Diana Kushenbach

Diana Kushenbach
Diana Kushenbach


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Lisle, IL


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$111 per hour

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Diana Kushenbach is a Divine Channel,Author, LILAC Master Intuitive Healer, Speaker, Spiritual Guide,and Mentor. She has an extraordinary ability to connect to God/Creator/Source to relay messages to those who have questions about their spiritual destiny and how to move forward. Diana is a skilled intuitive healer and teacher, who for the past several years has been mentoring advanced students. Diana is an author of 2 books and is the owner of Diana Kushenbach Academy of Spiritual Arts.
Diana had a career in law enforcement prior to her awakening and has since assisted in missing person and unsolved cases using both her background in law enforcement and expertise in psychic/spirit communication.

Schedule appointments online for phone or in person at www.dianakushenbach.com
In office appointments at Diana Kushenbach Academy of Spiritual Arts Lisle, IL


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Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/dianakushenbach
Meetup Group for current events Www.meetup.com/dianakushenbach

Listed since: Jan 30, 2015


Dianna is most amazing! She is knowledgable beyond beluef. Shes honest and kind and goes out of her way to assist people. I wish that I could meet with her every week. I trust her more than many who are famous
I've seen Diana a few times now and she's wonderful. She clearly comes from a place of love. She knows things she couldn't possibly know and often shares things that don't make sense at the time, but become clear later. Even if Diana wasn't able to communicate with the spirit world, I would see her as a therapist or friend. She's so calm , loving and kind and completely without judgement. She has helped so many of my friend and family and we are grateful for her gift.
Diana is the real deal! She has a direct connection and uses all of her gifts to help others. Diana is not just a physic, she channel's, does missing persons investigations, teaches classes as well as individual teaching to help others reach their highest potential. Diana is a gift of love and light!
I have known, and been mentored by Diana for several years. My sister introduced us, after seeing her several times. Diana is as genuinely gifted and humble as they come. There is no ego - her motives are pure. Diana genuinely wants to share her gifts, and guide others to develop and use theirs. I have experienced a much deeper connection to source, thru her mentorship. I have witnessed countless others benefit from her guidance, support and assistance. Diana is a blessing to all who know her.
Diana is amazing and her readings are 100% accurate. She is also a great spiritual teacher and healer. She has a heart of gold and from my personal experience would recommend her to everybody!
Diana is TRULY an earthbound angel who has helped my young daughter with her new empath gift that at first truly frightened her. Diana has helped teach & guide her to positively develop her gift and help others in the youth group as well. I am beyond thankful & blessed I was guided to her. I have recommended her to everyone I know who needs some guidance or some form of healing. I have sat in on many classes and each and every one has given me new insight and I always leave with peace.
I would highly reccomend Diana! She has reconnected me to my life path and purpose. Her messages/healings are always of the highest good. She has guided me (and continues to) through my own life/soul healings. She is a trusted continuous support system for healing and growth by providing/leading/teaching classes. Her one-on-one sessions are amazing and I am very grateful to have found her!

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