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Tracy connects you with the thoughts and feelings of your animal friends so you can resolve pet problems and create more peace, harmony and understanding at home. She specializes in health, behavior, trauma and end-of-life issues.

Tracy serves as a translator, mediator and healer. She offers energetic healing when needed and is certified in BioEnergetic Synchronization Technique (BEST). Sessions are conducted via Zoom and are recorded.

The best way to resolve pet problems and to deepen your bond with your animal friends is through Animal Communication.

Find over 100 Animal Communication videos on Tracy's YouTube channel:

Additional Information: 

I would be honored to connect with your animal friend. Sessions are conducted remotely via Zoom, so no matter where you are located we can connect. Sessions are available Tuesday-Friday, 9a-3p MT.

In this video I talk more about what a session with me is like and also a bit about how I can help address health and behavioral issues so we can find a mutually beneficial resolution for you and your animal friend:

You can also check out my website, there's more information about how animal communication works, including answers to the most frequently asked questions:

I have also put together an extensive video collection on my YouTube channel where I talk and demonstrate more about animal communication. These videos will give you a chance to know me a bit better as well:

Basically, during a session I connect telepathically with your animal friend using a photo of them. I then relay what they show and tell me. If you have questions for your pet, I can relay those to your pet and get answers as well.

Many people come to me because of either pet behavior issues or issues around the death or terminal illness of an animal friend. I connect you to the thoughts and feelings of your animal friends so you can resolve pet problems and create more peace, harmony and understanding at home. If you're grieving, I can connect you to resources to help you through this time.

Check out my website and let me know if you have more questions.

All new clients start with a 75 minute intake session so we're sure to have time to go deeply into whatever issues we may need to explore. After that you can choose from 30, 60 or 90 minute sessions depending on your needs.

If you're ready to book a session, you can do that through my website or here:

Look forward to connecting more with you soon!

Listed since: Jan 6, 2021

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