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15Mins=$88AUD & 30Mins=$111AUD

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+61 403 921 752


❤️MAX MANCER PSYCHIC READINGS Available NOW️❤️Via 1.Phone, 2.WhatsApp, 3.Skype(Audio Only), 4.Email.

30 Minute Psychic Reading = $111 AUD (ask as many questions as you want).
15 Minute Psychic Reading = $88 AUD (short reading 1 or 2 questions only).

Purchase a reading at then contact us via email.

Learn about your Future, Love, Finances and Travel. Questions answered. ๑✨๑ See Your Best Path Forward. Find out which path to take to get to the future that you want.

Max will give you direct and understandable messages that help you the most right now in your life.

Psychic Skills: Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Empathy, Direct Knowing, Prophecy.
Psychic Tools: Tarot Cards, Lenormand Cards, Astrology, Numerology.

Healings also available to resolve emotional stress.

**Psychic Readings Worldwide - available same day Via Email or On Skype(Audio Only) or Via Phone or Via WhatsApp.
Working from Australia. Max has many international clients.
**Please Note: The alternative to Skype is Google Meet. WE DO NOT USE ZOOM.
-We can only do Audio Only sessions on Skype at the moment. Video sessions are not available at the moment.


Max also offers spiritual healing sessions to help to heal emotional and physical illness and disease. The form of healing that Max does is called Light Axis Healing, which was developed by Max. Please view his great testimonials on his website. You can choose to receive the Healing On The Phone, On Skype(Audio Only) or Via Remote Healing. Phone Healings are only available to People in USA, Australia, Canada, UK and NZ. The best way to know more about the healing is to have one and see for yourself. He also does Reiki remotely.

If you want to receive the healing session via the Remote Healing Option, then this is only a 2 Hour Healing Session. So then please purchase the 2 Hour Healing. If you want to receive the healing On The Phone or On Skype, then Both the 1 hour and 2 Hour Healing options are available to you.

We recommend that you purchase the 2 Hour Healing Session because more healing can occur in that time. When you purchase a 2 Hour Healing Session, you will receive a Free Bonus 10 minute psychic reading that is done at the end of the healing, which is 3 questions only, and is optional. You will not receive a free bonus psychic reading when you purchase a 1 hour healing.

2 Hour Healing Session = $200 AUD (Recommended Time Length.)
1 Hour Healing Session = $150 AUD (short healing. No free bonus reading)

Purchase a healing at then contact us via email and supply your phone number in the email.

**Healing Sessions Worldwide Via Skype(Audio Only) or Via Remote Healing or Via Phone.

Max Mancer Psychic Readings - Clairvoyant Psychic Tarot Readings and Spiritual Healing – Same day sessions.

*** PLEASE NOTE: Don't purchase a session for someone else, without asking Max first, as he may or may not be able to do that. It depends on the situation.


Additional Information: 

If you want a phone psychic reading, Please Note:
PHONE PSYCHIC READINGS ARE ONLY AVAILABLE for people in the following countries:
1. Australia
2. USA
3. Canada
4. United Kingdom
5. New Zealand

If you are not in one of the above 5 countries, then you can receive a reading via Skype(Audio Only) or Via Email or Via WhatsApp

Please Note: The alternative to Skype is Google Meet. WE DO NOT USE ZOOM.
-We can only do Audio Only sessions on Skype at the moment. Video sessions are not available at the moment.

*** Email Readings and Skype(Audio Only) Readings and WhatsApp Phone Readings are available to people anywhere in the world.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐"*•.¸ ¸¸.•*¨*• ✨✨✨✨✨ •*¨*•.¸ ¸¸.•*"⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Max works from 7am-11pm Sydney Australia Time, 7 days a week, every day of the year, and on all public holidays. Max works from Sydney Australia. Max works with people from all over the world.

Max will be available to do your psychic reading or healing session for you within the following times:

*** For Australian Clients:
Max’s opening times are between 7am – 11pm Sydney Australia Time, 7 days a week.

*** For USA Clients:
Eastern Time (EST) = 7 days a week between 4pm-8am
Central Time (CST) = 7 days a week between 3pm-7am
Mountain Time (MST) = 7 days a week between 2pm-6am
Pacific Time (PST) = 7 days a week between 1pm-5am

*** If you are in the USA and you need a time outside Max’s normal work times, this can be arranged easily, and Max is happy to work around your schedule.

