Elisa Malangone

Elisa Malangone
Elisa Malangone


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Arvada (Phone & Video Readings are just as effective).


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$135-$325 depending on session time and service!

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Dr. Elisa Malangone PhD offers Mediumship that Moves, Matters and Motivates and is ranked as one of Colorados (TOP MEDIUMS).

LOVE is truly the most powerful component that bridges the healing connection. It's forever, it's eternal and surpasses life. Elisa's genuine heart-centered approach when connecting with Spirit, is extremely respectful, gracious, validating, precise and deeply compassionate. The gentle delivery of life-changing insight, loving guidance and healing messages have brought healing and comfort to many for 23 years. Choosing to lead by example, Elisa brings true dedication, integrity and credibility to her profession.

Serving Denver and beyond, Elisa has teamed with Hayhouse and MindValley Authors as well as having had the honor of teaming with Lynn Van Praagh-Gratton in audience readings over the past decade as her practice has grown and evolved. She was voted best Psychic Medium 2023 in Arvada, CO and has been featured in popular media publications such as Voyage Denver Magazine, Canvas Rebel Magazine and Shout Out Colorado.

Visit ElisaInsight.com to view all testimonials, videos & tel-recording introduction to see how her gifts have brought healing, peace, comfort & clarity to many.

Additional Information: 

Internationally Respected.
Experience: 23+ years.
Reiki Master
Certified Life Coach
Key Note Speaker
Transformational Specialist
PhD in Religious Studies 2003 ULS, Modesto Cal.

Classes, Workshops & Spiritual Development Coaching.
*Psychic Development
*Mediumship Mentoring
*Parent Workshops for Encouraging & Supporting The Intuitive Child.
*Meditation Sessions.
*Soulsight Intuitive Coaching Sessions (Tapping into your souls wisdom & perspective for guidance concerning Life Purpose, Goals & Direction.)

