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Rhonda G Manning

Rhonda G Manning
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Rhonda is an international psychic medium and one of the top psychic mediums in Tennessee. Not only is she an amazing and accurate evidentiary psychic medium, she is also a trained psychotherapist in private practice for over 18 years. Committed to bridging the gap between science and spirit; she has been studied by a university, achieving a high accuracy rating and serves as a guest speaker for paranormal institutes.

After a rapid succession of profound spiritual experiences and visions involving spiritual beings including Archangels, Rhonda was given the instantaneous ability to speak directly with spirit guides, higher beings, and angels, as well as crossed over loved ones. She is able to provide undeniable evidence of dimensions beyond what many of us understand, including heaven, and can read your soul imprint as to who you are, why you are here, where you have been, and your soul lessons. Wanting to understand both the science and spiritual side of what was happening to her; she spent several years traveling the world seeking understanding via various workshops, visiting indigenous cultures and training with shamans, medicine men, and some of the top mediums in the world. This has led her to an understanding that we are incredible energetic beings living in a world made up of energetic frequencies and that the soul lives beyond the physical body. This soul is on a journey and is part of a Universal God.

Listed since: Dec 19, 2009


The life path reading coupled with the past lives reading that I had with Rhonda was exceptional bringing about clarity for me in issues that I am dealing with now. The things she said during the life path reading were things that only I knew meaning that she could only have received the information from her guides and other spirit connections. Rhonda is a truly gifted psychic medium. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking an honest and true reading. It was a completely amazing experience.
On December 18th i had my first reading with Rhonda,i would like to express my gratitude and appreciation for the messages Rhonda passed on to me during my visit.The information i received has helped me to deal with past issues that were weighing heavily on my shoulders for a long time.Now i am liberatedof these burdens and i am so thankful to have a conduit..RHONDA,to pass these messages on to me.Anyone who has a chance to expreience this at least ones should do so!!! it is awesome!God Bless~
I found Rhonda through the Bob Olson site and what a blessing for me! Rhonda did a reading for me April of 2012 that was awesome! The reading was a validation for me... Rhonda shared with me about my gifts, and without her knowing, I am in the very field she shared with me! She stated that stones are important to me. I collect rocks/ stones....a miner in more than one way....She referenced "Dorothy", and not only am I named in part for someone whose first name is 'Dorothy', but I just purchased
Rhonda is a truly amazing psychic. I had been praying to find out my purpose in life for years, and after my life path reading with her, those prayers were answered. She lovingly brought together issues from my childhood and past lives to bring clarity to my present. She was also able to relay messages directly from my spirit guides that could only have come from them. My reading was a true blessing, and I will be forever grateful to Rhonda.
If there is a representative of the new paradigm of intuitive and intelligent Aquarian energies, Rhonda is she. There is a ritual grace in her readings that brings in the Native American flavor of our land. The respect she shows to our deceased loved ones is in the most eloquent, heart-warming manner. I hope that many will allow themselves to experience the immense healing & hope that comes from a session with this beautiful lady.
Rhonda Manning is a heartwarming and soul entrusting psychic. I had the pleasure of experiencing a life path reading from her. Rhonda was amazingly accurate on things I had uncovered myself as well as very informative on issues I should have known, but needed a little push to understand the bigger picture. I laughed, cried, and said “ah-ha” numerous times throughout her reading. I will never forget this experience. Discovering Rhonda was a blessing for me.
Rhonda is a clear and concise conduit of Spirit. Her ability to flow spiritual information with compassion and sensitivity allowed facets of myself to be seen in a new light. The reading I received deeply touched the core of my being in ways that even now continue to be integrated into my life. Rhonda is a precious gift.
I most appreciate Rhonda’s intelligence and impeccability. She has very high standards regarding the exact information she’s receiving and where it’s coming from. In my life path reading with her, I found her determination to give me precise wording, coupled with her friendly manner and sincere desire to help me understand my destiny, to be reassuring and uplifting. I highly recommend a reading with her, especially if you feel skeptical about the validity of this kind of intuitive work.
Rhonda Manning in Memphis is a truly gifted psychic-medium. Warm and friendly she will take away any dout you have about life on the other side. I, my sister and a dear friend have all had incredible readings from Rhonda. Past lives, spirit guides and deceased love ones have all been experienced. Truly an amazing and blessed individual. Eric Shriver

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