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Providing top quality Psychic Readings for Australia, NZ, USA, Canada, UK, and other countries upon request.


See her top reviews on Google and on the USA instant click 4 advisor reading buttons. An incredibly strong empath and True Spiritual channel who connects instantly means you are fast assured of a legitimate, highly gifted reader.

A Top-Level Professional Psychic/Medical Intuitive with a finely tuned, natural flow in her abilities. Debs has very quickly established a solid Reputation Internationally for proven specific accuracy in evidential readings. Empowering readings with all of the Clair-senses, remote viewing, clear, honest answers & relevant key information. 

Pure Psychic energy recognition is the most efficient and true form of reading, it is a highly evolved form of reading, which offers insight that is above and beyond client's expectations.
It requires no tools, no prior knowledge of the client, it is clear, accurate and specific. Spirit/higher consciousness guides Debs with this process, therefore giving accurate descriptions, emotional, mental, physical and Spiritual, and the ability to guide you onto your highest and best path! We can identify patterns that hold you back, link them to life events and release these blocks from the past, offer a new perspective, and heal you to move forward with confidence! This is a validating true Spiritual/psychic experience.


* Specific answers
* No New Age Generic type of advice
* Debs fills the gaps (for example when other readers deflect by saying "it's up to the Universe"
she is given tools and answers that actually resonate with the client for their highest good)
* Use of all clair-senses
* Recognition of your own emotions, past present
* Recognition of others intentions, emotions, past present and potential future
* Guidance on how to create a better potential future
* Strong Spiritual connection
* Energetic connections to others
* Past life connections to present situations and how to heal those
* Tracking of energy within the body, which facilitates the body mind spirit connection, and
* Timeframes, outcomes, validation and factual evidence that the client can acknowledge

Spirit has taught Debs to develop an uncanny ability to read through the subconscious layers of clients as well, and Debs is currently studying under the guidance of Spirit and One Consciousness to further enhance her already wonderful medical intuitive abilities, to work alongside of transformational therapists.

PLEASE SEE REVIEWS FROM CLIENTS in the USA and Canada on click 4 advisor Instant reading service, and on here. I also have reviews on my NZ listing. Debs has an AMAZING ADVANCED FINE-TUNED AWARENESS, EXTRA STRONG IN A PURE NATURAL PSYCHIC CONNECTION.
Call Debs now on click 4 advisor or see her website to book directly.

Debs has been tested in her abilities by some of the world's leading psychic’s and psychic providers and has passed with gold medal ratings. Psychic testing ensures that you that you are being read by an experienced professional with an instant, true psychic and Spiritual connection.

Proudly screened and approved by BEST PSYCHIC DIRECTORY. With a very strong and pure connection to Spirit and the afterlife, and her caring and realistic approach, you will enjoy time well taken to talk to Debs......

No time wasting with lots of questions, all Debs requires is a first name and the insight begins right away.
You will find Debs to be highly defined, authentic, and wonderful to talk to. Positive, honest insight with an impressive depth of Spiritual knowledge and experience. Bringing balance and perspective into your world.

"Validation is a key factor, points of evident reference that the client relates to. This connection is made very quickly and once in place, we are also connected in Spiritually, and readings flow from there. I have complete confidence in my ability and what Spirit shows me, they have tested me many, many times, in order for me to become very fine tuned".

Her understanding of the world of Spirit and how it all works, and the ability to integrate this special spiritual energy into your life, means you will experience a truly accurate and relevant reading.

Additional Information: 

AUSTRALIA Psychic clairvoyant phone 1800 090 280 to book your readings at a fixed fee.

DEBS VALUES HER CLIENTS, AND HER LOVE FOR HELPING AND HEALING OTHERS BRINGS TO YOU, A DIVERSE PSYCHIC SKILL SET. Your reading will include different combinations of any of these. It is all directed by Spirit, as they give the guidance that is required, Debs just brings it through in a supportive, honest and no nonsense manner.

Spiritual Counselling  Medium-ship  Emotional healing Soul Reach/Retrieval  Automatic writing  Life Coaching Aura reading and insight  Clairvoyance  Psychic Vision Clair-audience  Clairsentience  Empathetic Energetic reading Heart Centered Balancing  Chakra healing  Validation of your journey, past, present and future  Soul Mate Connections Life LessonsHigher Awareness  Health and well-being energy psychic readings  Medical intuition  Near Death Experience Insight  PTSD insight  Life transitions Relationships  Psychometry Out of body experiences  Déjà vu Past Lives Empath Astral Travel Understanding the Higher Self  Arch Angels  And more…..

