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Sylvia Buck has been gifted since birth as a Direct Channel Clairvoyant with Remote Viewing ability. Sylvia holds her Doctorate Degree in Law, in addition to being an anchor Clairvoyant the last 18 years as a founding member of KEEN.COM the largest national and international psychic network offering immediate phone readings to clients across the globe!

As a Direct Channel, she does NOT work with Spirit Guides, but rather channels messages directly from God and the Archangels for her clients. Additionally, she is gifted in the following areas as well. Medical Intuitive-(ability to see medical issues with clients or family members of clients, even when unknown to my client and able to correctly assess what doctors are not finding), Remote Viewing-(able to see and report from great distances what others are doing, "cheating spouses", wearing, see where lost objects, people or pets are etc.), Clairaudient-(hearing psychic messages from other realms), Empath-(the ability to "get into another person's skin" to feel everything they are or what animals are feeling and report this to you), Animal Intuitive-(able to see illness with your pets, report on their emotional state etc.) Sylvia is well educated with a law degree (lawyer), but prefers her work as a clairvoyant and has specialized training to perform home cleansings for removal of negative spirits and ghosts. Sylvia DOES NOT GIVE "GENERAL READINGS" Please have your questions ready, as she is lightening quick with very detailed answers!

*SYLVIA IS HIGHLY GIFTED WITH ACCURATE TIMEFRAMES FOR EVENTS TO HAPPEN: Serious relationship timeframes, pregnancy conception timeframes, marriage proposal timeframes, college acceptance timeframes, job proposal timeframes ETC.

(A message directly from Sylvia for her future clients)

I am a Christian, and my readings reflect this, but I respect ALL faiths.

"I am humble and pray daily prior to my readings with clients. **I ONLY GIVE CREDIT TO GOD FOR MY GIFTS AND MESSAGES**, THEY DO NOT COME FROM ME PERSONALLY!!, they are channeled through me from God for your highest good on your life path and blueprint here on Earth."

I look forward to helping you and will compassionately help ALL who seek THE TRUTH and messages from God for their highest good.

*** I DO NOT GIVE CANDY COATED READINGS!! YOU WILL ONLY HAVE "THE TRUTH" FROM ME*** Please DO NOT contact me for a reading if you only wish to be told what you want to hear. I am NOT that sort of psychic reader.

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Sylvia has been giving prophetic clairvoyant readings for over 30 years now with many satisfied repeat clients, both Nationally and Internationally. At age 3, Sylvia had a near death drowning experience as a young child, that dramatically increased her intuitive abilities. She is committed to her work as a Prophetic and Spiritual guide to others and is devoted to helping others through use of her unique set of gifts. Sylvia believes in the cycle of giving and volunteers in her community and church to help others in need and has a compassionate heart for those less fortunate. Sylvia is educated to be an attorney and also has been offered opportunities for Hollywood fame and fortune working on the set of Reality TV, but has chosen to be of direct day to day service to her clients, waiting for the right opportunity to share spiritual knowledge for the highest good, as God guides her. In her free time, Sylvia enjoys volunteering at her church, in her community, and spending time with her family and grandchildren.

Please have your specific questions ready for her, as she Channels information rapidly and the answers are detailed with TIMEFRAMES for events to happen being her specialty. Please leave space to write down the answers Sylvia gives you as she is channeling for your messages from God, that way you are able to refer back to your reading to check as details come about for you.
**You are welcome to record your reading with Sylvia**

