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Tracy Lee Nash
Tracy Lee Nash


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Tracy Lee "T.L." Nash is an international psychic and certified research
medium who was also chosen by Actress Gwyneth Paltrow's magazine,
GOOP, as one of their recommended psychics. She has been reading
professionally for over 30 years and her areas of expertise include:
relationships, career, energy and color readings, spirit communication
and more.

As the founder of Within The Light-a Metaphysical and wellness ministry-
as well as The Good Grief Circle, T.L. Nash's desire is to offer her services
in a supportive and non-threatening environment. Whether she is reading
domestically or globally, a majority of the services she performs come by
way of referrals, which is the highest compliment any reader can receive.

Sharing with others the message that we all have supernatural abilities is
done so through T.L.'s various workshops throughout the year as well as
her appearances on radio and at local spiritual gatherings in Southern
California. An accomplished writer, her inspirational work has been featured
in greeting cards, books and calendars through Blue Mountain Arts.

All sessions are done by phone with the exception of groups and workshops.

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My work as an intuitive and medium is my passion, not simply my profession. And I take the work I do very seriously. It is my joy and honor to not only help others on a variety of life's issues they may be struggling with, but, to also help them learn to develop and trust their own intuitive abilities as well. As a medium, bringing loving, validating and inspirational messages from the other side to those who seek closure is an emotional as well as spiritual responsibility that I hold close to my heart. That's why I believe Within The Light has been successful. Nearly all of my business is through referrals and I believe that's because I truly love what I do and it shows through my compassion, honesty and commitment to each person I have the honor of crossing paths with.

