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Mollie Morning Star

Mollie Morning Star
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As an Evidential Medium, Mollie uses her abilities to validate the presence of passed away loved ones. She brings forth facts that prove they are “alive” in Spirit, aware of your life situation, sending you their loving support and inspiration. Mollie is a strongly gifted, natural medium that honed her abilities at the Arthur Findlay College in England. Readings are focused to prove to you that our souls survive the change called death and provide an opportunity to reconnect with those you love. Having conducted thousands of sessions, she is highly experienced in assisting the newly and deeply bereaved. Mollie is one of the most recommended mediums in the US with a long history of successful, healing connections.

Mollie's work is completely dedicated to assist the bereaved in finding hope and healing after loss, therefore, only offers sessions connecting to loved ones in Spirit. Group events are suitable for those wishing to experience mediumship even if they are not currently dealing with grief. Private sittings are available over the phone, by Skype/FaceTime video call, or in person in Sheboygan, WI.

High Priority Sessions are available for scheduling within a few days to those who have never experienced a mediumship connection before and are newly bereaved. Details on the "Appointments" page of our website.

Please refer to her website for a full list of upcoming events, and travel dates. Mollie travels extensively throughout the US to provide group events that teach the average person how to recognize the connection and provide audience readings.

Information can be found on the "APPOINTMENTS" page of our website regarding personal readings.

Upcoming 2016 Events:

Milwaukee, WI
Chicago, IL
Tampa, FL
Scottsdale, AZ
Seattle, WA
New York, NY
East SF Bay Area, CA

More cities will be announced soon!