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Listed since: Mar 21, 2016


I had 4 minutes going into the reading. Although I added extra money for a longer call, Keen service didn't take it and the call ended in 4 minutes. But, in that short time Debra got the messages through and clarified all my doubts. I knew she ws a fast reader. But getting cut off sooner than I thought but still having all my questions answered was an expereince that showed me again what an ethical reader Debra is. Thank you, Debra! Next time I will add money and THEN call.
I was drawn to do a session with Deb Sinclair after reading about her diverse intuitive gifts. She is an absolute gem who treats her clients with love, respect and gets deep answers right at the onset of the reading. She pinpointed things about me, my life and what I have been going through without me saying anything. She grasped the whole picture and very clearly depicted things that will happen . She comes from a light filled loving place and is very accurate.
I am a repeat customer of Debra Sinclair and I am so VERY happy that I found her. I said this before, but I must say it again, she is my "Go To" psychic reader. Deb is very talented with her intuitive gifts. How wonderful of her to share her talent with us. Please, gift yourself with a very informative, guiding, and clarity-filled psychic reading. Deb was able to guide and direct me to make life changing decisions. Thank you Deb, and I send you love and blessings!!
Debra is remarkable. I have had many readers read for me and my experience with Debra was incredible. It was very informative, answered all my questions, and very healing. I definitely came away from my reading with strong answers, direction and guidance. I now definitely see Debra as my "Go to" reader and know that I have a great resource to help me with clarity. I thank Debra for sharing her gift. A reading with her would be a gift to yourself!!6ysm5
Deb is amazing! I’ve had 3 readings with her so far & she is insanely accurate. She’s patient & kind & is very thorough. I can’t wait to read with her again in the future!
Debs is an advanced psychic reader in a league of her own, so on point , her accuracy is incredible and she has a unique ability to identify your emotional state as well as what is blocking you and then helps you to heal though consciousness with a higher Spiritual understanding and awareness. Spectacular! I cannot recommend her enough!
She is an amazing reader. I have called her many times now over the last year and she has been very supportive and encouraging. She tells you exactly what she sees and feels and doesn't sugar coat anything. I will continue to call her when I have an issue or need clarity on situations. One of the best!
she told me more in 10 minutes that I had no other questions to ask - described everything about me and with my SO to a T Debra is very gifted and very talented and I will so go back to her thank you Debra
Debs reading was incredible! The finest specific details she covered off amazingly, and her ability to accurately describe situations, environments, and pick up on the inner most aspects of people is second to none. I have recommended her to many people. Shes the best!
I've consulted with Debs twice. Really insightful. I am super sensitive, so I need to do a lot of energy work to keep my balance. She tunes in to the type of work I am doing and helps me see some of the tweaks I need to make to optimize the situation. Very grateful that I can touch base with her. I will definitely be calling her again.
I'm just off the phone after a reading with Debra and I am so impressed! Her readings are as if she has experienced what you are going through herself. The smallest detail she can pick up on with accuracy. She is so relateable, humble and down to earth. I do recommend calling her, she is a true Spiritual psychic!!!
I have had several readings with Debs and I keep returning because she is so accurate and very detailed in what she sees and says. Her chanelling is second to none, and her reading manner is so natural and relaxed. The things she comes out with are the proof you need to now she is the real deal. . She has a soothing healing ability where you get off the phone just feeling better within yourself. I cannot recommend her enough and have told many eople about her.
Debs has an amazing ability to pick up on what you are feeling, and then provides accurate insight into the why's and how's. Her accuracy, compassion, and Spiritual knowledge is second to none. I do recommend a reading with her, you will be so pleased that you did!
This lady has helped me through so much! Her accurate predictions, her amazing empathetic and psychic insight and messages from the other side have brought comfort, healing, and has given me an awareness about myself which has empowered me in my decision making moving forth. She is remarkable and kind. A truly caring and gifted individual.
Debs is extraordinary! She read my situation so vividly which helped tremendously! From that I was able to resolve a deep internal conflict and felt a shift back into the driver seat! This was not my first time speaking with her and I''ve come back because in every previous reading, she has been consistently, amazingly accurate with regard to tuning into the energy of various issues! On top of all of that, she is an absolute joy! Thank you so very much rock!!!:):):)
