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Lynda Hallett
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$70.00 for 1/2 hour, $120.00 for 1 hour

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If you need to schedule quickly email is the best option. I will do my best to fit you in. My phone is 519 925 2293, however I don't schedule appointments via telephone, as I could be on a call. You may also Skype me. My Skype name is gracepetals.


We are living in very intense times! Things are shifting, we are shifting. Need a little help from a friend? I connect quickly, and will guide you with tools and insight.

I am a Certified Psychic Counsellor, Conscious Evolution Life Coach and Past Life Regression Practitioner. I specialize in relationship concerns and career challenges. I am LGBT friendly. I connect quickly with your first name and birth date. I do have mediumship abilities, and can bring through a message from a loved one you seek to communicate with.

I have studied spirituality and metaphysics since the 1980's with many teachers and mentors. I began to use my abilities over 25 years ago, while working in the Correctional and Mental health areas.
I have experienced two near death happenings, one at age 2 and the other at age 27. The importance of my path in this lifetime and my purpose was shown to me.

You will find me to be a very genuine, honest and truthful Intuitive. I have a background in Counselling, am a certified CEC Coach, certified Reiki healer for both humans and animals, Can assist with past life questions, have had interest in astrology, aromatherapy, and crystals for many years.

I am able to give you clarity in relationship situations, career decisions, health concerns, and many other areas you are seeking answers.
I will provide future predictions up to a year, and can give time frames. I use few tools during your readings.

"The name “Gracepetals” was given to me during a Grace workshop several years ago. I was shown an image of petals of Grace, sending them to those in need.

I receive guidance from my higher self, other dimensional beings and of course Source. I have worked with these guides for many years. I am a relationship and emotional healer. I am a Reiki healer (for both people and animals) and can assist to remove blockages and facilitate Chakra clearings. I use few tools in your readings and insights.

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I can offer you distance Reiki healings, along with your pets. Does your loved pet have something to say to you? Let us explore!

Please note: for an animal reading or healing I do require a current photo that shows a clear image of the animals eyes. Animal communication can ONLY be done via email. I establish the connection and continue viewing the photo while communicating with the animal. Please allow at least 72 hours for your pet's reading. Fee is $50.

I do connect quickly to your energy. You will find me to be very compassionate and one who does deliver the truth as it comes through.

I will provide you with a very honest and sincere direction to your inquiry. It is important to remember that we all have free will, and the energy you bring is where you are in this moment.

