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Tara Schofield

Tara Schofield
Nearest City: 
Salt Lake City
Scheduled Reading Fee: 
First Reading Special Price: $85 for 50 Minutes
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An appointment with Tara is like talking to a long-lost friend… someone who has great love and appreciation for you and wants to help you improve your life and feel fantastic. Tara is easy to talk to and focuses on helping you get the best results possible. Tara specializes in Akashic Readings.

An Akashic Reading is one of the most life-changing and transforming experiences you can ever have. It's an amazing way to understand your path in this life. Soul Readings are Tara's favorite appointments because you can leave with so many answers - and so much peace!

Do you wonder:
Why are you here?
Why was a certain person brought into your life?
Why you had to go through an experience?
Why you're struggling with a problem?
What experiences/challenges/talents were you born with?

These questions are just the beginning. Whether you're navigating a difficult time in your life or have questions about things that have (or are now) happening to you, let Tara help you understand more from your soul's point of view.

Additional Information: 

Tara is the nation’s leading intuitive coaches. Though she has always talked to her spirit guides, until wasn't until she experienced years of challenges, illness and an abusive relationship that she has learned to dig deep and find life-changing answers. In the process, she became a student in search of answers. She was determined to discover the answers that would lead to joy, happiness and success.

In 2000, Tara experienced serious medical complications that made her reconsider her “workaholic” mentality. She realized that she needed to take better care of herself, have a better method of reach her work goals and redefine what success means to her. Since that time, she has embraced the concept of “body-mind-spirit wellness” in all aspects of her life. As a result of her illness, she has trained and become knowledgeable in all aspects of healing: aromatherapy, iridology, herbs & supplements, muscle testing, energy medicine, reflexology, meditation, emotional processing, manifesting. She is a certified hypnotherapist, with a large selection of hypnosis programs specifically targeted to women.

As Tara worked through her abusive relationship, she was introduced to an Intuitive Soul Reader who was instrumental in helping her find the courage and strength to leave. The help that came from Akashic Readings that changed her life! She now specializes in Akashic Readings, helping others to find a more solid foundation in their life.

Tara currently works with clients all over the United States and has seen the amazing effects her gifts makes in their lives! She combines the knowledge she has in all modalities to enhance the coaching experience. Her knowledge helps her clients to transform their future into the life they have always wanted to live. One of Tara's greatest joys comes from supporting her clients on their path to wellness - body, mind and spirit!

Listed since: Jan 24, 2013


What I enjoy the most about my readings with Tara is that I can speak with her about any area of my life and she gives me fascinating insight and wisdom. She not only helped me understand myself better and what my purpose is on this earth but she also has helped me navigate through multiple personal relationships. She assisted me in negotiating a business transaction and helped me gain the confidence that I needed to finalize the deal. I am excited to learn more from Tara in the future!
I had an Akashic Records reading with Tara several weeks ago and I was blown away. Tara's level of clarity and the speed with which she was able to hone directly into the questions I was asking was very impressive. I immediately told several of my friends about her - many of which got readings of their own and were also amazed. I had a miraculous change in perspective about a very difficult issue which has afforded me freedom and the ability to forgive...powerful!!!!
My Akashic reading with Tara last summer was so remarkable. I was able to go forward with some big life changes with confidence knowing that it would be to my benefit as well as a benefit to those I came in contact with. I was feeling lost in this world and insignificant. Thanks to my reading with Tara I have been able to pursue some of my dreams and look forward to the pursuit of still more. I have recommended her personally to several people and would recommend her to anyone needing guidance.
Tara did an Akashic reading for me a couple of years ago. What I find incredible is that I originally did not believe that I would find a way to go to school in order to fulfill my soul’s journey, within a few weeks of my reading the means became available to me, wonderful things started to happen like never before, my life literally started coming together as far as school, career and love. Tara is an amazing and gifted individual who I would recommend to anyone.

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