If you are in the USA and you want to call Max, please call:
From USA Cell Phone: +61403921752
From USA Land Line Phone: 011614921752
(Please Note Max is happy to call your cell phone or landline for your reading)

If you choose an email reading, then just purchase the reading and email the questions through and Max will do your reading as soon as possible. For a phone reading or Skype reading, Max will send you available times, and you will need to book in for the reading.

Please be aware that Max sleeps between 11PM - 7PM Sydney Australia Time. If you contact Max while he is asleep, he won’t be able to reply instantly. Please be patient. Max will call you or email you, as soon as he wakes up. It can help if you purchase and book in, a few days in advance of doing your session.

Max has Good Availability and can usually book you in on the day that you purchase or within the next 1-3 days of the purchase, if he is really busy on the day of the purchase.

You need to book in for your session in advance. If you want an instant session right now, you need to check if Max is available right now, by calling him on the phone, before you purchase, otherwise, he might be busy with a client, or asleep.

IF YOU WANT TO REACH MAX INSTANTLY OR QUICKLY, then just call him on the phone:
From Australia call: 0403921752
From Other Countries call: +61403921752
Otherwise if you are happy to wait longer for an email reply, just email Max at:

We apologize in advance for any delay between when you purchase and when Max contacts you. Please be patient and flexible when arranging your booking time. Also, please supply your phone number, email address and Skype name, when you email Max, so that he has the ability to contact you.

If you are an international client, please let Max know what city and country you are in, for Time Zone purposes, and Max will send you a list of his available times, in Your Time Zone Format, You will only receive available times in Your Time Zone Format.

MAX ONLY BOOKS PEOPLE IN AFTER THEY HAVE PURCHASED, so if you want to lock in a time, then please purchase a session first, and then email Max, and then he will send you a list of available times, and then you pick one, and then he will book you in, and send you a Booking Time Confirmation Email.