Listed since: Sep 15, 2016


Sylvia Buck provided me a reading back in early March and told me that the love of my life would contact me in 4 weeks—she did, April 3. Sylvia is precise in her readings and does not hesitate. She is fast, so I recommend that you have your questions ready. Moreover, as opposed to many other psychics, she remembers your past reading—impressive! Give Sylvia a call if you are in search of a true and professional psychic. Ricardo Herrera
Sylvia Buck brings new meaning to the term professional...every time I speak to her she calls on time, listens to my problems, gives great advice and tells me the unvarnished truth the way she sees it. I always feel like I am talking to someone who is a complete polished pro. She is very accurate and remembers her clients from reading to reading which is very impressive. You cannot go wrong with a reading from Sylvia! I always look forward to my readings with her!!!
I contacted Sylvia two months ago because I have on-going health issues with chronic fatigue and other neurological and cardiovascular symptoms. After two years of going doctor to doctor, I was becoming hopeless. Nobody could explain what was wrong with me until I spoke with Sylvia who told me that I should get tested for Lyme. And so I did and guess what, she was right! I tested positive for Bartonella and will be going forward with treatment shortly. I want to thank her so much.
Sylvia is my lifeline she has helped me through the most difficult time in my life and continues to help guide me through the obstacles and questions I encounter. I called her today in a panic and it took her 30 seconds to calm me down and bring me back to reality. She has a special place in my heart and I believe is an earth angel.
Sylvia first read for me in December 2019, when I tell you I was at my worst and hit rock bottom, Sylvia was the light in my darkness. I’ve struggled with my faith, and she was able to see things without my saying a word. God only has a few angels on this earth as humans, and Sylvia is one of them. She has helped me and giving me insight and several of the things that she predicted have already come to pass. God bless you Sylvia for all that you do!
Back in 2013 Sylvia read for me when I was going through an extremely difficult divorce and bad situation in my life, she turned out to be spot on in terms of the characters of those involved, later confirmed by a third party . Her advice and the outcome panned out and even her prediction of my future partner that would come a year after was just as predicted. I looked everywhere to find her again to read for me now- I had only remembered her initials and am so happy as She is truly gifted!
I had the most wonderful 1st reading with Sylvia yesterday. If you want a reader who is kind, compassionate and truthful, please call her. I felt like she truly wanted to give me an honest reading in order to help me in any way she could with decisions in my life. She is very easy to talk to and is very understanding. I am looking forward to talking to her on a regular basis!
I stumbled across Sylvia and had several readings now. She has been very easy to contact and prompt in contact. I truly believe in her abilities and have faith in what she sees. Her demeanor and conduct are professional yet personable. This makes it easy to receive her messages and her calming energy. Very helpful for me indeed.
I had my first reading with Sylvia about a month ago for medical problems that I have been dealing with for years. I have talked to intuitives in the past, one in particular who was very helpful, but she retired :( I have never spoken to anyone who is as cut and dry as Sylvia. But she's also very caring and compassionate- which is super refreshing! Her answers are very clear with no interpretation need. She is awesome and I will definitely have more readings in the future.
I called Sylvia with my daughter, the reading was for her. She has struggled with health and has seen many doctors, I felt at my wits end for what to do next for her. Sylvia gave my daughter what she needed to move forward and I'm happy to say she is feeling much better. Sylvia was direct and compassionate. She was able to help my daughter in several areas, I am very grateful for her!
Sylvia Buck is AMAZING. She gives a TON of information and very quickly. I was blown away by how much she knew!! I was nervous about a decision I needed to make and she made it so crystal clear that I truly had an "ah-ha" moment!! She told me how to empower myself and explained the mistakes I made so succinctly that I laughed out loud. She knew things about me that I was unwilling to admit to myself- I will DEFINITELY call again. I feel so empowered! THANK YOU SYLVIA!!
Sylvia is truly gifted and sent by God! She is very accurate in her abilities and also very compassion. By far, Sylvia is the best, hands down!!!!
Sylvia's insight father and daughter was completely accurate! I would definitely recommend her services and will use her again should any further questions arise.
I had a reading with Sylvia yesterday and was blown away. She told me verbatim what my ex had sent me in a text message. That was a first. I have been suffering from major anxiety since my breakup and after speaking with Sylvia, I was immediately put at ease. Not only will I schedule with Sylvia again for a follow up next year but I will highly recommend her to everyone I know. Thank you Sylvia for your sharing your gift with me. I am looking forward to my next reading.
I've had two readings with Sylvia. The first has proven to be very accurate. The second was more of a "lets find out if I'm taking the right path". Seems to be true thus far! There's a couple items that are in the future and yet to be known. Looking forward to these!!
She is very acurate, it doesnt matter if its good or bad she will always be honest with you no matter what and takes her relationships with her clients very seriously and genuinely cares about them.
Sylvia is kind and compassionate very detailed and accurate with time frames Nanes and places God gifted she's a must call if you are unsure about what to do in your life and you need direction Sylvia will help lead you on the correct path I know she did for me
I have been reading with Sylvia for years. She has been spot on accurate with me If you want and need the truth give Sylvia a call,she is the bomb, give her a call

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