Shawn Thompson M. A.

Shawn Thompson M. A.
Shawn Thompson M. A.


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As a gifted Intuitive, Psychic Medium and Spiritual Counselor for over 21 yrs, I am truly grateful to be doing the work I am meant to do this life time. In fact it's not work to me, it's purpose.

In 2006 I transitioned my traditional counseling practice into a spiritual sanctuary called "Inner Healing" with a huge nudge from the Universe. Now, I am not only able to heal the minds of those struggling but the hearts of many seeking connections with the ones they have lost.

I specialize in grief/spiritual counseling, mediumship, spiritual development and forgiveness work. I enjoy helping others understand that life goes on beyond the physical realm and that our loved ones and guides want to help us live our best lives possible. This includes a life of happiness, forgiveness; a life of purpose and wholeness. So often we suffer guilt, sadness, loss, trauma, and depression far beyond what is necessary.

I strongly believe that we have everything we need within ourselves to heal and be fulfilled in this lifetime. It's a matter of being able to access our own knowing and remembering what we have forgotten or forsaken along the way.

I look forward to working with you in this lifetime.

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For information about my transformational program called Words Left Unspoken: Healing the Heart through Understanding, Compassion, and Love book a Free call with me to see if the program is a good fit for you.

Listed since: May 25, 2017


I met Shawn in 2014 when I intuitively walked into her office. Instantaneously, we had a connection! Shawn was a Spiritual Catalyst in igniting my personal & professional journey as a claircognizant, medium and healer. As an intuitive healer, psychic and counselor, Shawn's unique skill-set, open-heart, and fairy-like nature creates a safe space for growth and authenticity. I am grateful to Shawn and encourage anyone seeking their Higher Calling to connect with her.
I found Shawn in 2013 after my Dad died. I had been to 3 other healers without any answers. Shawn helped me process my changing relationship with my siblings and I felt honorable about saying, "No", thanks to her support and insights. I also experienced the Reconnective Healing in May 2017. I attest that it works to align your energy to the energy of the world. Everything still looks sparkly and new. Shawn is very gifted and non-judgemental. She still helps me with her very presence.
My session with Shawn was probably the most productive hour of my life. She saw right through me and told me what I needed to hear, all while being loving and supportive. I have always felt a certain disconnection that I didn't understand and I had finally set out to answer that question within me. Sitting with her, I just felt and knew that she had a powerful connection of the exact type I had always sought. She has an amazing ability and is a deeply caring person. She's simply one of the best.
Shawn Thompson has been here for me for many years. She has helped me a lot through the years with her gift. The one I will share is when I was relocating to another state and was very nervous about it, she specifically told me about the place I would find and live in. She was very specific about it and especially the colors. I now live where I am suppose to be and she has given me affirmation on that. It was a big step however she made me feel good about my decision. Thank you Shawn
When I first met Shawn I happen to be at a friends birthday party and Shawn was going to give all of us a short reading. I was not sure what to expect from this experience and I will admit I was a bit skeptical. We simply sat down and just started talking, just the two of us. Shawn picked up immediately that my biological father had passed away. I had not seen him in over 20 years. She told me things that nobody else would even have known. It brought some peace to me.
My first reading with Shawn Thompson was over the phone and it turned out to be a game changer in my life. Shawn was so intuitive and was she able to help me to begin preparing for some upcoming major life changing events. That was almost 2 years ago and I have never regretted making that appointment. In time I got my mom and best friend to meet with her for readings but also counseling. Shawn has been a major part of the healing process for me after losing my brother & I can't thank her enough.
We met Shawn at a community event. I immediate felt a bond with her, the sweetest lady ever! I recently visited her with my sister and the info my sister received has really helped her with her daily life and even more, Shawn's visions have come to life in my sister's world. Also recently, she met with my college age daughter and helped her through a tough relationship break up. If you have the opportunity to meet with Shawn, you will understand her passion for her gift. She is wonderful!
Shawn has helped me process my divorce & move to the other side. My friends tell me my face looks different now!!!

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