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As long as I can remember I have always had a very strong faith and knowing that there was more to life that what we can see with our physical eyes. Even as a young girl I was always intrigued by the concept of God, Angels and anything to do with Spirituality.

Seeking anything to do with the concept of Spirituality or the Divine. books, television shows and absolutely anything that gave me a hint that my feeling that there was something more out there was correct. Then as a young girl I had an experience that changed me. It was an experience with the Divine. I was never the same. I knew without a shadow of a doubt that the Divine was right there. Guiding us. Protecting us and loving us beyond measure. I began to notice that sometimes I would just know things.

As I grew to an adult and now married with children I continued to seek any information regarding Spirit. I eventually started working in health care and witnessed some remarkable events as people were passing that solidified my belief. I started to write down my experiences. Drawn to writing since a young girl it was an outlet to place my thoughts, my fears or any emotion or experience that was too much to hold.

My Spiritual growth has been a process of being drawn to Spiritual experiences of others and I began to have them for myself…and then had the realization that they weren’t just happening to me that it was a part of me. I read anything and everything on the subject and still continue to. Then 9 years ago I found an amazing teacher Susanne Wilson. She has taught me how to take these experiences and make sense of them. Susanne is an extraordinary gifted medium and with her knowledge, experience and outstanding teaching ability, I have learned how to access my gift. Prior to Susanne, it would come through randomly but I felt I couldn’t control it. Under her mentorship and through her classes and workshops I have learned so much which has enabled me to help others.

The information I receive from Divine I consider Sacred Messages. Most of my information comes prior to meeting the person. Once I set the intention and connect with their energy the messages come. And like before where writing has served me it does again. As I receive the messages I start writing them down and then they just flow. I am only the messenger. It is a humbling and grace filled experience to which I am eternally grateful. This journey has brought me so many extraordinary people, experiences and most importantly an absolute knowing that we are never alone and love lives forever.

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Through all the up and downs, twists and turns of my life the one constant has been my faith and my spirituality. When things became difficult I turned inward for the answers… and I found them.

With the help of some wonderful teachers and guides I believe it all has led me here to my life’s purpose of being a evidential medium. With this gift comes the ability to offer others hope. To help others connect with their Loved Ones in spirit, their guides and Divine Source.

What has saved me is knowing that we are never alone. We are always guided, loved and cherished. To be able to make that connections for others so they can see that, feel that, know that. This is my purpose and honor.

No one ever truly dies and in the meantime… in this life… we all are just walking each other home.

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Seeing Suzy Myers was without a doubt a blessing with a profound & lasting effect on my life.I had no idea her divine ability to connect would offer me such sacred feedback from the most important people in my lifetime.Not only was her connection to spirit evidenced but it also filled me with guidance & resolution to move forward with grace. Tha after long search for answers and resolution with souls i have loved and lost in this lifetime leaving me filled with infinite gifts&messages &answers
Suzie is kind, patient. She genuinely cares about her clients and wants to help. All of the information that was given to me through Suzie was relevant and familiar. The suggestions that were given to me through my guides, with how to better connect, will be helpful. I will not hesitate to reach out to Suzie again, should the need arise.
Susie is a gifted clairvoyant. I can tell she gives her very best to insure that she is able to bridge the best and highest for those she reads for. I found her reading to be accurate and a beautiful and validating reflection of who I am on the soul level. She was professional, sincere, and easy to talk to. What a treat! I will certainly recommend her to others.
Suzie does a fabulous job as a medium. She captured the essence of my parents perfectly and answered a couple of questions that I had been thinking about for quite some time without any prompting. I have felt stuck for some time and my reading has helped me to come up with ways to get unstuck. I felt that she really wanted to do a good job with integrity and cared about how she could help me move forward. I highly recommend Suzie!
Suzie helps you connect and be blessed by those on the other side. She truly honors her gifts and talents and brings messages of how to help you honor yours. You will love your reading!
Suzie is an outstanding medium with one of the warmest hearts one could ever hope to meet. She considers this to be sacred work and it truly shows. She has brought through amazing evidence from my loved ones in spirit that no one else knew, proving without a doubt that they were with us. Suzie is a beautiful soul with amazing gifts that have helped me heal so much. She has been a blessing in my life and I give her my highest recommendation.
Suzie is an extraordinarily gifted medium and healer. Every reading from her results in a healing. What I love about Suzie is her authenticity and level of integrity. Her love for the Divine and her commitment to be of service shines through.
Suzie's warmth and compassion was so helpful during my reading. She was sensitive and caring in choosing her words due to the difficult circumstances surrounding the recent and tragic passing of a loved one. Suzie was so accurate with her information, I never doubted her connection to Spirit. I am left with a feeling of immense gratitude for what she shared with me during the reading. It has answered many questions but more important, it has left me with a new awareness of self. Thank you Suzie
I had my first reading today with Suzie it was amazing!! She connected with four of my family members that had passed I had chills the entire time!! I highly recommend her to everyone she is awesome!!! And one of the sweetest kindest people who I had the pleasure of meeting! Thank you for your patience with my slow Internet she is truly one of a kind beautiful person!! Love your new friend Laurie ❤️❤️❤️
Suzie has given me so many messages from my son and other relatives in spirit , like my Dad that have helped me to heal . Her words and messages were exactly what I needed to hear , to help me know without a doubt it was my family on the other side talking to me through her . My son even nicknamed her Suzie Q, telling me to believe her - Suzie Q that this was real. That alone was evidence - he nicknamed everyone ! I highly recommend Suzie if you want your heart to be full and healing .
Suzie is a great medium who is always informative and is great information. I highly recommend Suzie, she is always prepared and brings through the information that is relevant, and assists with the connections. I have had two readings with Suzie.

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