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Do you have a question about your relationship? Do you need to make a decision whether it is worth your time to hang in or to seek closure? Want to know if there will be a reconnection? Mandy is an empathic love reader who specializes in the emotional psycho-dynamics within a relationship. She digs into people's thoughts and intentions, seeing what is beneath the surface that others cannot see for themselves. She strengthened her intuitive ability while working as an empathic healer and energy worker. Her primary goal is to help others regain balance, clarity, and empowerment when they were seek advice with:

* Relationship problems
* Break-ups and reconnections
* Understanding another person's thoughts, intentions, and feelings
* Dream Interpretation
* Helping seekers differentiate between empathic intuition and wishful thinking
* Helping seekers to see the different approaches they can take in a situation and what type of outcome each approach may lead to

Mandy works best when given questions to answer, so please approach with questions in mind. If you click the "get an instant reading" button at the top of the page, a listing comes up with more of her psychic-related reviews.

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MANDY PETERSON is the author of several divination decks and kits, including the Uncover Your Past Lives Oracle, EFT Divination Kit, Color of Love Kit, and the Healers of the Earth Oracle cards. She is also the author of the books I Am the Lotus, Not the Muddy Pond: Achieving Peace Through Non-Conformity and A Guest in Their Universe: An Earth Empath's Dialogue with Nature and Animals. In 2012, she was featured on the cover of Bellesprit Magazine. In past, she hosted her own psychic radio show on CBS Sky Radio called the “Voice of Empowerment" and has written for several online magazines including OM Times, Bellesprit, and Shesique Magazine.

Listed since: Mar 3, 2011


Thank you for our session. You really put everything into perspective. Your kind and gentle demeanor really helped me discover new things about my situation. Thank you for the honesty and clarity. I would recommend all my friends to you.
Mandy was lovely. I was really struggling with a hurt heart and she was kind, honest and helped with all questions and feelings. She helped sort through my feelings to help me make the right decision for myself. As hard as it will be to do I really appreciated her insight and advice. I’d definitely talk to her again. Thank you Mandy
Mandy is amazingly gifted and a sweetheart too. She is really compassionate and really cares. I will most definitely be back. Thank you!
Thank you so much, your reading was super insightful and gave me a lot of good perspective. I will definitely be back in touch, and I truly appreciate your help! If anyone out there is looking for an honest, compassionate reader who is quick to tune into your concerns, look no further. I strongly recommend her!
Mandy is amazing. She is half psychic, half psychologist and half good friend (Yogi Berra joke). She sees things in a straight line that I see in circles, which is infinitely helpful. When our conversations end I always feel like I know more than I did when I started, and I'm always happier. She's a great person, and everyone's comments about her kindness, loving energy and empathy are right on the money. She has the perfect mix of cynicism and sweetness that adds just the right punch.
Mandy is the BEST EFT hearler I have come across. I always feel the negativity around me has been lifted up after every session with her. She gives me a detailed feedback after sessions which helps me understand and makes me feel I am cared. She is also the authentic and honest healer to guide me and tell me what is not good for me. I have been seeking her healings for last 5 years and will continue to do so without any hesistance!!! :))
Mandy is a very gifted and intuitive healer and reader. She is always spot on, and offers large doses of love, empathy, and light. Her methods are very unique and her own brand, which is also fun to experience. She has assisted me in overcoming many frustrating limiting beliefs, I recommend her highly to anyone in need of healing and guidance!
I have been using Mandy for the past few years to help me work through issues that have put a stronghold on my life. I like Mandy because she doesn't just offer a reading, she offers assistance/guidance. There were times were I was so low and she was the only soul I reached out to - and she helped. She is amazingly gifted. Add her loving kindness, experience and dedication to help those in need and you have just encountered an angel.
Mandy is someone I have been seeing for almost 5 years now. It seems like yesterday that I met her during an extremely trying time in my life. She not only helped me pull myself up by my bootstraps, but over the years she has helped me learn to find myself. Over time Mandy has become a close friend and confidante in addition to a competent psychic and healer. There is just simply no one more caring, loving, kind, smart, and accurate in both her predictions and her healing skills.

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