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Australia 1800 090 280 or 1900 9 52515 , USA 1844 678 1830 other countries please see my website


Providing top quality Psychic Readings for Australia, NZ, USA, Canada, UK, and other countries upon request.


See her top reviews on Google and on the USA instant click 4 advisor reading buttons. An incredibly strong empath and True Spiritual channel who connects instantly means you are fast assured of a legitimate, highly gifted reader.

A Top-Level Professional Psychic/Medical Intuitive with a finely tuned, natural flow in her abilities. Debs has very quickly established a solid Reputation Internationally for proven specific accuracy in evidential readings. Empowering readings with all of the Clair-senses, remote viewing, clear, honest answers & relevant key information. 

Pure Psychic energy recognition is the most efficient and true form of reading, it is a highly evolved form of reading, which offers insight that is above and beyond client's expectations.
It requires no tools, no prior knowledge of the client, it is clear, accurate and specific. Spirit/higher consciousness guides Debs with this process, therefore giving accurate descriptions, emotional, mental, physical and Spiritual, and the ability to guide you onto your highest and best path! We can identify patterns that hold you back, link them to life events and release these blocks from the past, offer a new perspective, and heal you to move forward with confidence! This is a validating true Spiritual/psychic experience.


* Specific answers
* No New Age Generic type of advice
* Debs fills the gaps (for example when other readers deflect by saying "it's up to the Universe"
she is given tools and answers that actually resonate with the client for their highest good)
* Use of all clair-senses
* Recognition of your own emotions, past present
* Recognition of others intentions, emotions, past present and potential future
* Guidance on how to create a better potential future
* Strong Spiritual connection
* Energetic connections to others
* Past life connections to present situations and how to heal those
* Tracking of energy within the body, which facilitates the body mind spirit connection, and
* Timeframes, outcomes, validation and factual evidence that the client can acknowledge

Spirit has taught Debs to develop an uncanny ability to read through the subconscious layers of clients as well, and Debs is currently studying under the guidance of Spirit and One Consciousness to further enhance her already wonderful medical intuitive abilities, to work alongside of transformational therapists.

PLEASE SEE REVIEWS FROM CLIENTS in the USA and Canada on click 4 advisor Instant reading service, and on here. I also have reviews on my NZ listing. Debs has an AMAZING ADVANCED FINE-TUNED AWARENESS, EXTRA STRONG IN A PURE NATURAL PSYCHIC CONNECTION.
Call Debs now on click 4 advisor or see her website to book directly.

Debs has been tested in her abilities by some of the world's leading psychic’s and psychic providers and has passed with gold medal ratings. Psychic testing ensures that you that you are being read by an experienced professional with an instant, true psychic and Spiritual connection.

Proudly screened and approved by BEST PSYCHIC DIRECTORY. With a very strong and pure connection to Spirit and the afterlife, and her caring and realistic approach, you will enjoy time well taken to talk to Debs......

No time wasting with lots of questions, all Debs requires is a first name and the insight begins right away.
You will find Debs to be highly defined, authentic, and wonderful to talk to. Positive, honest insight with an impressive depth of Spiritual knowledge and experience. Bringing balance and perspective into your world.

"Validation is a key factor, points of evident reference that the client relates to. This connection is made very quickly and once in place, we are also connected in Spiritually, and readings flow from there. I have complete confidence in my ability and what Spirit shows me, they have tested me many, many times, in order for me to become very fine tuned".

Her understanding of the world of Spirit and how it all works, and the ability to integrate this special spiritual energy into your life, means you will experience a truly accurate and relevant reading.

Additional Information: 

AUSTRALIA Psychic clairvoyant phone 1800 090 280 to book your readings at a fixed fee.

DEBS VALUES HER CLIENTS, AND HER LOVE FOR HELPING AND HEALING OTHERS BRINGS TO YOU, A DIVERSE PSYCHIC SKILL SET. Your reading will include different combinations of any of these. It is all directed by Spirit, as they give the guidance that is required, Debs just brings it through in a supportive, honest and no nonsense manner.

Spiritual Counselling  Medium-ship  Emotional healing Soul Reach/Retrieval  Automatic writing  Life Coaching Aura reading and insight  Clairvoyance  Psychic Vision Clair-audience  Clairsentience  Empathetic Energetic reading Heart Centered Balancing  Chakra healing  Validation of your journey, past, present and future  Soul Mate Connections Life LessonsHigher Awareness  Health and well-being energy psychic readings  Medical intuition  Near Death Experience Insight  PTSD insight  Life transitions Relationships  Psychometry Out of body experiences  Déjà vu Past Lives Empath Astral Travel Understanding the Higher Self  Arch Angels  And more…..

