Monica Hilbert

Monica Hilbert
Monica Hilbert


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St Petersburg


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$85 to $200

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I've been doing psychic readings in the Tampa Bay area since 1998. I was a psychic reader at the Temple of Love and Healing church and the Temple of the Living God church (both in St Petersburg) for over 15 years.

My psychic skills enable me to read intuitively, providing you with detailed information and insight, enabling you to make informed decisions concerning current situations or future events.

My mediumship abilities allow me to connect with your spirit guides, angels, and loved ones that have passed. I can deliver messages that validate your loved ones are still close by, loving you and protecting you.

I have certifications in Past Life Healing, Archangel Life Coaching, and Master Angel certification (ACP - Angel Certification Program, AACP - Advanced Angel Certification Program, and Angelic Mediumship). And I've taken courses at the Arthur Findlay College in the UK to advance my mediumship abilities.

I'd love to do a reading for you.


Monica Hilbert - Psychic Medium
St Petersburg, Florida

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Locations and events where I've provided psychic readings:

Tampa Body Mind Spirit Expo * Wings Bookstore Intuitive Fair & Expo - St Petersburg * Safety Harbor Healing in the Harbor Holistic Event * Sarasota Mystic Faire * Naples Mystic Faire * Melbourne Mystic Fair * Sarasota Body Mind Spirit Cosmic Faire * Sun City Center Metaphysical Society Expos * Clearwater Holiday Mystic Fair * Salvador Dali Museum Festivals * Gulfport Casino Psychic Fairs * Atman Center Intuitive Fairs - Pinellas Park * Heaven and Earth Spiritual Center Psychic Fairs - Palm Harbor * Temple of Love and Healing Church Message Circles and Psychic Fairs - St Petersburg * Temple of the Living God Church ESP Fiestas - St Petersburg * Universal Harmony Church Psychic Fairs - Seminole * GeckoFest Festival - Gulfport * Treasure Island Community Center Psychic Fair * Enchanted Forest Metaphysical Shoppe - St Petersburg * Arts Association Psychic Fair Fund Raisers - St Petersburg * Labrador Dog Rescue Fund Raisers - Gulfport * Native Circle New Age Metaphysical Store - St Petersburg