I first contacted Debs Sept 2008 in a state of panic of unemployment having been rejected after interviews. Debs saw me getting a contract on the 3rd week of Oct. I felt a doubtful as I hadn’t applied anywhere new & it takes at least 4 wks start anywhere. On the 3rd week of Oct I received an unexpected phone call from my old boss asking for an immediate start. Another time Debs predicted my lover would appear at my door 3 days later with a bag of food - he turned up with chicken snitzel :)
My reading with Deb was so on point, she was so incredibly specific with detail and descriptions. Her Spiritual guidance is second to none. It is so refreshing to find a reader of such clarity. If you are feeling stuck, or lost call her! It feels like you have known her for ever, she is so relaxed and real, so genuine in her abilities. I super recommend this lady!
Amazing! I have had 2 readings with her and one of her predictions have already come true. She’s great easy to talk to and was tuned in to the situation. I will be calling her again.
How great it is to get affirmation for the decisions you make and the rational behind it. It is quite empowering to know that your instincts are guiding you on the right path when someone like Debs confirms the outcome leads to success in reaching your goals, dreams and wishes. Knowing you will be okay at the end is soothing. Have been occasionally seeking guidance from Debs for the past 2 years and looking back now, it's just awesome to know she was right all along even if I hoped she was not.
BY FAR the best intuitive I've found! Debra described my situation in great detail and confirmed much of what I had been suspecting. She conveyed compassion and empathy throughout the call. I'll definitely be back in future!
Debs is amazing!! I just had my second reading with her because everything she saw happening over the last nine months came to fruition! She shares DETAILED information about you fast and is completely accurate! She is simply fascinating! Talking to Debs is incredible and so full of positivity and reality. I can’t wait for her recent visions to come to light in my life. All indications are that I am clearly headed that way!! Debs is the real deal!!!
Debra is a delightful lady to talk to with such accuracies in here reading. There is no card, no time wasted, she starts spitting information likes she right in front of you. There was one time, she stated a situation of my ex going to break his sobriety.. maybe a week before it actually happened. I had put it in the back of my mind... guess what it happened. Of course, I could go on and on about her prediction, which have all came into fruition. She’s my go to person, no other person like her.
Wow Debs you are truly AMAZING, gifted beyond my words can explain. Debs comes Highly Recommended and I can see why! For the last 2 years I have had readings from Debs, she is my go too to call if you need 100% accurate reading Every Time, her instant ability to read emotions, others feelings, events, and predictions are mind blowing. Debs cares with depth and is a very passionate reader. I cant thank you enough Debs. You are the truly amazing and very gifted. Highly Recommend to all!
Deb was so kind and helpful. She immediately tuned into my situation and was able to help me sort things out. She was very accurate with her reading and gave me a lot insight and comfort during a really difficult time. I would recommend her to anyone.
Outstanding! Debs has an ability to pick up inner most feelings, promoting healing and understanding. She is very thorough, very real, and amazingly accurate. She is what I consider the best reader I have come across. If you are stuck in life, I strongly suggest calling Debs, she is truly awesome!
I have chosen Debs as my preferred psychic reader because she adds a very amazing dimension to her readings whereas she experiences what you are going through and gives advice for this from from a higher Spiritual perspective. I have not come across this ability in any other reader. I truly recommend her as an amazing and clear reader.
I am so pleased that I have found Debs as a reader. The amount of detail and accuracy she presented in my reading was simply amazing. A true and gifted woman.
She was great she answered everything without me saying a word i just listened and ahe was very nice i highly recomend her 4
The information Deb channels immediately leaves you in no doubt she is the real deal - things she couldn't possibly have known, she presented. I have found her readings to be very useful for helping me to focus and not worry so much. I thoroughly recommend her to friends and family, and to anyone wanting some insights and guidance. She truly has an extraordinary gift, one that we are lucky to benefit from.
She is amazing... very true and spot on. Will tell you as is, but she's very gentle and kind. She was right about every detail of my situation and quickly was able to give me lots of information. I will definitely talk to her again.


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