Listed since: Feb 18, 2015


I have seen Elisa in a group setting as well as with my two sisters and Mom. The first session I went into I was very nervous and unsure, but Elisa was extremely comforting and let me open up on my own terms. Now every reading that I have been to has been nothing less than amazing. Elisa is a beautiful soul and I am so grateful that I opened up my mind and heart to what she does. I will forever be greatful for the experience she's given my family and I.
Elisa is the most caring, wonderful person . She was my first experience with a medium and it was the most amazing eye opening experience. She has helped me connect with my family and find peace and love with their deaths. Dealing with losing a loved one is the hardest part of life, Elisa takes some of that pain away and replaces it with joy. I feel so very blessed to have found Elisa and will continue to see her.
Elisa’s circle of love and respect enhances her psychic gifts. From the very first time when she read for me, I could sense her ability as a conduit for my deceased family and friends to communicate. Her Soul Imagery Reiki Healing sessions are beyond belief and truly healing. She has helped me immensely through my journey and I am truly grateful that our paths have crossed.
My family and I have been seeing Elisa for about almost 2 years now, she has brought us so much comfort and so much love. The feeling is indescribable, but is the most amazing experience I've ever had. Each time we see Elisa, it's like our loved ones who passed are in the room with us. Elisa has impacted my life in so many ways! Thank you for sharing your gift,you are so special to me! Highly recommend to anyone who wants to reconnect with their loved ones who have passed on! Thank you Elisa♡
Elisa is a fabulous medium and we will continue to go back to her. The Reiki and readings are spot on. We consider her a great friend and recommend her services all the time.
Lisa is AMAZING!! She was so in tune on everything. She has an incredible gift that she uses to make you feel comfortable and safe. I feel truly blessed to be able to call on her. Many thanks to her for being so amazing.
Elisa is one of the most caring people I've ever met, she really is. She is kind and easy to talk to and right on key with her readings. I will continue to go back for readings. She has given me such amazing guidance that is really coming to reality and unfolding for me today. I just thank her so much for her work. It is always a pleasure to receive divine direction from her.
I had a session with Elisa in September of 2016. All I can say is wow. She is very connected and open to receiving accurate info from loved ones from beyond. I have experienced deep healing since our session. Elisa has a very kind and loving energy which I greatly appreciate. Her ego is in check and she shares her gift with the intention to help others with much needed closure and healing. Elisa is an earth angel.
Elisa is amazing. Not only does she have an incredible gift, but she is a loving, giving human being as well. I highly recommend her services, and I can't wait to spend time with her again soon!
I have been to many mediums in the past, but after my first session with this medium, I now realize not all mediums hold the high frequency and authentic delivery in their gifts like I have experienced with Elisa. She really does come from a loving place and works hard to give you the comforting messages you need.
Elisa gives so much more then just the accuracy of her gifts. There is a "REALNESS FACTOR" with this one. She shows up so loving and holds that energy throughout the session. She mentioned a male figure in spirit was cheek kissing me the way french citizens greet each other. Oddly enough, just a week before my reading, I found out that my deceased birth father was from France. She's so much more than a medium. I was Blessed & Blown Away! I Highly Recommend her!
I would like to thank Elisa, I think she is a gift from God and help me out of my own Darkness and grief. And I have seen her twice and I have just start to figure my own spiritual growth and learn about the loss my loved one that took his own life. She even knew the books to read that would help me understand. The afterlife of Billy Finger was a great book that really hit home. I can not wait until my next appointment going to do Reiki. She is a very warm kind loving soul and very trusting
Elisa is truly amazing. My experience with her was not my first with a psychic, but she is amazingly loving in her delivery. I left my session feeling truly uplifted and supported. She has an incredible gift and I'm so glad she has chosen to share it.
OMG! A sincere reading, I can't say enough. I walked in from a hard night before the day of the reading, I was in a very somber mood, so I was totally open. 4 of my loved ones came through, but one that recently passed was very apparent - which I needed deeply. I walked out with a floating feeling for all that was validated, the next day I was still floating. I didn't say ANYTHING at all & Elisa mentioned things that nobody would ever know! The best investment of my life. Very highly recommend!
"Real Deal". Better than any medium I've ever been to and that includes the big names. She is also very reasonable and reachable. Great Mediumship with out all the hype and smoke and mirrors that I've experienced from others.
I had the pleasure to attend 2 of Elisa's events in the past couple of months and was very impressed with her compassion and respect for others. I received a message for a dear friend of mine who lost her daughter in a car accident. All of the information that Elisa was saying to me was right on target and I feel brought peace and blessings to my friend. I've had experiences with mediums, however, there is something very special about Elisa! I would highly recommend her services to others.
I can not express the level of gratitude I have for Elisa's gifts and talents. She really delivers with Love. My Nana Grace passed away in 2013 and in our session, Elisa shared that a grandmother figure was singing Amazing Grace very loudly. We use to call Nana Grace, "The Amazing Grace". It was so comforting to have that personalized detail come through. I highly recommend Elisa for anyone who is looking to connect with spirit through a loving and compassionate channel. Thanks Elisa.
I was felt blessed on Sunday to get a Skype reading from Elisa and I live here Australia. What a gorgeous soul she is. I was desperate to connect with my best friend who suddenly tragic died this past Christmas, Elisa was able to identify people in my family and my relations ships, she told me how my friend died and she also mentioned my daughters bird (the flew away 2 days prior). It was a beautiful reading I am so greatful to be able to know my best friend is at peace and still with me.thanku
If you are looking for a fantastic medium, Elisa fits that description. I've attended the audiences of all the well knowns from Edwards, Van Prague to Rosen and they are all great in what they do; however; Elisa seems to hold an "all in" energy that stands out in a crowd and makes her delivery of messages more personally relatable. She is not afraid to lead with her heart and show compassion. When she mentioned bamby, which was my mothers nic name for me, I knew I was receiving a blessing.
My first visit to a medium! I didn't say so at the beginning, but I desperately wanted to connect with my grandma who had recently passed. One of the first words Lisa said to me--"Coupons!" My beloved grandmother sent me the Sunday paper coupons every week for the first 6 years I was married. No one would know that but me. Lisa did. The whole hour was such an amazing connection to a number of loved ones. Lisa's gift is so special! I left feeling like I was walking on air!!!
My faith in the concept of true and genuine spirit communication has been forever restored after my session with Elisa. This really was a LIFE CHANGING experience for me. Years of therapy did not even come close to the healing and comfort I experienced from an hour session with her. You will be amazed.
Elisa is gifted in her ability to show us the signs in a way that we don’t miss them. Thank you Elisa, for being the billboard that most of us need in order to stay on our path! Thank you for continuing to share your gift with the world! You are more than a Medium, You're an Earth Angel with a direct line to Heaven! With love….
Elisa is truly gifted.. She gave me information that I only knew. She gave me amazing details. She is very kind and honest. I could go on and on but I will tell you this.... She is the real deal and is very in touch with the spirit world. She is very trust worthy and makes you feel at ease.
I have been blessed with Elisa’s connection to Spirit for over 2 years. I have witnessed and experienced some amazing healing in her presence. Miracles that years of therapy couldn’t come close to. Her aura is bright and authenticity is undeniable! Her live audience readings are unlike any other Spiritual Medium. She also goes beyond the call with the unique way she connects people to one another, creating connections that transform into friendships and support for each other. I love her.
Elisa is so accurate with great detail when she delivers messages, but the fact that she remains empathetic,humble, & compassionate during the whole process is what makes her truly STAND OUT in a mass of mediums. That's a gracious attribute that can't be easily duplicated. I recently went to Elisa's Mercury Cafe event, not only did she deliver powerful messages to almost everyone in the audience, by the end of the night, strangers were hugging and exchanging info like long lost mates. So Gifted.
Adding to my previous review... Heart centered, insightful, authentic, down to earth, genuine, respectful, easy going, uplifting, relatable, REAL, loving, deep empath, pure light, and deeply connected. I have shared Elisa's gift with many friends and family. They too have all felt truly blessed to have such a strong conduit to the other side. Elisa has helped me get through one of the most difficult years of my life, she is a true earth angel.
I had been to several "famous" psychics after the sudden loss of Sadie a beautiful young soul who was like my daughter. They all left me wanting and needing more and that led me straight to Elisa. My first reading with her was truly magical. I left there feeling so connected to Sadie and my team of guides and angels. Elisa delivers her messages from a deep place of compassion and love. She does not filter and it allows your loved ones to go straight to the heart of the matter. You will be moved
Elisa has liberated me! She has an incredible gift that is changing so many lives in such a dynamic way. I had years of heart break after loosing my brother in a very traumatic way, Elisa was able to bring his spirit through with concrete details. I also recently had a reiki/reading combo and absolutely could not believe the blocks and limited thinking that were removed along with the even deeper messages that came through. The process was so impactful and healing. What an amazing experience!
I had been suffering from one loss after another for five years. I've been to support groups, therapy and even other psychics, but what really helped me move out of my grieving, was getting a reading with Elisa. She has such a loving presence and seems to be willing to go emotionally and spiritually deeper, which is a rare but valuable find in a medium. She shared such detail in the messages she delivered and for the first time in years, I was able to find peace and move forward. So Thankful.
I was not sure what to expect when I made my first appointment, but I was thoroughly pleased with Elisa. She is genuine and warm, and worked to put me at ease. She also picked up on several things that were unique, such as the passing of my little dog years ago and who is still with me in spirit. I highly recommend trying her!


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