Listed since: May 6, 2007


I had three questions prepared that were answered. I wasn't seeking communication with a family member who has passed; he came to Tracy. The message he sent was so healing to me, and to the family member he asked me repeat his messge. The words, phrases, and description of how Tracy received his messages is exactly how he talked and acted. I now know why I'm stuck and what I need to get moving. I never dreamed this call would heal past hurts that I didn't know limited so many areas in my life.
Tracy has an increadible gift from God. She is the real deal , extremely intuitive and dead-on! She knew names and specifics of my grandmother who recently passed away. Thank you for your amazing work. You have a gift that helps others very much.
Hi tracy thanks so much for the reading what angel you are it was so nice to connect with my grandmother that made day. my gld bless you and your gifts Wow oh wow! what a reading
Tracy reads with a high level of care and sincerity. She definitely has the gift of connecting with anyone who has passed on. I was hoping to simply receive messages from my grandmother and grandfather. She connected with them and many others. My friends and family members were amazed at the messages I had for them. Since her reading, I have felt an overwhelming sense of peace. I now know, with 100% certainity, that my deceassed loved ones are still sharing all my special moments with me.
Had a reading from Tracy and it was incredible. The things she shared with me only my deceased father and I would have known. My father passed away last year, very suddenly, and this reading brought closure. It's comforting to know that our loved ones are always there for us. I was a skeptic and am very religious, and this was comforting to say the least because I never got to say goodbye to my Dad. My family and I will contact Tracy again. She's the real thing! Thank you again Tracy! David
T.L. is positively amazing! She told me things that were almost beyond true! She is very real and very generous and just a plain genuine person. It may seem like a lot of money initially, but she and her time are worth every cent! I would recommend her to anyone and I know I will be using her in the future! Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Tracy was recommended to me by a reliable friend as one of the best. She could not have been more correct. She read me like she had known me for all my life! Tracy was absolutely accurate on many levels of information. Tracy is extremely warm, friendly and relayed information that both confirmed and validated my thoughts and provided additional information that I really needed to hear. One of my best experiences. Thank you TL!!!
WOW!!!!! I submitted an email with four questions and she nailed everyone of them. OUTSTANDING!!!!!!!
I was very impressed with Tracy. She started by telling me about me and was dead on with everything she said. Then my grandmother and her family from the other side came through because my grandmother knew how bad I needed to hear what she had to say. I never knew who was whispering in my ear when I needed help the most and was so glad to find out it was my grandmother. Tracy helped to explain so much, there was no delay since she was getting it fast. I will be back.
There are no words to express the gratitude and appreciation I feel for TL. She is amazing, I really felt her connection and everything she said was on point, things that are very personal and no one else knew about me. It has convinced me 100% that there is an afterlife and that special people like TL can communicate with those who have passed. Thank you for giving me the gift of speaking to my brother once again. I wish I could of found her earlier. I will be contacting her again. Thank you
T.L. Nash is one of the best intuitive/psychics I have ever worked with. I have worked with tons of psychics over the years and most of them were phonys and their information was totally worthless. T.L. is the real genuine article. Her information is 100% accurate. She is wise, helpful, caring and compassionate and really gave me some great info to help improve my life. I plan on working with her again and sending my friends to her as well.
Tracy was on point with my reading. Before I arrived (and before she met me) she meditated & had written down things she picked up on about me, including an accurate description of my physical appearance! She was able to accurately describe some family members who had passed away, and provided accurate details about them. Her messages from the session bought peace & healing to me & my family members. Tracy is the real deal.
We all seek Intuitive/Metaphysical services for different reasons but sometimes you receive far more than you hoped for. This is the case each time I interact with T.L. Nash. She calm's my nerves and lifts my spirits; Tracey goes well beyond her role as a professional – she crosses into your heart and becomes a very trusted friend. You leave her knowing that when all else fails she will always care and be there for you. Never judging but always supporting, she gives you the information you ne
TL put me at ease right away. I was so very impressed, she knew me like we had been childhood friends.. I had always been uncertain about long distance phone readings.. Not any more.. My reading was accurate, detailed and 100 percent what I needed to hear.. I could actually feel the love and caring from her. A very gifted and honest medium.. My deepest heartfelt THANKS.
I have used TL's services many times and I have never been disappointed with the "messages" that I have received from my loved one's on the "other side" or with my "energy balancing", and spiritual "coaching". Not only is TL an amazing, gifted, intuitive, she also writes beautiful, inspirational, material. If you, a family member or friend is in need of the services TL provides, call her! It will be the best "gift" you could bestow upon anyone! God bless you, TL! Keep shining your "light"!!
Thanks T.L for the prayers,  I also wanted to thank you for your reading you gave me on the 24th of Jan. I felt like  a big weight was lifted off of me when you gave me a message from my father who had passed. Many good things have happened since then and I strongly believe it had to do with the validation I received from your reading. It has been truly life changing.  Thank you, thank you and thank! Kathy
TL, it was a very intimate experience to share a reading with seven close friends. The closure that my best friend was able to acheive after speaking with you about her father was the best thing any of us could have hoped for. Thank you for your gift and for helping us to understnad each other better. I got a message that I was not prepared for, but can see now that it was the one I needed to hear. Thank you for the love and light :-) And for the head's up about out precocious little one!
I was nervous, at first, as I had not met TL personally. The time with TL turned out to be very nurturing, confirming and eye-opening for me! She held tremendous LOVE and Empathy for me during the reading. Her reading of my energy helped me put pieces and connections together in my life. Most importantly she gave me information about myself that I was not consciously aware of, this gave me confidence that I was truly heading in the right direction for me - that this was a real gift. THANK-YOU!
TL had me from her first comment. Her description of me was incredibly accurate down to the details. Note that this was a phone reading and that she and I ha never met or spoken beyond what was necessary to make the appointment. The answers to my questions were not 'make me happy' answers but were insightful and meaningful. When she described my father and his continuing influence I was blown away! She is one of the best psychics I have ever consulted! Call her if you are ready for more clarity!
"I appreciate TL's sensitivity and her depth of awareness. She is truely a loving, spiritual woman who deeply cares for people. God has given her a gift that she embraces and shares. there is great peace when in the midst of a session with her and see does well to explain and answer all questions. I highly recommend TL if you are seeking some clarity and connection."
I have been both a client and a student of TL. She is a very talented psychic medium and a wonderfully powerful and encouraging teacher. All of her readings are always clear, accurate, and most importantly, divinely encouraging. TL truely does funtion within the light, and is such a blessing to all she touches. She is simply the real deal, and has helped me to be in contact with my angelic helpers, and divine instruction. Simply the best!!!!!!
TL gave a fantastic reading – very informative. She gave very accurate information that helped me with decisions I was trying to make. I highly recommend her services.
My experience with the reading from TL Nash was awesome. She brought through my family on the other side with such accuracy and compassion. I know they are well and happy and always watching over us. She continues to offer inspiration and advice by keeping in touch with us online.
I was new to spirituality and wanting confirmation when I found TL Nash online. Her concepts aligned perfectly with what I had read and come to believe. She exceed my expectations by pinpointing my health problems without prompting and lead me on a journey to recovery and learning the real lessons in life. I have recommended her to family and friends who need help overcoming a loss or just a little direction in life and she always comes through with amazing results.
My nephew was murdered last August. I had not been in a good place since his murder. He was more like a son then a nephew to me. I was told about Tracy who offered her service for Crime Victims. Tracy only wanted my newphews first name. I was shocked and amazed at how much she said that there is no way she woudl have know without talking to my nephew. Not to mention she did this for free. Thank you so much Tracy for a wonderful gift you gave me. I have been in a better place since our reading.
Tracy was right on with everything she mentioned in my reading. She has such a caring energy that was very comforting and genuine. Within the last 6 months or so, I have been working on developing my intuitive ability so that some day I can do what she does so well to help others........I have loved the process so far and look forward to delving deeper and deeper into this. Thank you Tracy and I'm wishing you many, many blessings!
I recently had a reading with T.L.It was so wonderful to hear what my loved one had to say,there was no way anyone had the info. that she shared.I recommend T.L. to any and everyone.And to T.L.if you read this,You truly healed a spot in my heart. Thank You for letting me share
My mother always believe it was possible to communicate with the dead. I wanted proof. Since my mother has past 6 years ago, I have been looking for a medium that I felt I could trust. I found Tracy in the directory. I went to see her to prove such things were possible. She did not disappoint me. I was amazed she able to tell me things that only family would know. She is truly gifted. As others have said I feel bless to have found her. Thanks so much!!
I have only had one reading with T.L. but will do it again and again and again. It was so amazing and the messages from my aunt and father were so uplifting. I am still smiling! The minute I heard her soft and gentle voice I felt such good energy and peacefulness. I feel so blessed to have found her!
It's true people come into your life for a reason, and I feel so very blessed to have T.L. come into mine. She is truly gifted and sincere. She makes you feel comfortable, and your spirit feels like it has been given a breath of fresh air. I have told family and friends about her and will call on her again myself. Many thanks to T.L. and her beautiful soul.


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