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Judi Lynch
Judi Lynch


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$75 hr by phone $100 in person, readings by appt. only.

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I am a Psychic Medium & Healing Light Energy Channel specializing in Spirit Guide Communication, Mediumship, Intuitive Counseling and Healing Energy Sessions. I receive names, themes, colors, life options, future options, and messages from loved ones. Through sharing my spiritual and metaphysical writing, I have done countless readings/healing sessions, taught online and in-person classes for people all over the World. I do not use tarot cards. I'm also the President of the Crystal Healing Foundation, Inc., a non-profit dedicated to healing mind, body and spirit through spiritual communication, ascension teachings, meditation and energy healing. I am a featured columnist for OM-Times Magazine and the author of Friends With Lights, A True Story by Psychic Medium & Healing Channel Judi Lynch and Conscious Ascension available on Amazon. Winner of the Ommie Award for Best Spirituality Columnist of 2022.

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Please contact me through Email at judi@judilynch.com and I will reply as soon as possible.

Listed since: Mar 5, 2010


JUDI’s PSYCHIC &EMPATH abilities saved my life! I learned about Judi by word of mouth Judi is right and true, she beams light & love even a non-believer would benefit from an hour with Judi. With her psychic empath abilities & kindness she has guided me through the darkest time of my life with Judi’s ability I was able to not only come through but grow & shine I learned how to trust myself & she showed me my way Everything Judi has ever said has revealed either immediate or in time all TRUE
Thank you Judi for an amazing pyschic reading. You gave me many confirmations of what I already knew within and added layers to my knowing. From the first experience I had meeting with you back in June of 2018 to now, October 2018, many amazing things have happened and our meeting was like a precursor to all of my wonderful experiences. Our session gave me a sense of peace and knowing that I am on the right path. And, the meditation and guidance kind of jump started my journey. Thank you so much
Judi did a telephone mediumship reading for me that was totally on point. She had only my name and email address and that was enough for her to tap into people who had crossed over and gave me specific details that no one else would know. Her energy is kind, healing, and encouraging. It was a lovely experience.
Judi is such an amazing medium and person. She has great insight and can also help with anxiety. Such a soothing voice. She has helped me so much I would recommend her to anyone. Thank you so much and many blessings to you judi
Judi was such a delightful person to meet with and be around! My husband and I were at a point in life where we wanted to know more about our future and also connect again with our loved ones. We were both very skeptical but after talking with Judi we instantly knew she was the real deal and trusted her 100%. She gave us so much hope for our future and really helped calm us. If your looking for a medium I recommend Mrs Judi. She's wonderful!!
Judi is a shining light and will make you feel safe and loved. I could have stayed with her all day. She told me everything I needed to know and much more. Her energy healing is phenomenal! My meditation practice soared to a new level afterwards! If you are hesitant about possibly seeking help with your energy or feeling stuck, go see Judi, you will be so happy you did! Blessings, love and light to you!
Judi did reading and healing session for me several times. The messages I got were all accurate!! She knew many things I never told her and knew what was going on in my life then. She helped me to go through hardest time in my life. She is honest and purely wants to help others like me. She taught me how to do meditation and since then I feel energy on my palms! She does not only get messages for others but help others to connect with their own spirit guide as well ! Judi is a beautiful soul!!
Judi is one of the best mediums/psychics/energy healers. I did an in person reading and healing session and I received a lot of detailed and accurate information while all of my questions were answered. The healing was amazing. I actually felt the energy during my healing session! I give her an A+++. She is now my go to psychic/medium/healer. Also she was a pleasure to talk to and be around. I agree that she is the real deal. Thank you Judi! :)
I came to Judi one day and realized fast she is like no other psychic I have ever seen before. I still have the piece of paper she wrote notes on. She hit it head on and was absolutely right! She opened my eyes in many ways and still does. I am very happy to have met her! And everything has played out just as she said it would! I am very excited about what the future holds and anyone interested in readings should see her. She is the real deal.
Judi is truly a gifted individual. I have had several readings with her and have found them to be accurate, full of detailed information and delivered in a loving and compassionate way. I had several life changing issues that I was dealing with and Judi provided information that proved invaluable. She was steadfast and kept reassuring me of what would happen and it played out exactly as she disclosed. I recommend everyone have the experience of a session with Judi. You owe it to yourself.
Judi is extremely gifted, she has read for me several times and her messages and readings are so full of information and heart felt kindness. I would highly recommend her to anyone for a reading. She is very accurate and very detailed and she has the warmest caring heart of anyone I have ever met. Blessings in love and light to you Judi you are an angel.

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