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Mark offers various Astrology readings (natal chart, synastry relationship, transits, progressions and more), as well as a integrative session called "AstroSpirit." This is a session that has 3 parts: Astrology, Spirit Communication and Color Healing. The majority of this session is looking at birth chart and Astrology transits to see what is going on in your life now and what you are here to experience. The remainder of the time will be to allow any Spirit loved one, Ancestor, Angel or Guide to deliver a message, as well as me providing Color Healing (my unique energy healing modality) to heal or transmute anything that needs it, mind, body or soul. (updated: 10/28/2023)

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In addition to his work as an Astrologer and Psychic Medium, Mark has a professional background in Clinical Psychology. Mark has made television appearances, numerous radio and magazine interviews, along with events providing demonstrations in Mediumship.

Mark offers readings for anyone around the world. Zoom and Skype has allowed Mark the luxury of being able to provide readings to people in places including Ireland, India, Canada, Alaska, Japan, the UK, Brazil, Australia and Germany.

Mark has demonstrated his ability on a variety of platforms including large audience readings, television and radio. In the recent years, Mark has appeared on Chicago WGN radio, as well as television multiple times, including VH1's hit reality show "Black Ink Crew: Chicago" (in 2000 and 2002). Mark also continues to mentor and teach Mediums, Psychics, Healers, and Astrologers around the world via Zoom and Skype.

Listed since: Jul 13, 2012


Mark wonderfully navigates the delicate dance of sharing messages from my loved ones who have crossed over. While speaking with Mark I feel safe and confident that the messages being delivered are clear, concise, and easily verified during or shortly after our session. He has a great sense of humor and helps me to feel at ease as we unpack the information being sent. I confidently recommend him to anyone seeking answers or validation.
I would highly recommend Mark, he has done two readings for me and both surpassed my expectations. His reading were very informative, insightful, and clear.
This was my first reading ever. After thorough research, I came across Mark Troy. He was very welcoming, kind and professional. He touched on a lot of my concerns I had in my life and also confirmed many things as well without having any personal knowledge of me. I left our reading feeling relieved and having more clarity in my life. I would recommend Mark to anyone, as he's very detailed and accurate in his readings. I plan to speak with Mark again in the near future. Great experience!
Mark was really fantastic at picking up on things about my life within the relevant time frame I was hoping he would! This was my first meeting with a psychic medium so I was unsure what to expect, and was pleasantly surprised. The spirits that did come up and the insights he shared through them, has helped me to better move forward. Thanks Mark!
I have had two readings done by Mark and he touched on very important facts in my life for someone who has never met me and had no personal knowledge of my life. He was able to answer my questions and channel many of my loved ones. The messages were very meaningful and our loved ones know how to share specific things that will leave you knowing speechless. Mark truly has a gift from God. Thank you
I was very pleased with my medium reading from Mark, he really hit the mark on many personality aspects regarding my family members on the other side, so I felt certain there was a real connection. The reading has given me much comfort and I am truly grateful. I would highly recommend Mark and his amazing gift.
My reading with Mark was more than I had hoped for. He helped lift a tremendous weight from me after the passing of my husband. He also brought forward many family members and I left feeling renewed. Mark was very professional and easy to talk with. I would highly recommend him.
My reading with Mark was a very spiritual one. I was completely relaxed which surprised me. He was spot on with his information. I was born a skeptic but am a believer now.
Mark is amazing. I have had two sessions, a group session and a private session via Skype and both were equally fantastic. Mark was very kind and compassionate and comforting. He starts by speaking about you and your aura and is so accurate. When communicating with our loved ones he provided much evidence that was so accurate. I love that he risks hearing "no" and trusts that "no's" will be understood in time. I highly recommend Mark and look forward to working with him again!
Mark Troy is the real thing. I went to see him for a mediumship reading. Some of the things he shared about family members were valid on the spot, some I had to decypher after. Thankfully, he allowed a recording of our session. He knew certain things about me and my departed loved ones that only I would know. Things that I would think or just keep to myself, he knew. Mark Troy has a divine gift. I plan to see him again for more guidance, and I had referred others to see him. Thank you, Mark!
I am so grateful to have located Mark Troy through Bob Olsen's Best Psychic Mediums list. After one reading, I have great respect for Mark's skills as an evidential medium. My one-hour session flew by, with many, many accurate and specific details coming through from the other side. Mark worked with calm focus to discern and communicate these messages. I appreciate his work ethic and the humble, down-to-earth approach he brought to the session. I recommend him highly.
I was very skeptical about mediums when I made the appointment with Mark back in April. He let me record the session and I recently listened to it again. It is absolutely mind-blowing how accurate the reading was. I/m so glad I recorded it because there was a lot that seemed irrelevant at the time but has turned out to be very important. The messages that came through were both comforting and enlightening and have contributed greatly to my healing. Thanks Mark, I love you!
my reading from mark was very special, I received many answers I wasn't rushed it definitely was much needed , I feel relieved thanks mark
Thank you again for seeing me and providing me with a reading. It was surprising to hear how many from my dad's side of the family stepped forward and how they & my mom are getting along on the "other-side". The most validating information passed to me was hearing about the "tall male" and warning me to stay away "no business" going there. Other pleasant surprises was hearing from my Great Uncles. I trust my family guides and look forward to working through the messages and clues provided.
My reading with Mark yesterday was very accurate and professional. He gave me information from people I love very much who have passed over, and I found this reassuring as well as informative. Mark is sensitive to others in his presentation of information and I would not hesitate to recommend him. God Bless You, Mark.H
I had a reading 10/12/13 with Mark Troy. I did not know what was going to happen. I was very pleased with the session. I felt at ease. I connected with my Mom, Dad and brother. Another session is in the future. I feel the nex time will even be better. So f you have any doubts about having a session, Let those thoughts go............ Schedule an appointment
My reading with mark was absolutely amazing, I needed help badly and he was informative, kind, and honest about everything, i'm lucky to have spoken with him. I know how to go about everything now and get better. My confusion is gone, words cannot describe how grateful i am right now. He knows what he's talking about.
I had a reading with Mark Troy that was amazing, better than I ever dreamed possible! My loved ones came through and gave me astonishing information! Mark is unbelievably gifted in this field, the best reading I've ever had in my life! I am truly honored to have had a reading by this man, please if you ever want to communicate with a loved one on the other side Mark Troy is the man! For his insight and knowledge in my personal life I will always be grateful! God Bless You Mark! You are wonderful
Had a session with Mark Troy. I absolutely recommend making an appointment with Mark. He was extremely accurate and brought forward so many that I loved to hear from. He also gave me affirmations that I can not only learn from but carry with me for the rest of my life. Thank you Mark, bless you.
I have just had a reading with Mark Troy and he is highly recommended. He confirmed what was going on with my personal situation, and gave me insight on how to handle it. He was extremely helpful in relaying messages that were given to me from my deceased family members. Thank you Mark - you have given me hope and your professionalism is greatly appreciated.
I had a reading done by Mark and it was extremely insightful. Any challenges that I was facing that Mark picked up on were made real by him acknowledging them and he gave me some hope and even power in being able to face them and overcome them. He has a relatable way of relaying the information and it makes it seem very tangible and not some thing out beyond my reach. I felt empowered and felt I had more direction after this reading. Highly recommended - check him out!
I had a reading with Mark. It was a pleasure and I am so glad I made the choice to have a reading with him. I have already told my friends about getting a reading with him as well.
Mark Troy identified personal situations and created a comprehensive and individualized approach to address what is affecting my life. His methodology has taught me how to effectively approach challenges. I recommend him because he listened, identified my needs, and made a plan that has helped me.

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