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Jill Beiler
Jill Beiler


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$100/ hour, $60 1/2 hour

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602-448-2069 or text me at this number


Jill Beiler is a psychic medium, energy healer, spiritual advisor, numerologist, & children's author on raising intuitive children. Jill has a new book out called SEEING THROUGH THE EYES OF A CHILD on Amazon, Target, Barnes & Noble, Kobol, & Walmart.

Jill has SINGING GUIDES that often sing her a song for her clients & within that song is a VERY DEEP & PROFOUND MESSAGE that is meant to be life changing for her clients.

Jill helps clients heal from grief, illnesses, and relationships by going to the core of the issue or problem & releasing that energy.

This release helps clients transform into the person necessary for them to full fill their life purpose.

Jill channels Spirit, Angels, and spiritual Guides in order to guide others to the path of intuitive development, personal power, awareness, and healing.

Whether your goal is to find true love, achieve outbreak financial success, foster your psychic abilities, or attain holistic healing from a traumatic event in your life; Jill offers private readings, group sessions and a series of workshops tailored to assist you.

Jibing With Jill: Jill has a way of making you feel at ease as though you have known her for a long time even if you are a stranger. She also doesn't rush the session even if your time is up. If she is in the middle of giving you information, she will continue on with the message to make sure you have the information you need to walk away feeling, happy, healthy, & holy so that you can lead your best life.

ARE YOU STRUGGLING WITH RAISING A PSYCHIC CHILD? Book a session with Jill and receive a free pdf copy of her book called SEEING THROUGH THE EYES OF A CHILD. This book helps parents understand what their psychic child is going through. It gives them tools and examples of how to respond and what to do for various situations. This book was written to help your child to not feel they are alone or different. The goal is to encourage your child to use their gift to help others and to make this world a better place.

To contact Jill, call 602-448-2069.

FALL 2023: Women Retreats in Hilton Head Island SC



Womens retreats will be held in a beautiful brand-new town home in Hilton Head Island SC.
I will be holding exploring your life purpose, grief counseling, psychic development, women's empowerment, energy healing, readings, mediumship, and any other service that you require.

If anyone is interested call me at 602-448-2069.

Currently offering Exploring Your Life Purpose, Grief Counseling, and Going Through Major Transformation Events In Life in North Phoenix once a month.

Additional Information: 

As a child, I never knew I was a psychic medium. I used to have horrible dreams and thought that the people in my room were there to kidnap me. During the day, kids would always say I was the luckiest person on earth. Good things would always happen to me. When I was 40 years old, I began to question, "Why was I always lucky?" How did I know something was going to happen? Why did I have another anxiety attack right before something horrible happened to one of my friends or loved ones? Why have I never been physically injured even in a car accident when others were hurt I walked away with only a few scratches? Why do I always know what to do even when I really have no clue as to what I should do?

In numerology I am a master number. I was told I was here to make a huge difference in other people's lives. When I had my astrology chart done, I was again told I was here to change people's lives for the better & I would obtain great success in my life. I kept thinking to myself, "What could I possibly do to help & serve others?" Then it hit me like a light bulb. If I could only help teach other people & their children how to recognize that they are intuitive and how to learn in the traditional school system, I could really help make a difference in their lives.

I set sail on an adventure to find the answers to my questions. After years of studying, here I am today now willing to help and serve others to find their true purpose in life.

