Sue Ellis-Saller

Sue Ellis-Saller
Sue Ellis-Saller


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from $30 for email readings, $3.99 per minute for Instant Readings, $45 for 1/2 hour on Skype

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Call (480) 409-4699 and leave a message with a phone number, please! or email to schedule an appointment


Simple. Honest. Authentic. Empowering.

Your highest and greatest good is my focal point for every session I lead and I bring my entire toolbox along to serve you.

I am an internationally known angel and tarot card reader, a Certified Angel Card Reader™, a Reiki (Usui and Shamballa) Practitioner, a Certified Transformational Life Coach, and crystal and aromatherapy enthusiast.

Energy work came naturally to me, and I have deepened my practice and abilities by becoming attuned to both Usui and Shamballa Reiki, and I've also dabbled with Theta Healing and Quantum Touch.

My one of a kind sessions that focus on the wisdom within you, and the advice and guidance of angels, tarot and oracle cards, energetic support, and crystal and essential oil recommendations.

My reading style is positive, uplifting, empowering, and quite practical. My energy sessions have yielded fabulous results.

Readings can be done via Skype, chat, and email. Energy sessions can be performed remotely or in person in Vienna, Austria.

Additional Information: 

Energy Sessions start at $50 for one-half an hour.

I am looking forward to serving you - either by providing you with a reading or an energy session. ~Sue

Listed since: Sep 11, 2015


I had a tarot reading from Susan when I was contemplating taking a job with a new company. The reading really blew me away. We did a pro's and con's of each job and the outcome of if I stayed or took the new job. She was spot on, on how this were at my current job. I decided to take the new job and what Susan told me about the learning curve of the new job and how my coworkers would be was spot on, it really played out just as Susan said it would which really blew me away.
Sue has been a fantastic mentor for me and my web & graphic design business. I was interested in trying a spiritual-based approach to examine my career, hoping to learn ways to manage it better. I was in the midst of a mega burnout when I had a session with Sue. Her insight & advice was exactly what I needed to move forward! Sue gets to the core of your problems and makes practical suggestions for fixing them. This was a year ago. Since then, my creativity hasn't wavered & business is great!!
I have had remote Reiki sessions and Tarot card readings with Sue Ellis-Saller. The Reiki session was amazing. My ailments subsided and I felt wonderful. Since it was remote, I really appreciated the detailed feedback she gave me. I wouldn't use anyone else. The tarot session was also remote, and I was impressed with the accuracy towards what was happening in my life. She was spot on with the reading! I highly recommend Sue for your needs. She will leave you feeling uplifted.
I've had many healing sessions with Susan. I had chronic pain for years waiting for a double hip replacement & was on high dosage pain killers. She helped me get through the worst times when even the drugs didn't help. One session saw me drug free for 5 consecutive days for the first time in 10 years & even though I have new hips now I will continue to use her services for chakra cleansing/balancing, life coaching & tarot reading. I cannot recommend her highly enough. Much love Chrissie xxx

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