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Tracy Lee "T.L." Nash is an international psychic and certified research
medium who was also chosen by Actress Gwyneth Paltrow's magazine,
GOOP, as one of their recommended psychics. She has been reading
professionally for over 30 years and her areas of expertise include:
relationships, career, energy and color readings, spirit communication
and more.

As the founder of Within The Light-a Metaphysical and wellness ministry-
as well as The Good Grief Circle, T.L. Nash's desire is to offer her services
in a supportive and non-threatening environment. Whether she is reading
domestically or globally, a majority of the services she performs come by
way of referrals, which is the highest compliment any reader can receive.

Sharing with others the message that we all have supernatural abilities is
done so through T.L.'s various workshops throughout the year as well as
her appearances on radio and at local spiritual gatherings in Southern
California. An accomplished writer, her inspirational work has been featured
in greeting cards, books and calendars through Blue Mountain Arts.

All sessions are done by phone with the exception of groups and workshops.

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My work as an intuitive and medium is my passion, not simply my profession. And I take the work I do very seriously. It is my joy and honor to not only help others on a variety of life's issues they may be struggling with, but, to also help them learn to develop and trust their own intuitive abilities as well. As a medium, bringing loving, validating and inspirational messages from the other side to those who seek closure is an emotional as well as spiritual responsibility that I hold close to my heart. That's why I believe Within The Light has been successful. Nearly all of my business is through referrals and I believe that's because I truly love what I do and it shows through my compassion, honesty and commitment to each person I have the honor of crossing paths with.

