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Is there a code of ethics for psychics and mediums?

by Bob Olson, Best Psychic Directory founder & author of Answers About The Afterlife.

No, there is no code of ethics that governs all psychics or mediums and no board or governing agency that oversees psychics and mediums. There are laws that protect the public against fraud, which are usually governed by the state attorney general’s office, but these can differ from state to state.

Don’t be fooled by websites that have appointed themselves as a governing agency, association, or bureau in the psychic or medium field. There are no such organizations acting on behalf of the government or any consumer group, regardless of how official their website looks.

In most cases, such websites that present themselves with the image that they are a governing or overseeing board in this field are merely promotional venues for an individual psychic or medium to advertise themselves. The evidence of this is that you’ll notice one psychic or medium (often the owner of the site) is posted all over the site in order to promote his or her reading services. It fools a lot of people, which is why they do it. But now it won’t fool you.

Bob Olson is the founder of Best Psychic Directory, host of Afterlife TV & author of Answers About The Afterlife.

A former skeptic & private investigator, and the author of ANSWERS ABOUT THE AFTERLIFE: A PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR'S 15-YEAR RESEARCH UNLOCKS THE MYSTERIES OF LIFE AFTER DEATH, Bob Olson has been an Afterlife Investigator & Psychic Medium Researcher since 1999. In his search for evidence of life after death, Bob has tested hundreds of psychics, mediums & other afterlife-related practitioners. Bob is the host of AFTERLIFE TV, founder of BEST PSYCHIC DIRECTORY and BEST PSYCHIC MEDIUMS, and offers his PSYCHIC MEDIUM WORKSHOP to help psychics and mediums improve their abilities and business. Visit Bob on AFTERLIFE TV's FACEBOOK page & on TWITTER.