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Listed since: Mar 21, 2016


Deb’s amazing…there’s just no words. No airs and graces, calls a spade a spade & u can relax and be yourself. No explanation & she just gets it. She knows things that just aren’t possible if she wasn’t the real deal. It’s like she’s an invisible fly on the wall, knows exactly what you’re thinking and confirms what you’re going through. If you you’re a skeptic, Deb will eradicate that in 1 minute. Incredibly accurate but someone you could chill and have a drink with forgetting about her gift
10/10. She is extremely accurate with her insight, vision, and timeframes. She analyzes information without needing much information at all. Her readings are extremely consistent. She’s very nice and friendly. You must give her a go!
Debs has a truly amazing Spiritual connection. My time with her showed me her top level reading ability, and that she is the real McCoy. She connected with me and those on the other side very quickly, and gave me assurance from Spirit in such a way that I left her feeling uplifted,calm and back in the flow. The things she said about my life and how I have been feeling were accurate. She is so approachable, easy going and kind. This is one VERY GIFTED and talented lady!
A very gifted reader. Debs was really tuned in, very fast, and picked up on personal and emotional aspects to give understanding and insight about a confusing situation. A true Spiritual Counselor with a genuine psychic connection. Very kind and realistic. I will be calling again.
Absolutely amazing ! I’ve had several readings with her ! She’s connected to the PIQ and has picked up very detailed things about him .... Unfortunately it’s always been about the same thing but her prediction time has never changed ... will update at that point !
Hands down one of the best psychics I've been to! Im not sure about the close timeline, but, as far as predictions go and my past, she was 100% right on! She also has an added quality that other equally gifted psychics don't. She is able to see the emotions/ expressions from people that only we could know and have experienced. A VERY GIFTED lady!!
I was a skeptic and happened to watch a TV show about psychics so I came across Debs and phoned for more verification that this stuff is real. All I can say is WOW! I told her nothing and she immediately picked up on personal things and peoples names, she described what they looked like, what places I worked looked like and what was happening in my life, how I was feeling and heaps more! I am blown away! Awesome!
I am more than impressed with the accuracy and the huge amount of insight provided in my reading with Debs.She was bang on about health issues, accurately identifying the actual cause behind these, and so much more. Her Spiritual Connection was instant and proved to be true and her deep empathetic ability was unquestionable. She is legitimate, real, and an amazing reader. Thank you. Regards Ameilia
Fabulous!!! This woman is the real deal! Fast and detailed- and very easy to talk too. She reads your life like she has been living it!! So amazing and happy I called!! Thank you! I will definitely call again!
Debs is incredible, she is the BEST psychic I have ever spoken to, the only thing I can say is Debs is scary accurate, everything she has told me has come true EXACTLY as she has said it in EXACTLY the timeframe she gave me. Debs is the real deal!
My first ever reading and it was incredible. She picked up on so many energies around me and ultimately helped me decide on an answer to my situation. It was so in depth and she connected with a person that had passed away and came through with many messages. I’m still blown away and the reading has altered my life completely in a positive way. She was so easy to talk to and so kind. I can’t thank debs enough for helping me out and connecting with everyone I needed to connect with.
No time wasting, was very on point, she gave me very clear insight that made sense as well as a really descriptive reading. A++ for accuracy. It’s great to find a psychic of such high caliber .I highly recommend calling this lady. I will be calling her again, for sure. Thank you for all of your help Debs.
Debs is fantastic, really accurate and to the point. She is also a lovely lady so definitely contact her.
Just got off the phone from a reading with Debra, and I cannot emphasize enough how accurate and helpful it was. I didn't even have to provide her with any information, and she hit the nail on the head, everytime. I cannot recommend her enough. She is extremely connected to Spirit, helpful, easy to talk to, and comes from a warm safe place. You won't regret it, and I ain't just sayin' it! Bless you Debra, and thank you once again.
Debs reading was like a story of my life, guided me to a better understanding of things that have puzzled me for years and for the first time in a long time I felt validated, and that made me feel so good. I have recommended her to different people since my reading, and would never hesitate to contact her again. Thank you Debs, you truly have a gift.
I have never met Debra, but the things she came up with about the loss of my darling husband were amazing. I would highly recommend Debra to do a reading at any time. There was so many things we had talked about that Deb would not have known. She was spot on. It has given me a lot of inner peace. It is also helping know what I have to do now. If you are a skeptic don’t hesitate to contact Debra she told me things that even my skeptical family were amazed at.
