Keri Uihlein

Keri Uihlein
Keri Uihlein


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$60 for 30 min, $100 for 60 min

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I am a certified Angel Medium/Angel Card Reader and Angel Channeler. I offer intuitive, angel and mediumship readings. Often included are oracle or Tarot card readings. Each reading is unique to the individual's needs at the time of the reading.
In addition, I offer workshops and classes throughout the year, including Lightworker's Mentorship, to help you heal, deepen your spirituality and discover/grow your abilities.
Keri, who is also a Reiki Master/Teacher, uses her abilities to deliver any divine messages meant for her clients. As many do, You may come with questions and Keri will be happy to ask the Angels on your behalf and as many times happens, the Angels tend to address the actual core issue at hand that one may not be aware of in order to help you on your way.
Know that while messages tend to be what we need to hear as opposed to what we wish to hear, they are always given with your highest good in mind and always with Divine Love. No matter where you find yourself today, the Angels love you and wish to assist you in discovering/reigniting your true purpose, assist in your healing and most of all, help in finding your connection to Peace and Divine Love.

And for all mediumship readings, we must be open to whoever is ready and is in most need to step forward and come through at the time you are sitting with Keri. We can ask for a certain loved one to step forward, but it is their choice and that choice will be honored. Like the Angels, there are many ways our loved ones can, and often do, communicate with us. Keri will help you understand and recognize those communications.

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Keri is a medium who has not always openly used her gifts. As it begins with many, as a child Keri experienced and openly connected to the Spirit of our Divine Creator. As life and the expectations of the world grew and circled around her, Keri quieted the need to connect to the Divine. As so many Lightworkers do, she fell into the patterns of life created by “the world”. Unable to deny her divine inheritance, Keri reignited the flame of the Lightworker’s way of living.

Accessing her gifts given by the Divine & Universal Creator, Keri has become a healer. She works directly with Spirit, the Angels and Ascended Masters. Keri sees, hears and feels with the divine guidance of the Angels. Her goal is to help open the human heart to healing.

Healings come in many ways, through contact with Spirit, the Angels and through her energy work as a Reiki Master. It is Keri’s belief that when the heart and in soul (higher self) are ready, healing begins.

Keri offers Mediumship, Channeling, Oracle & Tarot Readings, Angel Intuitive Guidance, Reiki Healings and Lightworker Mentorship.

Listed since: Jul 6, 2013


Keri is more than just my go-to for spiritual insights and traditional readings- she is also a treasured teacher. My first experience at The Healing Loft was one of Keri’s guided meditations and, now as a member of one of her ongoing mentorship groups, I don't have enough room here to list all the ways my life has been blessed. Keri is an amazing resource for everything from spiritual support and reiki, to mediumship, and she is a wonderful teacher with much to offer.
I have known Keri for many years. She uses her abilities as a Reiki Master/Teacher, intuitive, medium and Angel channeler to obtain information for you. I have worked with Keri, attended some of her inspiring workshops, and have gone to her for my own readings. The intuitive guidance I have received from her has always been accurate, insightful and very helpful. The information she provides is detailed and on target. Keri is truly gifted.

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