Listed since: May 16, 2013


This was the second time I have met with Jill. She responded to my text within 15 minutes. Again she revealed clarity, authenticity and put me in touch with a fallen one who communicated "their" truth to a situation they left behind. She remembered me and the situation. I'm always a little mesmerized by the connections spirit makes to help people heal. I will not hesitate to check in with her again.
I would highly recommend Jill. I have spoken to her twice now and will not hesitate to reach out again. She is so easy to speak to and her guidance is outstanding. She brought up multiple points that proved to me her abilities. So happy to have connected with her.
I went to see Jill years ago and had an amazing experience. The reading was 100% accurate. I recently went through an awful breakup and again, remembered Jill. I went to her with questions and came away with answers and truly feel she helped me get some closure to one of the hardest times in my life. I'm so grateful. You are an amazing person with amazing abilities. Thank you again
I am so happy I went to see Jill. It was truly a life-improving, enlightening, & spiritual experience. She is very open, warm, welcoming, & loving. She helped me to see through a volatile relationship & emotional struggle. She guided me to a place of strength & confidence to tackle my situation & worries. I felt a real connection with her during our reading. She is truly amazing & helped me to purge the negative weight in me & be filled with light. I am blessed to have found her & worked w/ Jill
What a truly amazing experience. Jill is genuine and truly gifted. I think that even those of us who feel spiritually "in tune" still tend to have doubts as to the validity of mediums and/or psychics. However, having gone to her with an open mind, heart and soul, she immediately was able to channel my loved one. Not only that, but went above and beyond by identifying the true purpose of my visit, which was eye opening and 100% accurate. I'll be going back!
I must I was very worried when I went into this session but when I seen Ms. Jill I was like I’m going to be okay. I had the best time with Jill and I got everything that I could have imagined out of this. I know for sure it was my son that was there and soften my heart so that I can truly understand what happened during his home going I love everything about my reading. Thank you Ms.Jill
You must know this about Jill! A visit with her will change your life. Jill’s intuitiveness is remarkable she has so many gifts that she will help you in ways you didn’t even know you could be helped. Someone dear to me passed away. He was also a medium. I didn’t need so much validation that his soul was right here next to me I already believed this to be true so I wasn’t sure what to expect. Oh my goodness Jill‘s gifts go on and on. she is a channel to what the universe has in store for you.
I had an amazing reading with Jill. She immediately picked on my medical issues and what would be helpful to help me with it. The doctor told me days later to take the two things she recommended and she said I would need to have surgery (which I doubted) and I’m having in a few days. Spoke about a love interest contacting me and on the day she said and basically about what she stated. I was surprised. Other things we discussed are months away, but I know it will occur.
Omg is all I can say....we had a family member pass suddenly, we had tons of questions, lots of regrets and after speaking with Jill eventhough we are still mourning our loss it's not as intense since we have answers...we cried after our reading but we also laughed because he was funny and full of life just like he was standing next to you...thank you so much for reaching out to us and helping us heal it was truly a blessing
I read with Jill for the first time & was blown away with her accuracy! There were many times throughout the reading that my jaw literally dropped! She gave me so much information. There was absolutely no sugarcoating with Jill. She explains how she sees it. Not only is Jill incredibly accurate, she’s also patient, easy to talk to, & open up to. I’m so grateful I found her and read with her! Thank you so much Jill for everything you do!
Jill connected with my best friend on the other side. She was spot on with my reading and told me things I never knew about my friend. She is very thorough, I had a good time. I left happy and satisfied with my reading, and I want to book another reading with her.
My reading with Jill was beyond what I had anticipated. She was so spot on, helpful and gave me so much depth and insight to things I am having challenges with. She is unique to any other reading I've ever had. After speaking with her, I felt so much better equipped with things I am dealing with. She has a very caring and compassionate spirit. I am so grateful to have found her and will definitely reach out to her again.
I have consulted Jill three times over several years for different situations in my life. She has been spot on with my problems I am experiencing and what is causing them. She provides solutions and recommendations to solve the issues. Also she asked me to follow up with her how the things she talked about "turned out". She has gone above and beyond the call of duty to help me with my problems. I highly recommend her as a psychic medium.
I would recommend a reading from Jill to anyone who is looking for a down to earth accurate reading... not only is she right on... but she helps validate the answers to questions that I had on my mind that I was not really certain about... I have had more than one reading with her and so far she has steered me in the right direction... I will definitely get another reading from her...
My wife, before she passed away, worked for Jill and vaguely mentioned Jills gift. I had made a business call to Jill and that's all it took for her to start pulling in my wife. Being a bit of a skeptic but certainly open to the possibilities, Jill hit on 10-11 events and was right on for 8-9 of them. To me that was incredible and I can't wait for my wife to make contact with Jill again so I may hear what she's up to.