I would like to say a massive Thankyou to Debs, she is Amazing. Deb's is the first psycic/medium that I truely felt connected to my family. I am so pleased that Debs connected to my uncle no one has ever managed to do this, she could describe him very well, it has made me feel so much closer to him. At a time in my life where everything is very uncertain I feel like a have a glimmer of hope by having this reading. I feel so privileged that I met Debs. I would definitely recommend her.
Wow, this lady has helped me a lot. Very direct and straight to the point and always spot on with her predictions. I couldn't be without her in times of stress and heartache. I value the time that I have spent asking for Debs to help me thru some very difficult issues, and I truly and honestly value her insights as they are always correct.
Debs did not use cards or anything like that for my reading. Straight away she started describing people and events in my life that no one knew about. She predicted accurately the death of an overseas girl friend, whom I thought was in perfect health, a relationship break-up, a move to another town, accurately describing it's surroundings and much more. I recommend Debs work to anyone who takes Spirit seriously. May her healing energy propel her to great success and recognition.
Debs is exceptionally accurate and wonderful to talk to as a reader. She has predicted an unusual situation for me and had his name, location and situation correct (and it was a foreign name at that!). She comes highly recommended and I will return to her time and time again. Some pyschics can be airy fairy but not Deb. She tunes in very quickly and is very clear in what she sees. One of the best.
This women is amazing had my first session with her & wow !!!! well on point with her readings recommend her services to anyone outstanding work Debs and thank you so much.
Wonderful insight into what is happening in my life currently and what will unfold in the future. Her ability is undeniable and real. I truly enjoyed her reading and kindness.
Deb is amazingly accurate and insightful. Instantly made a connection to me about my query, absolutely spot on! Her clarity and depth was so helpful in reassuring me and reflecting my own understanding back at me in a way that was helpful and full of guidance. One of the best readers I've ever encountered.
Debra is wonderful she was so accurate and gave me detailed information to help me in a kind and meaningful way. She is truely authentic and I look forward to her help again. I highly recommend her to anybody wanting an authentic psychic reading. Thanks Debra
Deb has been amazing, i have been and am still going through some personal trauma and the peace of mind she has given me through these readings are just incredible. Her accuracy continues to blow me away. She is a genuine, honest, amazing person. I have only known Deb for a little over a year but I feel like I have known her my whole life. She has this amazing connection with you. Deb is someone that if you are lucky to meet her, you will never forget her.
I had a phone reading with Debs after my cat went missing. She tuned in so quickly only knowing my name and my cat’s name, got straight to the point and never wasted any time. She instantly made me feel comfortable and was extremely reassuring in what she said, and of course my cat returned home just as she said he would! She gave me so much hope and comfort in a very stressful situation and I will never hesitate to recommend her to anyone or to get another reading done by her in the future
Deb has a very strong connection to spirit and it didn't take long at all for her to tune into myself and those around me. With messages flying through, Deb did well to communicate and pass these on with ease. I left my session feeling lighter with having clarity on a couple of situations as well as an understanding of my higher purpose. I wouldn't hesitate to have another reading with Deb and highly recommend her to others seeking guidance, clarity and connection.
I have returned to Debs for several readings as she has proven to be accurate, extremely accurate in fact. I like the way she gets to the bottom of what is going on, her readings have revealed things I never even realised, this has helped a lot with my own growth. She is the real deal and is very honest, and there is no judgement whatsoever. I shall continue to have readings from her, and recommend others do the same.
Deb was lovely to chat with and gave such positive details and suggestions to take with me and ponder on. I definitely suggest you get a reading from this lovely lady she is like a breathe of fresh air amongst the flowers.
I've been to quite a few psychics in my life and I would have to say that Debs is the most amazing one so far. She is highly accurate and so spot on, detailing certain events and scenarios very precisely!! She knew things about me that no one knew!! She is also very lovely and her ability to see what she does through an email reading without even meeting me is really quite astounding!! If you are after answers and insight and also future predictions, I highly recommend you see Debs. Xox


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