Listed since: Jun 28, 2016


Max is really good at focusing on the truth of what will happen in the future. The psychic readings that I have had with him, have been amazing.
I have been a regular client of Max's for over 2 years now. His readings are wonderful and they have helped me in many ways. I recommend that you have a psychic reading with Max.
I like going to Max for my psychic readings. The readings have helped me to understand other people’s decisions and actions more. It is interesting when I get some new information or when I get confirmation on what my intuition was telling me. I am pleased with Max's work and will come back to do more readings with him.
I have done a many healings with Max, and they have been wonderful. After each healing I feel really calm and relaxed and my body feels energized. His psychic readings are have also been beneficial to me. I recommend Max.
I am happy that I found Max. He is a great spiritual healer and psychic. I am in the USA and Max has done many healing sessions and psychic readings for me on the phone. He calls me on the phone for the sessions which I really appreciate. I feel lighter after each healing. Max is good at finding the core issues and releasing negative stuff from my consciousness. The improvements are palpable and real, which is a true testament to his ability to heal others.
Max is an exceptionally gifted healer. I did about seven 2 hour healing sessions with him recently. I have felt huge improvements in my energy and in my body. My work related anxiety is totally gone now. My sinus issues and feelings of malaise have also healed in a very short space of time, which is amazing. I recommend that you have a healing with Max.
The psychic reading was eye opening and very interesting. I did the reading with Max on the phone. The psychically perceived information that Max told me during the reading, was different to what I was expecting, and even though I felt a bit confronted by this new information, it definitely made a lot of sense. After the reading, the things Max had said in the reading, came true in real life. So I will be doing some more readings with Max in the near future.
Max has done many psychic readings for me over the past 6 months. The information that I have received in the readings, has been a valuable tool for me. Max is a gifted reader. I recommend Max.
Max is a wonderful psychic reader and healer. The psychic readings that Max has done for me, have helped me to see some life situations more clearly. The readings have brought hidden information to light, about a relationship in my life. This new information turned out to be true. I have also done some healing sessions with Max. The healings have helped to clear negative stuff, and to improve my energy. I always feel lighter and more relaxed after a healing with Max. I recommend Max.
I searched for help and I found MAX. I am so grateful for the support on my spiritual journey. A warmth so genuine. Max hears me. He’s a conduit to the spirit realm. His abilities to help and heal exceeds words. A teacher who is knowledgeable and wise. The healing has been very beneficial. I see a new future because of Max.
I am pleased that I decided to have a 30 minute psychic reading with Max. I chose the phone reading option. I am in the USA and I was happily surprised that Max does phone readings for people in the USA, given that he works from Sydney Australia. He called me for the reading. The reading was very accurate and useful.
I am really happy with the reading that I received from Max. He is a very talented reader. He answered all my questions. The reading has helped me to be calmer and have more clarity which has made some seemingly difficult decisions, a lot easier to make. I will definitely be having more readings with him in future.
I did the 30 minute psychic reading and thought it was great. The psychic information that came through was very uplifting and reassuring, so overall I am very pleased with the reading and with Max’s psychic abilities. I recommend Max.
I had a fantastic psychic reading with Max. He helped me to see a great future, and showed me the right pathway to take.
The psychic reading was very good. All the things that Max told me about the specific person I was asking about turned out to be true. I am glad that I listened to Max’s advice.
Max has done many healing sessions and psychic readings for me over the past 2 years. Max is a great healer. The healing sessions have helped me to clear my emotional stuff and helped me to have better boundaries. The psychic readings have been a great guidance tool as well. I recommend Max.
Max provided me with insightful and meaningful information in the psychic reading. This has shed some light on some current situations in my life. I recommend that you have a psychic reading with Max.
Some of the things that Max said in the readings, left me in awe at his ability to perceive things. The thing that I like about the readings is that they have helped me to approach my life and future with more enthusiasm and optimism.
I have had 3 phone psychic readings with Max, and they have all been wonderful. Max's kind nature is very comforting.
I believe that Max has the ability to see the truth of what is happening clearly, with his psychic insight. The psychic reading has helped me to understand my current situation in a better way. This, in turn, has helped me to make the right decisions, that will lead to me being happy and healthy. After listening to Max, it was easier for me to take some important actions in my life. I recommend Max.
The psychic reading with Max was very interesting. The answers that were presented from spirit, were pertinent to me right now and made a lot of sense to me. I am very happy with the reading.
I have enjoyed the phone readings that Max has done for me recently. Max received a lot of information from spirit, and some of this information has presented solutions to some situations that I am currently dealing with. You should do a reading with Max.
Max is a great psychic reader. His readings have given me clarity and have helped me to get confirmation on things that I was already feeling. I have found the readings to be especially useful when I ask questions about my relationships and new people that are entering my life.
I have had many psychic readings with Max over the past 4 years. I am astonished with the fact that many things that Max has said would happen, have actually happened for me. I feel that Max has a strong connection to spirit.
I was pleased with the phone reading that I had with Max. The reading has helped me to focus on the future pathways that are the most balanced and healthy for me, and has also helped me to avoid focusing on too many "wrong possibilities". It was a really good decision to get Max's psychic perspective.
Max is a very pleasant psychic reader to interact with. I decided to do a psychic reading with Max at the beginning of January 2020 to see how things will unfold over the whole year and new decade and I am very happy with the reading that I received. I highly recommend Max to anyone that is looking for a great reader.
I did some psychic readings with Max on the phone and they proved to be very good. I was surprised that the things that he said would happen actually came true and happened. If you are looking for a good psychic reader, then you should try Max.
Max is amazing. After doing many psychic readings and healing sessions with Max, it is clear to me that his psychic readings are accurate and genuine. More importantly, his readings have helped me to see a happy future. I initially connected with Max to have healing sessions, and I have good results in relation to my health. He is a great healer.
Max is a gifted psychic reader. The psychic readings have helped me to see the motives of a specific individual that I was asking about. It turned out that what Max told me about this person, turned out to be true, so it helped me to understand the situation, and helped me to move forward.
I did several psychic readings with Max, because I had reached a crossroads in my life. It was interesting to hear the spiritual information that came through in the readings. The readings have helped me to have a good perspective about my life and about my future.


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