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Monica Hilbert

Listed since: Nov 4, 2014


She is the real deal. Not a fraud and will not then try to get you to pay thousands for some scam. She can even communicate with just about anyone.
Monica has done a couple of readings for me which were both spot on and validated another psychic I have seen. So amazing how she knows what she knows and super helpful in guiding me to make good choices. She has helped me tremendously!!! Look forward to checking in with her again!!!
My experience with Monica was simply, amazing. She knew things that no one would... her abilities and gift is something that everyone can take from. Readings or healings shes the absolute best.
Meeting with Monica was the best. I went in for a tarot reading & ended up getting more information than I could believe. She outwardly knew my son's name & the issue he was dealing with. I hadn't told her anything. She did a healing & she didn't know I had excruciating neck pain. Once she completed the pain was gone! I told her my eyes were watering & that also stopped! I highly recommend Monica for a reading. The most thorough I've had in years!
I have been to many physic mediums and even used to attend a spiritualist church.I have received many readings that did hit true on some things,but my reading with Monica was something different entirely. I was amazed at the detail and accuracy that she brought through in my reading. She told me things that she had absolutely no way of knowing from any other source. She even told me things that happen when no one else is around. If u r looking for a true connection with loved ones look no more
Monica gave me a great reading! She was friendly and professional and told me many things about my love ones who have passed. I highly recommend seeing her for a reading!
I went to her for some guidance because I was struggling with a relationship that had me just out of my mind. She was exact in her description of to person and the dynamics of our complicated relationship. She spoke with the arch angels and gave me strength and the ability to heal. Too often people tell you what you want to hear, but Monica tells you what is the truth. I can't wait to bring my mom to her. She's my angel and I'm very grateful I found her. She has a gift of healing!
I had a reading with Monica a week ago and she was just so sweet and wonderful! Monica immediately put me at ease with telling me how she works and that she would allow plenty of time for my questions. She was right on with the area of my life I wanted to talk about and I felt she was right on. She was easy to talk to, listened carefully to my questions and gave a very insightful reading. I plan to call her again!
My first reading was a mediumship in January 2016. Monica was extremely accurate when describing the people and validating that she was communicating with them by telling me things that only my loved ones and I would know. My second reading was a psychic reading in April 2018. Monica validated what was currently going on in my career and personal life and provided great insight into the future. I look forward to our next meeting!
This was my first time receiving Reiki healing, therefore I didn’t know what to expect. Monica began by praying to Archangels & Jesus to heal me-She laid her hands on me for the next 1.5 hrs. There is not enough space provided to describe the healing I was blessed with...If you are very serious about receiving a healing, Monica is your lady. I will be going back to her & have already referred a couple of friends. She is the real deal. God Bless
My fiance recently passed and nothing could put me at ease.. I reached out to Monica and with the first phone call I felt a slight better , she brought joy to me. I scheduled a appointment and when I tell you it was one of the best things ever I have done in my life I am not lying. I felt beyond relief. Monica really knows her stuff. She brought up things that no one really know. I am beyond thankful and can't wait to see her again. Take a risk with her and you'll be beyond pleased. I adore her.
I have had several readings with Monica, both in person and by phone. She is so spot-on it amazes me. I love her spirit, her aura and her gift. I highly recommend Monica. You won't be disappointed.
I went with a girlfriend to see Monica She told my friend something that we thought would never happen and we all had a good laugh. The joke was on us because two weeks later out of the blue it happened. She also told me something I thought would never happen, a month later it happened she was amazing. since then I have been giving friends readings with Monica for their birthdays.
This is my second time going to be read and it was a wonderful experience. I feel clear and ready for life. I would definitely recommend to all to have Monica read them to help guide them. My mother and sister were also read and were blown away by this young lady’s gift. Monica truly has a gift and can truly help heal.
I went to Monica to get a tarot card reading, and instead she told me that there were two people trying to connect with me. We ended up having a mediumship, and it is now one of the most profound and emotional experiences i have ever had. She knew things that no one could have known, and even things that i had to confirm with my mom later on. Monica has a very true and beautiful gift. I am so grateful for her connecting me to the other side when i needed something to believe in.
She was very nice and made me comfortable. Everything was accurate. I’ll be seeing her again
I had the most amazing experience with Monica. She without any doubt, united me with my dear loved ones on the other side. She performed a beutifully healing Reiki session on me as well. Do not hesitate reaching out to Monica along your journey of spiritual discovery. She truly is an Angel among us that sincerely loves caring for and helping others. a
I saw this sweet humble lady who gave me a awesome reading and was really nice on every situation we talked about I would totally recommend her to anyone.
I was absolutely blown away by Monica. Not only was she warm and kind but she described my mother who has passed to a T without me saying a word or showing any photos and she was able to answer an important question regarding my mother’s desth that has been weighing on my heart for years. What a blessing.
Monica was amazing and was able to connect with many of my loved ones and gave me perfect confirmation what I am doing right now in my life is the correct path to be on.
Monica is very gifted and after several readings (including mediumships), I am completely confident in her abilities. She is very accurate and gives me meaningful guidance throughout. She is very caring and compassionate and that comes across during every single visit and beyond. She is honest and will tell you everything whether you want to hear it or not. Her energy and talents are clearly from the Divine and I have been very pleased with her insight, counsel and above all, friendship.
I think her reading is helpful and accurate, not to mention affordable. I'm a better person today than I was before I met her. I highly recommend her to those that seek council and healing.
I met with Monica about 2 weeks ago; I really appreciate her warm and welcoming spirit. She was very insightful and the things she told me, well - time will tell.
Words cannot express my experience with Ms. Monica. I am forever grateful and appreciative. I recently lost my son and have been desperate to hear from him and know that he is ok. She was able to provide information about him that no one could possibly know. Memories and feelings and past experiences that we have shared. Monica has a gift and is extremely warm and comforting in her delivery. I would recommend her to everyone! Wow! What an amazing experience. What an amazing day. I'm speechles
Monica is a true angel. Her intuition is spot on. Her healing energy is surreal. She has a power to deliver such knowledge and intuition with empathy and comfort. She always goes above and beyond with time and scheduling because she sincerely cares so much about what she does and those she touches. i recommend her to anyone without any reservations! My friends and I have watched her predictions unfold and be so spot on!!
I was very nervous at first because I wasn't sure what to expect but Monica is amazing! She greats you with warmth and makes you feel instantly comfortable. She was able to pick up on a lot of things going on in my life and I left there feeling like a weight had been lifted from me. I usually stress a lot about everything but Monica was able to give me insight on things I have been worried about. I can't wait to see her again!
I had a Reiki healing the other day, it was awesome, when coming home I noticed a difference in how I felt about that that I haven't had in awhile, Monica was just wonderful to explaining what she was going to do each time she did something different with me, I'm going back to have a reading this week
Monica is a beautiful soul. She connected with my family members and each one verified with a memory. It was a wonderful experience. She was so compassionate and kind. I will definitely be back.
Monica is incredibly intuitive. I immediately felt comfortable with her and was amazed at how much she understood about me. She was able to bring up importany yet difficult topics in a caring manner, and I felt so much clarity upon leaving the reading. I would recommend her to anyone looking for honest and helpful guidance. I can't say enough good things about her. She's truly a special soul.
Sought a reading from Monica and received much clarity. She is very talented. I went in with an open mind and open heart and walked out feeling better. Monica was spot on regarding so many topics - things that I had not revealed to anyone. She is a must see for readings and clarity.


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