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Psychic Medium Michael Gourley started his career at 17, when his accurate predictions chilled everyone. He is recognized as a talented psychic with an amazing gift and for his unique approach and charm. Michael’s a Clairvoyant, a Sensitive (Empathy), Clairsentience (knowing), a Medium and is able to views Auras. The Northwest Herald has called Michael "America's youngest accurate Psychic". His predictions also hit Beloit Daily News with such incredible accuracy that he was invited back the following years. Beep Central Magazine stated "He is as real as they get”. (Product of Daily Herald).

In 2005, he was the youngest psychic tested and invited to come on board “America’s Best Psychics”. Where Michael has worked beside some of the most incredible psychics. He has been a regular guest on WPRT Paranormal Radio in which his Psychic/Medium talent was demonstrated to large audiences. His first appearances left people speechless and that show was the most downloaded archive ever recorded by that station. Since then he has been seen and heard all over the world. Chip from Mind Cemetery said “Michael Gourley is one of the premier psychic/medium in the world and is a breath of fresh air. Michael opens the door for the next generation of Mediums to come forward and let their talents be known and used for the benefit of all mankind”.

Michael using his Medium gift has brought closure to many families that have lost loved ones, opening up doors of communication, allowing for validation and answers to come though. Michael gives the family the ability to move to the next chapter of their lives. Michael is just not another Psychic/ Medium. He also is a spiritual counselor. He helps people who seek a meaning for life. He helps his clients to recognize their own strengths and weaknesses. He helps them to find the power to make significant changes and important decisions by revealing to them, what is revealed to him. His readings prepare his clients for what's ahead so they can have a better understanding and a better approach to their situation and/or concerns.
Michael also covers other aspects of your life; Romance, Health, Finances, Career, Family, Relationships, and Spiritual guidance.

"Look to the Future, There is Love, Hope, and Happiness".
Psychic Medium Michael Gourley

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Psychic Medium Michael Gourley has been seen and heard all over the world but his home and office is in the Chicago, IL area.

Sessions are available by: In-person, Phone, Skype, Email, Text and Appearances.

You do not have to have an in-person session to be able to experience an accurate reading by Michael. His readings over the phone/Skype or email are as accurate as his in person readings.

Michael is also available for social and media appearances. Michael is always looking for a way to give back and is willing to be a part of any charities for a cause. Email us for more information at events@psychicmediummichael.com