Listed since: Nov 25, 2015


Lynda has been working with me on some hard to make business decisions for a year now. A lot of the time, it was like a labyrinth, and I couldn't tell what would happen next. Everything finally resolved, just like she said it would. She has been completely accurate with reading people involved, their intentions, and outcomes, including timing. I could not have done this on my own and had the same happy enough ending. She is also incredibly kind. I highly recommend her!
Ive been reading with Lynda for about 5 years now regarding different topics and let me tell you, she is God send. Lynda is a very compassionate person who doesn't judge and is right on with her informations. I would know because many of the things she has told me over the years would almost always be true, looking back. I originally came to her to help with my twin flame connection and Lynda has been and still is an advisor that I can always come to for guidance. You will not be disappointed!
I have to wrote another review. Lynda is a dream and a treasure. I have had a total of 3 reads. She remains consistent, doesn't flip as some "psychics" can do. She is very patient. And accurate!!! Book her and write a review! It's important to share success stories. It helps with a search for a GOOD psychic! I will repeat - Lynda is THE BEST !
I have had many readings but she is by far the best! She gives details and more details! As we started the reading she tapped in right away. She knew !! She knew!! Wow!!! I am still so surprised how accurate she was about my guy and my career. She told something pertaining to a conversation I had a week earlier. Wow! She is definitely gifted and she doesn't use tools which is VERY impressive. Book her !!! You will not be disappointed! And she is NICE! which is a bonus.
My name is Melanie. I have had readings from Lynda for a few years now. Lynda is the most accurate medium I have ever had. I always contact her whenever I need someone to help me understand the situation. Or halp me qualify the right people for my business. I am really glad I found her.
Lynda is a genuine psychic who guided me over the years regarding career and relationships. She connected me with a Tibetan guide who has come up in other medium's readings to deliver a specific message surrounding a life changing incident which occurred in Oct22. My gratitude is immeasurable as the guidance resonated strongly and moves me forward on my life's journey. Many thanks and happy holidays! -Rob
Where do I begin Lynda is a wonderful beautiful soul I have been talking to her for over 5 years she is very sweet caring accurate when you talk to her it feels like you are speaking with a friend that has known you your entire life and honestly that is how I see her. She makes you feel very comfortable with her words and I know I can always count on her anytime I have questions or need to make big life decisions. she has a wonderful way of guiding me and I will say she has never been wrong.
Lynda, Expressing my heartfelt gratitude to you seems impossible to put into words. Your guidance through the most drawn-out, worst time in my life was my strongest beacon of light. During a few of those sessions, my body would have little "jolts" of shock. Things I could hardly believe would happen, or not happen were exactly as you predicted. Lynda will "wow" you with her details. She’s empathetic, funny at times, and truly wants to help. I’ve had a dog reading too. Lynda is the best!
Lynda has been accurate with everyone and everything I have called her about. She’s sweet, sincere, honest, and most importantly non judgmental AND accurate. Seriously blown away when she accurately predicted someone reaching out when I thought there was just no possible way. This wasn’t only once, it’s on a consistent basis. She’s my go to when I need answers and inspiration.
Lynda is truly gifted. I have had readings with her in the past for myself, one skype(2016) and a phone reading(2018). Everything she told me about me was absolutely true and she also helped me to gain clarity in the career I was thinking about. In 2021 I am doing what she she had predicted in 2018. I also got some readings done for my family members as well and she was again spot on. The best thing is she does the reading and gives you a tool that can help you. She is very authentic.
I have been coming to Lynda for readings regularly over the last year, and there is a reason for that. She is extremely on point!! She is kind, compassionate, and extremely detail-oriented in what she picks up about the querent and people associated with them. Time and time again, she has accurately predicted situations and how they will unfold. She tunes in immediately and does not need any tools. Her gifts are top-notch!! I feel like I am talking to a good friend. :) A must try!!
Im fortunate to have found Lynda. Ive spoken with many other psychics over the past 15yrs, some of them good at getting pieces of a situation in question correct. Lynda is in her own league, by far the best psychic I have ever consulted. Most will tell you timeframes are tough and although Lynda never says “this will happen on this date/time” everything she predicts somehow unfolds exactly as she says and when she says it. Lynda is very easy to talk to and very professional. Highly recommended!!
I had a reading with Lynda a few months back and it was my first time ever speaking to a psychic. I was hesitant at first but the things that Lynda knew about me with only speaking to me for a few minutes was my first clue that she was the real deal. Its been a few months now and everything that she suggested/envisioned has come true (thus far). Lynda is easy to speak with and I am so glad that I reached out to her. I am grateful that I did.
One of the best psychics I have ever read with hands down. Lynda has a beautiful soul and a beautiful way to connecting with her guides that give you direct and honest answers to your questions! I have called Lynda and had sessions with her a few times now and she has always been correct from the beginning even when I would doubt it sometimes! She’s accurate and the real deal ! She’s definitely my go to and She’s the best!