We saw Jill a few months ago for a mediumship reading as well as a numerology reading and I think about our experience every day. Jill truly has an amazing gift and is one of the most kind, compassionate people I have ever met. She was so spot on, so comforting, and just has such an amazing heart. We absolutely cannot wait to see her again!
I cannot day enough about Jill. I have been fortunate enough to have three experiences working with Jill, two of which were life-changing. There is no possible way Jill can know such intimate details regarding my loved ones. The connection she creates is something that cannot be explained in a review because you have to experience it to understand. The energy & healing realeasing was incredible as well. I’ve bright a number of friends to Jill and we all feel the same. Jill has a gift.
Three years ago, I was looking for information about what happens to your soul when you commit suicide because my life was in a tailspin and I honestly didn't see it getting any better. She explained what had happened to a woman's son that had killed himself and suddenly it all made sense to me - God, our soul's purpose and it literally saved my life. Jill's been accurate with details of my life that we have never talked about and her insight is both enlightening and empowering.
Jill is the real deal. She is spot on with medicine interaction! I find out that I am anemic and without telling her, she blurted out tangerines! fyi, tangerines are packed with Vitamin A and help with liver function which I also am having challenges with. There is not enough space to tell you everything she has done for me over the past 6 years but I can finish with... WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? call Jill, you will thank me later!
I cannot say enough positive things about Jill! Almost 3 years ago, I came across Jill's information and reached out to her during a very stressful time. Jill was SPOT ON about everything from that first reading; and continues to be a source of clarity and validation every time I reach out to her. Over the past 3 years, I have continued to consult with Jill; and during that time, she has become both a guide and a friend. I'm so grateful for her role in my life and HIGHLY recommend her!
Need more than 500 characters ! Numerous psychic offerings are endless, spent hours reading bios and kept returning to Jill. Wish I had done it sooner! Very accommodating , easy to talk you and extremely accurate. She began listing various messages from a male "Johnny". Unaware Johnny was sons friend who lost his life to drugs, messages were exact ones we have received for a decade. Only ones with this knowledge. Extremely satisfied, already booking again. Trust me ..its rewarding.
I thoroughly enjoyed my experience with Jill, even though it was a short session, she was very precise and covered a lot of information that I was looking for. I would definitely contact her again, she was compassionate and caring to help with all my concerns. Thank you, Jill
I had a review last year, and yes she was definitely on point,so from then on I only go to her, I already had couple readings and every time, I'm still blown away, I couldn't hide nothing from her, she's so sweet to, I recommend her, she's the go to person of you want a good reading and accurate, thank you Jill, see you soon again.
Jill, There are no words to express my sincere gratitude . Two months ago I had a reading with you. To my amazement you hit everything right on the mark. You also mentioned that I had an issue in my stomach area. At the time I was fine, a few weeks after the reading , my life changed for the worst. You were right about a health issue. I never thought that with 1 session with you , just how wonderful and alive I felt. You truly are genuine !! Thank you for helping this broken body.
It was great opportunity to meet Jill . Her psychic services are excellent. Her answers are very straight forward and clear . She helped to give me clarity on what I was looking for and give me beautiful guidance for me to have best life . Thank you
Jill was fabulous! I have already recommended her to a few friends. She was simply amazing the things she knew about my life. She nailed everything.
I had an amazing reading from Jill... she was very nice and she told me what I needed to know not what I wanted to here... she was straight forward and didn't sugar coat anything... I had questions about a relationship and she validated some information I needed to know about some past issues in my partners life to help me better understand why my partner were doing certain things that was not good for the relationship... now we can move forward and I can help make this relationship better...
I was a total skeptic going into the whole thing, but minutes into the session I could really feel that this was a genuine real experience and I wouldn't have chosen anyone else to have gone to knowing how it was going to turn out. She turned me into a believer in less than an hour and I highly recommend her services and for everyone who's curious two call her and make a session because it will change your beliefs and perception on everything! Again this was an awesome experience!
My reading with Jill was just amazing! I cannot describe the amount of weight I feel lifted, & the level of happiness & comfort I now have. I was so nervous at first but as soon as we started talking, I felt very at peace talking to Jill, & it honestly felt like I was talking to a friend. I recommend her to anyone looking for help & in need of peace. I will absolutely be a returning customer ♡
SHE IS THE ONE - Jill combines an extraordinary gift of insight with a direct sharpness. She began by using numerology to place a foundation for the reading, which was both interesting and accurate regarding my personality and areas of focus. Jill then began opening me up to my highest potential, some of which was a revelation. She answered questions about business and personal life with rapid fire and almost alarming accuracy. A reading with Jill will put your mind at ease and soothe your soul.


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