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Listed since: Aug 23, 2012


I have spoken to Michael several times in the past two years. I have had a psychic reading and several mediumship readings. I keep coming back to him because he is absolutely authentic. I will continue to contact him because he is accurate and informative.
Michael is so thoughtful. He was spot on with his information. I will contact him again for a reading.
I have gone to parties of 10 and had a private reading with Michael. I cannot grasp how this is but he has helped me with the loss of my parents and other loved ones. He can reassure you that they are at peace. He'll blow your mind but telling you things only you and your loved ones know, so you know they are there with you sending you messages through him. He is so gentle and comforting in all he says. I will forever be grateful that I was invited to a party 3 years ago.
Michael is such an amazing person! I have been to mediums before but they were nothing like I experienced with Michael. I felt my loved ones where actually talking to me through Michael, he had so much information that was accurate it's impossible not to believe. Thank you Michael for your kindness, caring and your increadable spiritual gift you share with others. You have opened me up to a new world that I'm very excited to Explore.
Michael is simply Amazing !!! This was my very first ever visit to a medium. I had a reading 07/26/2016.He is truly gifted! My dad passed away from lung cancer almost two years ago and I'm heartbroken. As soon as I sat down Michael was able to connect with dad and knew he passed from lung cancer and was able to give me details that only immediate family would know! It gave me peace of mind to know dad was okay and well again. He also was able to connect to two of my recently passed pets
Michael exceeded all my expectations. The amount of details he gave me, was incredible. He is such an amazing person, and has such a calming energy. I have now been to see him twice. Both times, I left with a sense of peace. I truly believe he is gifted. My Dad and sister went to see him, after my first appointment. Both left extremely satisfied as well. Thank you Michael! You're amazing!
I recently had a medium seminar with Michael. There were 17 people in attendance. Even though he does this in a group setting, every single person got read. I cannot say enough about him. He is AMAZING! I'll definitely be seeing him again in the future.
Michael Gourley is fantastic. I visited him in person awhile back & had a great reading, connecting with my grandparents. Recently, my mom scheduled a phone reading, & I had scheduled online for one later in the same day (we have different last names & my mom was first & did not mention it), the first thing he said when talking to me was 'did I talk to one of your family members already today? because he recognized my dad! It was a great start & the rest of the reading was great. Also... so kind
I highly recommend him, best I've ever been to, accurate, comfortable, and has a true gift. My sister recommended him, she thought he was amazing as well!
Michael is very kind, thoughtful and extremely accurate! I recommend him highly!
We had a meeting with Michael on Nov. 11, 2015. Our meeting was amazing, he was right in everything he said and what he brought up no one would have known except us and the person. I especially like how he explains what he sees and how it happens and also gives you the knowledge on how to connect with your love ones. I have no doubts that our son was there with us and Michael.
I had my first reading with Michael and all I can say is that Michael is a very gifted man. He is so down to earth and answers any questions you have and tells you anything he sees that needs to be addressed. He blew me away when he said the exact date of someone's birthdate, amazing! I wish I had more time with Michael because I had so many more questions about past loved ones and I will definitely be calling him again. Thank you so much Michael. You are amazing!!
I had a reading with Michael with some other family members & I can't begin to say how pleased we were. Michael is the real deal!! He was spot on, on things there was no way you could find even if you did a Web search. He pointed out personal things that there was no way he would have known! He is a genuine soul & has been blessed with a wonderful gift that we are all so greatful for!! Looking forward to having another reading soon!!:)
I've seen Michael twice and am amazed at the detail and insightfulness he possesses. He immediately puts one at ease and comforts immediately. My visits have benefited from his ability to contact those who have passed as well as giving me some insight as to my future. His guidance is fantastic and I highly recommend him. I look forward to my next visit!
I had a group party with Michael and it was amazing!! He has a wonderful talent and is a very uplifting, genuine individual. His readings were incredibly accurate and moving. I highly recommend him to everyone!!
I had a PHENOMENAL reading with Michael, and I must admit it was the best thing I did for myself as he validated everything I was experiencing in my life. It was indeed a mind blowing experience! I was overwhelmed, speechless, and amazed by his accuracy all at the same time. It was as if he had known me for years. What a kind compassionate persona! I now feel renewed and anxious knowing what my future will bring. I finally have hope! My heart is filled with gratitude Michael! You're a blessing!
Michael is a very sweet soul with an incredible talent. I have seen him a few times, and he is always accurate and engaging. I highly recommend Michael!
I have met with Michael a few times now and love getting readings done with him. He's so accurate and always makes me feel at peace when the reading is done. I highly recommend him and will continue to meet with him!
Since the unexpected death of someone very close to me, I’ve seen Michael three times and have never been disappointed. He’s helped me cope with my loss much more than my doctor did. During each of my visits, he provided a huge amount of detailed information concerning people and things that only I could validate. This gave him and his advice a great deal of credence in my eyes. I highly recommend seeing him and definitely plan to visit him again myself in the near future.
My meeting with Michael was SO much more than I expected. Not only did he immediately hit on a specific subject and was important to me, he was on spot with every other subject we covered. Truly, a genuine reading. Thank you SO MUCH!
I had a group party with Michael on May 1st 2015, I can say I was a skeptic, but am not anymore, he is excellent and a very gifted man, I walked out of the session feeling on top of the world, the validation he gave me was a true gift I will keep safe in my heart Forever. I so needed to hear what I heard and I am now at peace with my brothers passing, can't thank you enough Michael for sharing your gift to so many.
I had my reading with Michael yesterday,my first encounter with a medium.I can honestly say I m amazed,It wasn't anything weird ( like a skeptic like me would expect),it was more like a chat with a good old friend,everything that he said about my present and past experiences was spot on accurate,he helped me understand what I need to let go of ,and what I need to keep on doing to live a happy life.He has a true gift,he is genuine and caring.I highly recommend him.
My reading with Michael was very informative and I received a tremendous amount of confirmation and vadidation.
I had my first reading ever with Michael and I have to say I am completely amazed. He was loving, kind, sincere and so intuitive. My reading was amazingly accurate and I received so much information from my loved ones who had passed on. I would highly recommend Michael to anyone looking to communicate with their spirit guides. I will be communicating with him again!
We can't thank Michael enough for helping my family heal with the grieving process of losing our Son/Brother/Grandson/Nephew & Cousin. We gathered as a family & were not disappointed from hearing from our Love One. There is NO DOUBT that the messages were coming directly from him. Michael has such a loving, compassionate & caring way about himself. God has definitely given Michael this gift to help in the most positive way. I would recommend seeing Michael if you need help too.
Michael is highly accurate with business matters and he is a go to person when I need insight. I have always been very satisfied with his professionalism and his wisdom. He is highly talented.
My experience with Michael was astounding!!! Never have I ever thought it could actually be possible to communicate with someone who has crossed over. He was honest, sincere, and knew things that were very intimate and personal to my situation. I cannot stress enough how wonderful Michael is. 10 stars!!
Michael gave me a true and honest reading. I have never met Someone with his talents before. He told me the truth and gave me guidance in the right direction. He is absolutely wonderful at what he does. I would highly recommend Michael for a reading. I just wish I would have gone with a longer reading because I didn't want it to stop. I will definitely be calling him again.
Michael is always helpful and spot on when I have a reading done by him. He saved me from making business decisions that I would later regret or that would not benefit me in the long run. He's easy to talk to too and not cocky like most other psychics put there. I can talk to him as though I've know him for years and just having a normal conversation. Thanks for everything Michael!
My reading with Michael Gourley was the best Christmas present that I ever received. He gave me peace of mind and happiness in my heart which is priceless. I know what direction to take with my life which was so clouded for so many years. I feel stronger and better about my own self because of him. He has a wonderful, beautiful gift that I am so glad he shares with others! Can't wait to go for another reading!! I can't stop talking about my reading to everyone I know!!


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