Devi Jade M

Devi Jade M
Devi Jade M


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San Diego


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150.00 min

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801 884 9889


MYSTIC/Energy Healer/Shaman, Divine Channeler. Medium/Psychic. Pet Psychic/Animal Healer. As a Mystic, my purpose is to Heal and give divine messages to all who find me. My life purpose is to heal, teach, break DNA patterns, heal animals, clear land, heal the environment and most of all, give the Divine messages that are channeled through me as their messenger from our Deities, Goddesses, Gods, All Holy Angels, Ascended Masters, Ancestors, your Loved ones who have passed over. I have been blessed with Sacred Holy White Fire by Mother Mary and have had the great gift of healing those who have been diagnosed with COVID-19. I do intense prayer work and have witnessed and the miracle of clients coming out of comas, dying of liver disease and other physical or mental traumas.
All of these gifts are Sacred and I humbly share them so you may heal. This great Devotion of Healing Power given to me in this is always done in Honor of whom have blessed me.
The the gifts of shamanism Is to help past trauma. You will change dramatically when there is shifting of your DNA paradigms. This is done with you being fully awake and aware so you will feel safe. I am a Native American Medicine Woman and it is my calling to heal all who come.
I will assist with your true *Career Paths, *Physical *Mental, and *Emotional health during your sessions
You can request *Mediumship, *Psychic Readings, *Quantum Physics Neurological Progression sessions, *EFT/Tapping, *PTSD healing of any kind, *Pet Healing/Readings, *Relationship Healing, *Clearing Of Negative Energies, *Paranormal Clearings/House Clearings/Land/Buildings, *House blessings.
*I am a Licensed Reverend. Traditional weddings, Celtic traditional, Hand fasting

*Healing Pipe Ceremonies are Sacred and only done in traditional Lakota Sioux ceremonial ways.
As I Am A Healer/Shaman/Medicine Woman for the Native American Lakota Sioux I have been Asked to Serve by the Elders. This is a great responsibility and I accepted this with Dignity and Humility.

*I have accepted the responsibility through his Holiness the Dalai Lama and Grand Master Yogis to receive the bodhisattva Path.

It is forever my calling to serve all People, Animals, All Sea life, Water, Birds, Trees, Land, Insects, Reptiles


Blessed Be

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Jade Moser - Devi Jade Moser
Purifying Your Spirit (group)


Listed since: Apr 30, 2008


Jade was prompt with all communication and very insightful. She was able to address my concerns and let me know what the best way would be to help my daughter. She was just what I was needing.
I have known Jade since 2008, and have had several readings from her. She is the real thing, no doubt about it. She assisted me when I lost loved ones in death, with business decisions, and with any othet questions I had about anything else. She was always professional and had great insight that you don.'t always see with a reader.
Jade is phenomenal. Seriously one of my favorite people. She is so intuitive and her guidance has never steered me wrong. She is incredibly gifted and receives the most divine, uplifting messages for your soul. She is always spot on with any issue or question you have. You will not regret a session with her, I look forward to my readings with her because I leave spiritually uplifted and enlightened.
Jade is one of the most incredible people I know. I have had several readings with her and whenever I do I leave feeling so spiritually uplifted and with a sense that I can conquer anything. She has so accurately predicted events and situations in my life that every time they come true my jaw just drops!! The messages she receives are truly divine and incredible. Jade has also healed many aspects of my life on MANY levels. She strengthens you and offers an incredible perspective. She is AMAZING.
Feel we had a wonderful reading on Monday. I'm still meditating and trying to wrap my brain around a few of the details of the reading. Otherwise, I feel like everything was wonderful. Hope it all unfolds and transpires. Life is awesome. Hugs. Sheila

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