Linda is an overall life coach and psychic. She combines both areas to give the fullest and best approach to handle the situations. So far, all that she predicted as come true. I've been a client for almost 2 years now and I'm seeing all of the dots connect. Even some of the phrases she says in the reading comes true and I get that deja vu. I would say that you have to give her a try because she tells it like it is and she gives warnings if she sees something off that may happen. 5/5
AMAZING!!! I have had couple of readings with Lynda and she is spot on with everything. She is real and very great at what she does. She gives you great advice and helps you with your situation. The reason I came back for another reading is what she told me the first time was true even though I couldn't see it at the time. She's honest and will tell you what she sees and the details she gives you about people and situations just amazes you. I am a believer and will be talking to her again.
Lynda is the real deal. She is kind, compassionate, professional, empathetic, impartial, sincere, and honest. I have come to Lynda for over 3 years during the best and worst situations possible. She has provided me with honest insight to my problems and accommodated the best she could to my busy schedule. Her gift is true and her abilities surpassed anything I ever expected. I will continue to seek her guidance for years to come.
Excellent, excellent! Just had a reading- great understanding of people and events, great advice and energy. Lynda is very in tune and truly...full of Grace :-)
Lynda is authentic, compassionate, on target, and honest. I appreciate her wise counsel, direct answers,and caring nature. I highly recommend Lynda Hallet. Thank you.
Lynda has been reading for me for the past year and has been very helpful in providing me information in regards to my career and in my relationships. She's been correct on many topics and about folks I've asked about. She's very sweet and I really enjoy her style of reading. I highly recommend a reading from her! thanks Lynda!
I contacted Lynda through the Instant Reading function of Bob Olson's sight as I had been out of work for a few weeks and needed guidance. Lynda shared I would obtain a new job via a recruiter in early November. November 1st is exactly how it it turned out. Thank you Lynda for bringing me peace of mind and spirit!
Lynda is a kind and very talented person. She has been able to advise me in a manner that is so on point it is stunning. She is a wonderful intuitive and coach. I highly recommend Lynda. I plan to keep Lynda in my life as she has been able to assist me in navigating very difficult life changes. I would encourage anyone to reach out to her for assistance.
I have had two readings with Lynda. The first one was an hour long and the second one was 30 minutes. I have done readings with multiple psychics before hers, 5 to be exact, and I found her to be the best out of all of them. She will not waste your time, she is direct but empathetic and non-judgmental, she is very clear in her readings, and she will guide you to help improve your situation or get the result you want. I am very impressed with how much she is able to see.
I was fortunate to have a reading with Linda during a time of transition in my life. She opened the session with such clarity and honesty about the 3 themes happening in my life, giving me confidence in moving forward. I was able to find a great amount of peace while talking with Linda about difficult relationships in my life and the people I am greatly concerned about. The reading was a wonderful combination of her training and her gifts. I can highly recommend Linda~ElizaBeth Young
I'd like to thank Lynda for her genuine interest in helping me.Her accuracy and compassion is apparent when using her gifts to guide me to a better path and give me that sense of comfort that I am supported.I can sense Lynda's keen desire and honesty in wanting to help me through some challenges and questions I have faced...And I am happy to say that I have received great feedback from friends and family members who have seen her upon my recommendation and continued to seek her guidance.
I have had the pleasure of having a reading for myself and for 2 of my dogs. When lynda read me she was amazingly accurate, I would recommend her to anyone. When I learned she also does animal communication I was very excited to have her read my two dog, the results were amazing. she knew things only I would know about their behaviors,personalities and habits I was blown away with the readings. Highly recommended for sure.
Excellent reader, and counsel. Has helped me get through some situations and she has provided compassionate advice while tuning in accurately to the situation. Highly recommend.
I've had many readings with Lynda over the past two years on a variety of questions - everything from relationships to work-related challenges, to pets and a house sale, etc - and have always found her to be amazingly detailed and accurate in her reading of every situation, and able to provide such clear, compassionate and practical advice, that I leave every reading feeling immensely reassured and with clarity about my path forward. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking guidance.
Gracepetals is kind, sincere & accurate. She's able to very quickly identify with your questions without needing tarot cards or support tools.
Gracepetals is Highly recommended in my books. She is Honest and Accurate with the information that she gives. She is informative and has always been an amazing help to me with any of the readings I have done with her. She is always willing to offer advice when needed. I was floored by a reading I had with her where she was able to connect me with a lost one as well. Provided comfort in a time where it was needed. I would not hesitate to recommend her and I plan to return for my own readings!!!

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