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Tracy Lee Nash
Tracy Lee Nash


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Tracy Lee "T.L." Nash is an international psychic and certified research
medium who was also chosen by Actress Gwyneth Paltrow's magazine,
GOOP, as one of their recommended psychics. She has been reading
professionally for over 30 years and her areas of expertise include:
relationships, career, energy and color readings, spirit communication
and more.

As the founder of Within The Light-a Metaphysical and wellness ministry-
as well as The Good Grief Circle, T.L. Nash's desire is to offer her services
in a supportive and non-threatening environment. Whether she is reading
domestically or globally, a majority of the services she performs come by
way of referrals, which is the highest compliment any reader can receive.

Sharing with others the message that we all have supernatural abilities is
done so through T.L.'s various workshops throughout the year as well as
her appearances on radio and at local spiritual gatherings in Southern
California. An accomplished writer, her inspirational work has been featured
in greeting cards, books and calendars through Blue Mountain Arts.

All sessions are done by phone with the exception of groups and workshops.

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My work as an intuitive and medium is my passion, not simply my profession. And I take the work I do very seriously. It is my joy and honor to not only help others on a variety of life's issues they may be struggling with, but, to also help them learn to develop and trust their own intuitive abilities as well. As a medium, bringing loving, validating and inspirational messages from the other side to those who seek closure is an emotional as well as spiritual responsibility that I hold close to my heart. That's why I believe Within The Light has been successful. Nearly all of my business is through referrals and I believe that's because I truly love what I do and it shows through my compassion, honesty and commitment to each person I have the honor of crossing paths with.

Listed since: May 6, 2007


TL, I can not thank you enough. You have made my holiday season much happier. You answered so much and the black cloud is no longer around. I will be talking to you soon and I am telling everyone I know how good you are. Thank you so much.
Thank You, Sincerely I can't thank TL enough for all the peace that was brought to me. Words can't explain how I feel and how much I thank the lord for having her come my way when life couldn't seem to go more wrong. The things she said only my husband knew and myself, and brought me peace because he is with me. I couldn't believe everything that was said it was so true. TL your here for a reason, God Bless You Always
TL was a blessing for me when I really needed her. She put me in touch with loved ones and renewed my belief system. I know she is good because of everything she knew but most of all because of the "Blue Parrot" remark. That had only been in my thoughts that day and no one could have known that except someone I love on the other side who told her! Wow. Thanks always to TL
Thank you for the reading. I prayed that God would answer some questions in a way that I knew it was from him. I was very pleased. The messages from my grandmother came with accurate information so that I knew it was actually her. I have been looking for a sincere and gifted intuitive and I found one in you. I am comforted and blessed.
TL is the REAL THING! Her amazing gift of insight and mediumship is remarkable! The amount of healing and closure I recieved from hearing from loved ones who have crossed over could never be measured. It was the best reading I have ever recieved! She is right on, and accurate! She also picks up information quickly! Your hour goes a long way! THANKS TL! You rock girl!
You are AMAZING!! 500 characters are not enough to describe how much you have done for myself in having some closure. You're so accurate about details that no one but myself or a loved one who has crossed over could have known. When I count my blessings every day, I make sure you are always on my list. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
TL is amazing! I can not tell you how helpful she was in my needing and yearning of closure. She hit the nail on the head and allowed myself to let go. She also helped in my daily life as I have know felt a sence of closure and happiness.
My first experience with Tracy's remarkable skills as a psychic medium was over 5 years ago. Her business cards were at a local book store. I was drawn to pick one up and knew to call her. As soon as I introduced myself, Tracy began sharing messages being received from loved ones, crossed over. What I did not understand was later verified with family members as meaningful. I highly recommend Tracy as a psychic medium.
Thank you Tracy for the absolutely mind-blowing work you have done for both myself and my family. Before I met you, I wasn't sure if Psychic Phenoma really occurred. Because of you, I can now attest to the fact that the "veil of disbelief" is thinning. My personal spiritual beliefs have expanded beyond possibilities and it's comforting to know and feel the prescence of God who loves us unconditionally.
I cannot thank T.L. enough for the amazing insight she gave me in regards to issues my 7y/o son was having. She was very accurate with the information she relayed and gave my son the tools he needed to understand what he was feeling and how deal with it. She came through with a loved one who I was pleasantly surprised to hear from. T.L. is genuine, loving, and gifted and my son is a happier, more peaceful little boy because of her.
T.L. has a delighful personality, is very compassionate and is great with children. I have had readings with T.L. and have referred many people to her. The information she passes on regarding life issues and messages from the spirit world are very accurate. She gives detailed validations including names, dates and information that no one else could possilby know. I highly recommend T.L.
T.L. IS SO HIGHLY GIFTED. One of her awesome gifts is the ability to bring the deceased forward. TL is adamant about NOT wanting ANY information from you. She has given us SO much closure. Unfortunately this review will only accept 500 words, as you would be in awe as to the information she has provided us, yet had no way of knowing anything and has always been "right on."


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