.
I had my reading a couple of weeks ago and as always, she was spot on. Always good to have reassurance that I am on the right path, and a bit of a heads up for things that may be presenting themself in the future.
Amazing reader. Seriously the best! She didn't ask any questions. She went right into the reading. She said things that were so spot on about my relationship I couldn't believe it. She gave me a full year timeline of how things would go. She described his personality to the t and brought up things about his life that no one could guess. I will definitely have a reading with her again!
Ann is truly remarkable! She is spot on with the readings and has great insight. She is respectful and sincere when answering questions. Highly recommend her!
Anne Marie provided a great reading that gave insight and awareness in a new perspective. She used metaphors which spoke clearly to me and illustrated experiences I am navigating. I typed while she channeled and I ended up with 4 pages of notes for a 30 minute reading. So the reading was full and complete! I will be curious to read the notes a few weeks out as I expect to see even more guidance when I revisit my notes. I am grateful and pleased! I highly recommend her!
I had a good reading with Ann Marie O'Dell. What she revealed in my reading rang true. Ann Marie gave me guidance in my next steps, she took time to answer my questions, and she has affordable options for readings. I feel she helped me see things I did not necessarily want to see. I would recommend her to others. Thank you Ann for your great reading.
This is a shout out to all of you that have questions about your life. Indeed our lives are moving faster now then ever. People aren’t as nice as they could be therefore issues arise. I was at a very extreme low point that I needed answers to what was going on around me and my family. AnnMarie is absolutely an amazing human being and knows her business. Working through the problems AnnMarie had the answers. I felt like I was suffocating before talking to AnnMarie now I feel like a new person. ❤️
Has read for me for over 15 years-always adds a dimension I hadn’t considered. Spot on intuitive!
Fantastic reading with Ann Marie! Ann Marie is really easy to talk to, and she explains everything in detail. I really appreciate all of the "heads-up" I was given. I am looking forward for events that were predicated to manifest within the next couple of weeks. Ann Marie is worth your time and money!
As soon as you hear Ann Marie's voice, you can feel that she's caring and authentic. Her readings are honest, and she provides you the insight and energy surrounding your circumstances to help give you clarity in whatever decisions you need to make. I feel like I have a much better understanding of what's going on around me and how to handle it, thanks to Ann Marie, which is why I keep coming back to her for guidance. I highly recommend her!
I really appreciate working with Ann Marie. She is spot-on, intuitive, and generous. She does a great job and my reading today couldn’t have been more accurate or helpful, confirming things and providing insights, and I’m very grateful. She’s supportive, helpful, and caring, and I highly recommend her and her work.
This reading of my fingers was interesting and very accurate! Ann does a beautiful job of explaining the process/rules that she uses to inform her reading - she is a gem!
I want to thank you for the reading. As you know I was so confused and my mind was going everywhere. You helped bring me peace and gave me the answers I needed. I feel like now I could go on with my life without thinking I didn't try hard enough to make things work. Thank you!
Ann Marie was amazing. Her ability to connect while giving me an accurate account of my energy is mind blowing. I highly recommend using Marie’s services for an overall security blanket!
This is by the the very best reading I have had. The best. She was spot on. You don’t have to search anymore, tha is the person to do your reading.
i have visited with ann maries on several occasions! I've brought 4 different friends along with me to her studio & each time she has completey been spot on & reassuring. & her prices are not outlandish & affordable
Ann is very accurate and efficient. The moment she calls she explains how she conducts the meeting to read your energy. And it was astonishing how perceptive her readings are. Then she entertains questions and carries the reading forward so that you have a clear understanding of where you stand with the topics discussed. It was exactly what I needed! It will help me save myself from additional heartache! I recommend speaking with her for issues your wavering over, especially relationships.
Honestly this reading was eye opening. It told my what I needed to hear even though I didnt exactly know it. I got to check in on a loved one which was an amazing moment for me. I would definitely recommend.
I had a reading with Ann Marie today and she was SPOT ON about my situation with only asking for my name. She gave very detailed information on the circumstances surrounding my situation without my even having to ask questions. She gave timing of events - and although she stated timing cannot be set in stone, I have marked on my calendar the time frames so I can later determine the accuracy. She was amazing and I know I'll be contacting her again.
The reading I received with Ann Marie was incredible! She knew exactly what was going on in my life and was straight forward and direct. She is kind but has a no nonsense approach which I appreciate. I will definitely recommend her and be back for more readings in the future ♥️
I enjoy my readings with Anne Marie and have come back to her over the years. Her readings help clarify my thoughts and questions and guide me along my journey. I find that her intuitive insights are very accurate and it amazes me. I would recommend Anne Marie to my friends and family. Blessings Always :) xxo..


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