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Twitter: M_Morning_Star

Listed since: Apr 25, 2009


On March 30th my son came through and acknowledged growing up he was a handful, and things were hard for him here. How could Mollie know this. Thank you Mollie for bringing me peace in knowing my son is always with me and is HAPPY! My daughter slept good for the 1st time in 14 months.
On March 30, 2016, I lost my sense of fear. I was at a group reading, and my deceased father came forward. Mollie's ability to relay the clear message that he is still with me gave me a sense of being OVERWHELMINGLY UNAFRAID, BLISSFUL, ENERGIZED, & BLESSED. Most of us fear death beyond any other fear the most, death of our loved ones, and ourselves. I am NO LONGER AFRAID. Without a shadow of a doubt, we are still together. Ahh, peace. I am deeply thankful to Mollie for relaying my Dad.
My husband and I attended an event with another couple in March of 2016. All day I had been asking my F.I.L. to come tell my husband he's proud of him (something he would never do while alive) and asked my friend's dad to come say hi (along with numerous other loved ones). Well, Mollie said "your old man says he's proud of you", and we knew it was him. My friend's dad was another undeniable experience. I told my mom how amazing the experience was and we went to an event the next night! A+++
My husband's friend came thru to me and left me a message to give my husband that was so healing, I couldn't believe it! He and my husband were in an accident together and my husband feels a lot of guilt for the loss of his life. His friend came thru and extended an olive branch and told me to tell him that he needs to release his guilt and remember that it is ok and it was an accident. My husband was in shock when I told him the message. I am so grateful for Mollie!
Seen Molly Morningstar several years now in Tampa and awaiting this year's vist next month. Molly is amazing. The first time we met no one came thru for us. But she helped so many people that we heard she was coming back. That next visit she was reading and it was about an older lady. Maybe a grandma or mom. I was like someone please claim her because she was coming in strong. It turned out it was mom and dad, brother and brother in law. Thing said she nor sister knew....right on target.
In the last two years I've had two readings with Mollie. In each reading she was as accurate and as evidential as a George Anderson in a reading I had with him eight or so years ago. There was no hesitation in the information she shared that seemed to be passed to her with ease. Recently I referred a friend to Mollie for a reading and they also had the most remarkable reading giving them the peace of mind they needed to ease their grief and the knowledge that their loved ones go on.
My husband and I attended an intimate group session with Mollie. We were delighted with Mollie's warm, loving and uplifting presence, she fills the room with positive energy! We were elated when Mollie connected with my parents as well as my husbands parents and uncles. The connections were so authentic and personal to us, we were blown away and ecstatic that we received so many validations and affirmations from our deceased parents! Thank you Mollie for sharing your gift with us!
I visited with Molly almost 17 years after my daughter was killed in a car accident. I had seen a few other psychics who never made a connection with her. Molly was able to connect with her right away and I was able to verify quite a few things she told me. One of the messages concerned a piece of her jewelry that I was wearing at the reading. I really felt like my daughter was there.
Love Mollie!! I met Mollie when she came out to WA St. Mollie had a number of the other side come through for several people. Impressed, I made an appointment to have a session with Mollie & was very happy that I had. My parents and my best friend came through! I was able to put few things to rest. If you want to connect with your late loved one's, then Mollie is the perfect person to have a session with!
My Mother, Aunt, and I went to see Mollie when she was in LaCrosse, WI, in March, 2015. We lost my Dad in July of 2014, and hopes of hearing from him, to help with my Mother's grief and acceptance, were realized. Dad came through, sharing tidbits that only we knew about; bringing tears and laughter. Mollie's gift, not only of connecting with our loved ones, but also educating us through the grief process, is amazing!
I saw Mollie on tour in Columbus Ohio in 2012. She was 100% correct with every thing she validated. Great experience. I keep waiting for her to come back to the area. Can't wait!
I went to Mollie with some very unresolved issues with my dad who passed away that was weighing heavily on my heart. Mollie easily made the connection to my dad who share very personal and specific detail of my past memories with my dad which touched my heart. My dad was able to communicate through Mollie and gave me the reassurance I so desperately needed to move on. My reading was the most amazing experience I have ever had thanks to Mollie.
The details that came out during Mollie's reading were amazing - things she would not know, and there were many, many details. Mollie communicates clearly and I sense that spirit is eager to communicate through her. I suggest that anyone interested in working with a medium should start with Mollie. Thanks so much; the experience has touched my life in a very positive way.
Mollie provided me with a private session. The entire process was very professional and provided me great peace. My husband came through to Mollie and provided incredible detail of happenings after his passing. There was info regarding his parents and children. My father who has been gone 28 years also had a message. Since the session was taped, I had my in-laws and children listen. The message has helped all of us immensely! Thank you Mollie, you are a blessing.
I saw Mollie yesterday in Bloomington MN and I just wanted to say it was one of the best 2 hours I have ever had. My son came through for me and his girlfriend which is something that was truly wanted and needed for the both of us. I love the fact that Mollie wanted spirit to do the talking and didn't try to pry and get information out of anyone in the audience. She was SPOT ON everything she said!!! Loved the group session we had!!!