Listed since: May 6, 2007


TL has an incredible gift and it is not just isolated to her abilities. She can connect with everyone she meets and can turn skeptics in to believers, I've seen this first hand. This is due to her accuracy, her compassion for others and her passion for what she does. I've been to many readings with other mediums and I have never made the connections like I have with TL. There aren't enough characters to write the glowing review she deserves... You have made the right choice if you've called TL.
If you are looking for a caring and true medium, then Tracy Lee Nash is the medium for you. She did a phone reading for me and the validation was only from my son. She told me something that only he and I knew. Tracy allowed me to finish a conversation that I never got to have. There was no agenda, no leading questions and only a true reading. You have many choices. Choose Tracy if you need to connect in a caring and honest way.
My phone reading with Tracy L Nash from "Within the Light" was a great experience, one I will never forget. There is no doubt in my mind that Tracy has been truly blessed with a special gift, as evident in my spot-on intuitive and medium reading. I was fortunate to hear about Tracy's psychic abilities through a friend, and I can hardly wait to speak to her again! Thank you Tracy for making such a positive impact on my life. You are an angel here on earth (: Fondly, Meg H.
After unexpectedly loosing my furry baby, who was like a real child to me, I was lost in grief and depression. Tracy Lee was mentioned in a book a friend recommended. The reading experience was amazing. Not just my furry baby came through, but also my beloved grandmother, who I had lost many years ago. The reading is helping me a great deal during my grieving and the healing process. She was not just accurate, but very compassionate. Thank you so much for your healing words and your empathy
Tracy is a revelation! She is intuitive, caring, healing and spot on with her observations and suggestions to aid each of us in our personal and professional development. I will consult with her often and hope she returns soon to our Fallbrook center to share her many gifts. Dr. Wolf
I had a reading with Tracy yesterday. It was amazing! She was able to connect with the people I wanted to hear from. Thank you!
My daughter and I had a session with Tracy Nash today. We both had doubts but after a few minutes we both were in shock of the accurate information she was saying. Tracy was able to channel my grandmother, father, brother, daughter, niece, my daughters fiance. Tracy is a blessing and has an amazing gift. We are so thankful for her time today and helping to give us closure. She was able to give messages to share with othe If you are looking for a medium please schedule a session with Tracy.
I had a reading with T.L. four months after the sudden loss of my husband and he came through right away. The information she relayed was very personal, heartwarming, and so bittersweet that I was moved to tears. It could only have come from him. I've since referred others to her and am getting ready to make another appointment for myself. Not only does T.L. pride herself on her accuracy, she is warm and comforting while delivering spot-on messages of love, hope and the proof of survival. <3
I had a reading with Tracy and it was simply amazing. I lost my oldest daughter to cancer 3 years ago and she came thru and Tracy was so spot on. There was no doubt it was my daughter. Her personality ,her sense of humor, dates,so much confirmation. I felt like I was actually talking to my daughter again. Amazing. Tracy I thank u from the bottom of my heart for the gift u gave me and I would like to say to anyone unsure about having a medium reading..please don't wait she is real deal.
Tracy did a group reading for my daughter, sisters, nieces and I. There were 7 of us. We were each profoundly moved by Tracy's readings. She connected with our loved ones. She knew things no one would have ever known. All were quite impressed by Tracy's gift and grateful for the experience.
I was fortunate to be able to meet with Tracy personally relative to hearing from loved ones who have passed. Not only did I hear from mine but also one of my husband's which I had not anticipated at all. An incredible experience from a truly wonderful and gifted individual. Tracy is warm and caring and the information she imparted was enlightening and allowed me to feel at peace with those who had passed. This certainly will not be my last meeting with her. Thank you again Tracy.
My reading with Tracy was such an amazing experience she was so spot on. It was over the phone and I was at my office due to the time and my schedule so I was wondering how it was going to go since this was my first reading with her. I've had readings before but holy smokes right from the begin she had me in awe. She helped me find clarity and I am forever grateful to her. Tracy is a very gifted person and I am looking forward to many more experiences with her :)
As an intuitive and medium myself, I spent quite a while in the selection process choosing a medium to read me. I take this process very seriously, and I wanted someone who exhibits professionalism, compassion and true authenticity as a medium. I intuitively choose T.L. after reviewing many certified mediums, and I am certain I made the right choice. Her intuitive insight was amazingly accurate, providing much needed objective guidance. She is truly gifted! Thank you, T.L.!
I Just had my first reading with Tracy Lee Nash , it was an amazing experience. I had lost my brother over a year ago and just needed to feel he was close to me and watching over me on the other side.During our reading my brother came through . Tracy gave me specific names,numbers and was spot on about everything. I have no doubt in my mind that was my brother communicating with her. Thank you Tracy for your reading, it has helped me tremendously in dealing with the loss of my brother.
TL went above and beyond to make a connection for me yesterday. She was very professional and thought provoking. I would definitely recommend her and will be back in a few months for another reading. Thank you, Tracy Lee, for your time, effort, and kindness. I so appreciated your follow up email and the additional information you included. You are truly amazing!
Tracy was very helpful and professional. She was accurate, and detailed. She cares about her clients. She gave more than expected. She is genuine and authentic. I would recommend her to any one.
I just want to say how much Tracy has helped me and my family. This is the first time I've ever spoke to or needed a medium and she was so accurate with all the information that was given to me. I'm am so fortunate to have met her. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
After My fiancée lost her mother tragically and unexpectedly, I searched for a way that might help her overcome her grief and find some peace with what had happened. The results of her session were nothing short of astounding. My Fiancée was given extremely accurate information, right down to names, dates, and other information that NO ONE ELSE could have known. Tracy even addressed some things that had been on MY mind regarding my Fiancée’s Mothers passing that I had never verbalized,
Tracy has helped to begin to heal my heart. I am so very thankful that she shares her gift with others. After losing my little sister, I thought that I was also losing my mind, I feel so much better and more at peace after talking with Tracy.
T.L.'s kindness and sincerity shines though. You could tell that she truly wants to help one through his or her grief over the loss of a loved one. I was pretty amazed when she brought up blue trumpets (flowers). I had stopped and looked at some just hours before our conversation. Thanks for your heart of gold, T.L.!
I can't say anything but "Wow!" Our son died suddenly 4 months ago and we were all devastated, as well as leaving all of us with so many questions. As a mom I can honestly say Tracy saved my life with answers we needed. She knew so much about my son and his experience. My skeptic husband had a reading with her a couple months later and is now one of her biggest fans. She is amazing. My sister and I are going to see her again this month. She left my heart and soul feeling so much better!
I had a wonderful session with Ms Nash from which I gained very valuable insight. She told me several things my guides had already told me without having known so beforehand. I'm a very intuitive person myself, and I could strongly feel her warm & nurturing spirit. Her guidance and information came from an energy of love, skill, honesty, experience, and a genuine desire to help. I could feel that she is passionate about her work and goes about it with integrity and love. Thank you Ms Nash!
I came to Tracy for a school project (which she volunteered her time for FREE) and my experience turned out to be more than I could have ever expected. I've always been a bit skeptical about these kinds of things but her reading was so dead on, so accurate, that she has me questioning my own set of beliefs (in a good way). I've never been to any other intuitive but I think she's probably one of the better ones. Plus she gave me plenty to write about for my school project. Thank you Tracy!
I had a 15 minute reading, but Tl's next appt. cancelled. So she gave me a 45 minutes for the 15 minute price! It took a minute or two to tune in, but once that happened she channeled both my parents and my father in law with the most accuracy and I've ever heard! There were huge messages,events & dates that she couldn't possibly have known about.She told me to check out a date that didn't make sense at first. But I found out it was my fathers Birthday who passed 46 yrs ago . Thank You so much!
I just had my first reading with TL and I am blown away by her accuracy and warmth. It was like talking to an old friend. She validated information from a loved one that I had also received from another medium. She even went into more depth about this person which only confirmed for me that she definitely had the right person. I can't wait to gift a reading by her to my Mom. Thanks Tracy for letting me know I am on the right path! I'll be back for a birthday reading:-) Thank you!
My husband and I went to see Tracy Nash after losing a child. She was the first medium we have ever visited. We found her thoughts very helpful and very accurate. Connecting with our loved ones was an amazing experience and it is helping us finally find some peace. Tracy is a special person with an amazing gift she shares!
I had a session yesterday with Tracy and she was spot on about almost everything and knew things about my family that no one knows and are not found on the internet. I was so thankful that she was able to connect with my recently passed son and also other family members who died years ago. I didn't doubt her for a second because I could hear the sincerity and compassion in her voice. Thank you Tracy.
I had my first session done yesterday. I really left the session feeling connected with my loved one who has recently passed. There was a lot of what she said that I completely connected with and understood. I'm so thankful for the time I had.
I called TL out of the blue and received the most amazing reading. Everything she said rang true and I can not thank her enough for the insights that she provided. She gave me a list of things that I needed to work on and again she was spot on. My heart felt gratitude for taking the time to work with me and for her caring and compassionate outlook. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. This truly was a life changing experience.
TL is the real deal. She is SO spot on it's almost unnerving. I didn't go to her for any reason in particular, just curious... and I didn't tell her anything about myself, but by the time we were finished I felt she knew more about me than some of my best friends! She is so caring and warm! It's easy to see how TL is able to help someone who is lost or in mourning. TL has a gift that she generously shares, and by reading the testimonials I see how many people she has comforted. Believe them all!


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