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I am a natural born psychic medium, empath, and energy reader. I can connect to someone who has passed away or meet your psychic needs based on information I receive from my spirit guides. I was born with these gifts from both of my grandmothers. I inherited being a psychic medium from my maternal grandmother who is one of my spirit guides. We connected when I first opened to my gift, yet she died before I was born. I inherited being an empath and energy reader from my paternal grandmother who was practically attached to my hip growing up. She was my protector here on earth until she passed in January of 2004.

When I was ten years old I had a near death experience which changed everything. Fear and anxiety ruled my life and until I let go of that hurt my gift was blocked. Now that I took back my life connecting with a passed loved one comes naturally. All you need to do is give me the first name only of a person you want to connect with or how they relate to you, like father. They come to me quickly and based on what I feel, hear, see, or sense I can tell you a lot about them. I'm able to pick up on how they died by feeling what they went through. Often they show me things through their eyes or we can exchange thoughts. A reading is a very sensory experience for me. I truly enjoy connecting with the loved ones of others to help people find closure or facilitate some healing.

In early April of 2017 my paternal grandmother surprised me as she introduced herself as part of my team of spirit guides. Now that she is part of my team I have gained greater confidence to help you through things you are facing in your life that cause you to worry. I can read the energy off of pictures and items that someone has touched. I do not need anything to help me do a reading. If you would like to connect with a loved one or want a psychic reading it would be my pleasure to read for you.

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Spirit Contact Readings

Comunicating with animals who are still alive or are up in heaven

Intuitive readings about:
• Relationsips
• Jobs
• What the future holds

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Listed since: Apr 1, 2016


I appreciated my time with Leanne this morning. She listened to my initial question and her answer gave me hope, but not false hope. I asked specifically if she’d tell me what I wanted to hear and she assured me she wouldn’t. Leanne gave me advice to lift a troubling matter off my mind and heart. She was gentle in her responses even when a couple of answers were perhaps not as positive but yet were not hopeless. I’ll look forward to speaking with her again.
Today was made even more special because of the gift Leanne blessed me with. This was my first time working with a psychic medium that was immediately able to connect directly with the individuals I wanted to hear from after simply stating their first names. Leanne knew things about them that no one would know. This is because I kept the connection and nature of the relationship very close to my chest. She also blessed me with info about what I can look forward to. I 100% recommend Leanne!
I am writing on behalf of my mother. After Leanne's gave me accurate readings, I was able to convince my mom to consult Leanne aswell. I had goosebumps while Leanne was giving her reading as she was able to say things about my mom's family which my mom have never mentioned to me herself. My mom misses my grandmother so much and Leanne was able to convey her messages to her. Leanne was also so patient all through our readings. I am happy I found her contact details here.
I have been having vivid dreams of a significant other who recently passed away. I constantly see his favorite number everywhere I looked so I knew I needed some sort of confirmation that those messages where indeed from him. Being a skeptic, I was nervous in reaching out to a medium. Leanne gave me confirmations that only I would know. She was able to describe his personality accurately and was able convey messages that I had dreamed about (I never told anyone). I slept crying but thankful.
Leanne is exceptional! I have had several readings with her and she truly has helped me through some difficult times. Her revelations were spot on and she’s extremely supportive and compassionate. Her guidance helped to guide me in the right direction. She is one of the most caring people I’ve ever met. I highly recommend her services as she will make a powerful difference in your life.
After my youngest daughter had told me on more than one occasion that she had seen people in the house, I decided to contact Leanne to talk about what's been going on. After a walk through the house Leanne was able to feel the 2 spirits that my daughter sees and help them rise above and make my daughter feel more comfortable at home. Leanne had assured everything would be ok. My daughter is happy for Leanne's help & I am too.
My session with Leanne has helped me understand not only about loved ones who have passed on (which were spot-on) but also about myself. Her revelations were incredibly powerful and soul-changing. She is filled with such love, compassion and understanding and will go out of her way to help you. I cannot recommend her highly enough.
An absolute sweetheart! Talked me through some difficult situations. Put things in a new perspective for me. I highly recommend her services and will be a repeat customer. Thank you Leanne!
Leanne was so great! From the moment I contacted her she was flexible working with my schedule. My reading was quite meaningful & insightful. I recommend Leanne so she can share her gifts with you.

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