Hi Mollie, 02/27/15 Thanks to you, I am a new woman. I recently celebrated my 25th Wedding Anniversary. My husband, Michael is so amazed at all the progress for life I have accomplished since our session. My son came through loud n clear...he is pain free, happy and Joyful! Thank You w/All My HEART BTY: I am Driving Again!!
I took my neighbor for a birthday gift to and I was connected with my father who had recently passed. I had two things that were seriously bothering me about my father's death that I spoke to no one about. The first message from him was "I had left my body before my head hit the table." He had a stroke and lingered for 10 days in a coma. I had him at home and I was consumed with not doing enough to make him comfortable. It was eating me alive. Now I have peace. Thank you
My reading was over the phone. Molly started off right on with descriptions of my family members who had passed. I thought she was doing a pretty good job until she said that my wife liked the picture I had just hung a week earlier. Then she described the picture, after I got up off the floor I told Molly the picture was painted by my wife and that she had tried to throw it away. She never felt they were good enough to be seen by others.I had accidently misfiled it.
I attending a gathering in NH with Mollie this past fall. I was not familiar with Mollie but something drew me in. I was truly amazed! Her energy is light and caring. She is sensitive and blessed with a profound ability to communicate with those that have "crossed over". Mollie's connections brought heartfelt peace and love, not only to the recipients of communication from their loved ones, but to everyone in attendance. Mollie brings light into the dark void of loss left in our hearts.
My late husbands cousin and I saw Mollie in Milwaukee at a small group gathering. His cousins brother came through, he had been killed 35 years before. Mollie told her so many things, and then, something new, he is mooning me! The mooning and many other things were right on the money! My husband also came through, and again she mentioned so many things that only my husband and I would know. She is Amazing! The one thing that we both felt afterwards, and still PEACE. Thanks!
Mollie is blessed with an amazing gift. Right off the bat she connected with my father who suddenly passed a few years ago. She said so may specific validations that it warms my heart to know he is happy and spirt lives on. I believe she cares about helping others by delivering their messages. I would recommend her to anyone who needs to feel their loved ones are at peace.
i have seen Molly in a group setting. She had brought thru my mother, ex husband and to me most important my daughter. The accuracy was so incredibly right on with EVERYTHING. The peace knowing that my daughter was with her family that has passed has been a huge life change. I would have everyone that I know go see her, she is incredible .
I thoroughly enjoy Mollie's group readings. She has connected with my son on two separate occasions. Her messages validate my son's spirit watching over me. Her connections have truly been comforting.
I have seen Mollie's group readings and was lucky enough to have a phone session yesterday. Mollie is beyond phenomenal! Mollie brought forward my husband, and in the 18 months since his unexpected death I have not felt such peace, finally knowing he is alright. Mollie also had numerous validations that no one would know except myself and my two small kids. Mollie is blessed with a very special gift and so glad she is kind enough to share it.
I was at a group reading given by Mollie and she brought forward my husband who passed away suddenly nine months ago. His personality and humor were all there. The messages she relayed could only be from him, down to private conversations we had when he was alive and things about our life that she could have no way of knowing or guessed at. I'm still trying to process it all. It was simply amazing.
I had attended three group sessions, each time leaving in complete awe. Not only does Mollie connect with our loved ones who have passed but she also teaches us how to receive the signs and love they send us at our darkest times. At my third group reading I was fortunate to have my dad and brother in law come through. Mollie is awesome at relaying the messages from spirit which only family can understand or knows the meaning behind. I can't say enough good about Mollie. She is a blessing.
Molly connected with my dad and friend. I have never met with a medium before and this was an amazing experience that I will never forget. I was very nervous going into this reading but she brought me ease with her calming nature. She brought evidence of my dad that she couldn't have possibly known and this was very validating. She brought out his character and I had a wonderful time connecting with him. She brought so much joy to me with this connection and I have no words to express my thanks.
My 3 year old died 1/10/2012 and my 1st reading with Molly was 12 of 2012. She was amazing and after talking with my grandfathers Nathan came forward with validation that it was him and he was OK and happy. As a mother this eased my pain and allowed me to make it the the holidays without him. During a second reading in 5/2013 he assured me I made the right decision letting him go and he was never afraid. Molly is amazing and brought peace to this moms soul. Thank You Molly.
At a small event in West Bend, Mollie gave me messages from my daughter, the most telling was a face Mollie made it was the same one my daughter made after coming out of a coma, when she couldn't speak yet, and was trying to communicate with me. Everything she shared was on point. At another event, again my daughter came through, commenting on a fight her cousin had been in just days before. At the end of the event, she gave me a hug from my daughter. I cannot say enough, she is kind and caring
I have seen mollie three times in the past. She is an amazing woman. First time we met she didn't know anything about me or friends who came with me. Lots of spirits came thru but not mine. Next visit was great. She brought mom, dad, brother, brother in law thru. There were things stated that none of family include sister who was there knew. I had not cried from guilt of moms death because I bought the vehicle that she die from. Third visit we were like someone claim her. It was mom again.


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