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Are there schools for psychics and mediums?

by Bob Olson, Best Psychic Directory founder & author of Answers About The Afterlife.

Mediumship (spirit communication) isn’t being taught at Stanford, Yale, or Harvard, at least not yet. However, the Arthur Findlay College in Stansted, England, focuses its curriculum on psychic and mediumistic development. And more and more psychics and mediums are traveling there for a week or two at a time.

Does a week or two at the Arthur Findlay College make an excellent psychic or medium? No, not in itself, but it shows that the psychic or medium who goes there is doing what she can to improve her ability. So it’s a sign that she is serious about improving her ability if that psychic or medium has made the investment in herself, which isn’t just the tuition but also the travel expenses and time required.

Second, there are dozens of psychics and mediums who offer instruction for psychic and mediumistic development. Most of these classes are for beginners, but a few offer more advanced development classes. Of course, it’s important to note that just because someone is a good psychic or medium doesn’t necessarily mean they are a good teacher. While some of these instructors are surely talented teachers too, some psychics and mediums are not.

I’m impressed when a psychic or medium invests in a program of some sort in order to improve his or her ability. To me, it’s evidence that this psychic or medium is doing what he can to give better readings. But then it’s also important to me to know who is behind the organization offering the program and/or who is teaching it. In my mind, if it’s a reputable organization and a reputable teacher to boot, it adds credibility to that psychic or medium’s résumé. Yet on the other hand, when I see a psychic or medium who has trained with a teacher who I know needs training herself, that reflects poorly upon my first impression of that psychic or medium.

Bob Olson is the founder of Best Psychic Directory, host of Afterlife TV & author of Answers About The Afterlife.

A former skeptic & private investigator, and the author of ANSWERS ABOUT THE AFTERLIFE: A PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR'S 15-YEAR RESEARCH UNLOCKS THE MYSTERIES OF LIFE AFTER DEATH, Bob Olson has been an Afterlife Investigator & Psychic Medium Researcher since 1999. In his search for evidence of life after death, Bob has tested hundreds of psychics, mediums & other afterlife-related practitioners. Bob is the host of AFTERLIFE TV, founder of BEST PSYCHIC DIRECTORY and BEST PSYCHIC MEDIUMS, and offers his PSYCHIC MEDIUM WORKSHOP to help psychics and mediums improve their abilities and business. Visit Bob on AFTERLIFE TV's FACEBOOK page & on TWITTER.