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Valerie Morrison

Valerie Morrison
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As a long trusted Psychic Medium Valerie provides Psychic Readings at her private office in Philadelphia or by telephone to her clients that also include many stars and celebrities. As a regular guest on Radio & Television for the past 35 years Valerie currently can be heard on Radio Stations WVLT Cruisin 92.1 FM monthly and on WOGL 98.1 "The Breakfast Club" on Special Occasions. May the year 2016 bring to you all the joy your heart can hold.

Additional Information: 

Valerie’s office is conveniently located in Philadelphia PA with clients coming from Philadelphia, the Philadelphia suburbs, South Philly, Northeast Philly, Bucks County, etc., while visitors from Delaware, Northern New Jersey and South Jersey are just a short ride away.

Additionally her phone is kept busy with clients calling from every state as far away as California and Internationally to the rest of the world.

Valerie has been a regular in the Radio & Television industry with television appearances on “People are Talking” hosted by Maury Povich, Larry King and others to name a few. She was recently featured with an episode on Court TV's Psychic Detectives.

Additionally Valerie can also be heard on the Radio and during these shows she offers free online psychic readings (you may call in for a one question, free psychic reading) or uses the Radio Show as a base for just general psychic chat and discussions about the paranormal.

Valerie has received many awards some of which were the "Four Chaplains Legion of Honor Award" presented to Valerie "In recognition of Service to all people regardless of Race or Faith" and the “Liberty Bell Award” Philadelphia’s most prestigious award usually only presented to dignitaries such Nelson Mandela, Valerie was given this award from the Mayor of Philadelphia for her prediction that the Mayor confirmed to have saved his life. This award was most recently presented to Pope Francis at the Vatican by our recent Mayor.

Valerie’s psychic abilities and psychic predictions, together with her over 37 years of counseling experience brings to you guidance for concerns about your Loved Ones, Children, Health, Finances, Legal Issues, Relocating, Business Decisions and of course your Living & Departed Family Members.

Valerie’s hope is that her advice, observations, and her psychic perceptions about you and your loved ones will make Peace and Happiness always the greatest part of your life.

For your next genuinely best psychic reading, when choosing psychics or psychic mediums, please contact Valerie Morrison.

Listed since: Nov 21, 2007


She's the greatest ever that's all I'm going to say!!! Go and speak to her yourself and you'll understand & see what exactly I am talking about!!!!
Valerie Morrison is the best #1.
Many years ago I went to valerie and everything she told me happened.I went back a couple weeks ago and brought more of my family members to see her last week.She is a very special and beautiful person.God definitely gave her a great gift! Her reading was amazing. This is first time since my fathers death we feel peace we now know he's ok! She told us things only our family would know.And we now know he's with us.
Highly impressed w/Valerie's ability & integrity. I'm an intuitive & spiritual healer. I contacted her recently to ask for a phone reading. She called back and told me that she could not do a reading for me, because, she said, she could see that I was very happy, had no issues or problems in my life, and no significant questions, and didn't need help in any way. She said she only does readings for people who need help; she could see that I do not need any help, & thus refused to waste my money.
At a social event Valerie overheard me talking about my sore ribs, which I thought was caused by a recent fall. She politely told me that she believed that there was something else more severally wrong with me and to immediately get a blood test. The test revealed that I was in the final stage of a Bone Cancer with very few months of survivability. It is 2 years now since my diagnosis & chemo and I owe the extension of my life to Valerie’s intervention and I will be forever grateful.
I have been to Valerie Morrison many times though out the years as I find her readings of my various life situations highly accurate and extremely helpful for my current and future decision making. She is genuine and sincere and I highly recommend her.
Valerie is the best!! I have been seeing her for about well a life time. She is always so caring and always on point with everything I need to know and also provides me with cousling when i need it. Have been to there advisors but have had bad experiences i feel completely at ease and confident after spending time with Valerie. love her she's the greatest!!!
I have been to see Valerie twice in the past two years, and she has told me things no one else knew. She is pretty much rigth on the money with her predictions. She is one amazing woman.
I went to see Valerie when I was in my early twentiesfor fun with my friends. She told me that I would marry a business type man four years older and have two or three children. Valerie told me that this man would adore me and nevet cheat on me. This November I will be married 20 years to my husband who is indeed 4 years older than me and we have two pretty awesome boys. Will be contacting Valerie this year and taking my husband this time! She is a special lady with a sweet spirit.
I went to Valerie last wk. Without aking me any questions, she looked at pictures I brought and started rattling off very detailed facts about my family members. She told me things about my deceased mother that very few people know. I was in awe of her abilities and will definitely go to her again.
I've been to Valerie two times she is on point. I trust her and most of what she says is accurate. Some predictions did not come true but some did. I would see her again.

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