Lillian Suarez

Lillian Suarez
Lillian Suarez


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$165 for an hour for Mediumship or Intuitve Readings

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Lillian Suarez is a Spiritual Teacher, Medium, Healer, and Certified Spiritual Advisor through the Lisa Williams International School of Spiritual Development and has trained with Internationally known mediums Tony Stockwell and Mavis Pittilla . She was born a Medium. However, it was a long journey before she understood her abilities and learned how to use them. She had major surgery in her thirties where she endured complications and almost died. During this time she fought for her life, and made a deal with God. “If you get me through this, I promise I’ll learn about my gift.” Lillian made a full recovery, and kept her promise to God. Lillian’s motivation is to speak words of life to bring healing to this world from the next.

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Lillian teaches spiritual Development Classesas well as mentoring. Are you wanting to tap into your heart and know your souls purpose? Email Lillian at to enroll today!

Listed since: Jan 13, 2015


Lillian Suarez is life changing! As a former student I am happy to share that Lillian helped me wake up to the spiritual part of who I am.This allowed me to tap into the spirit world reconnecting with spirit and also a part of myself that I had shut down in my youth. Subsequently my life has changed exponentially in every way. Thank you Lillian.

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