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Lisa M. Miller

Lisa M. Miller
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450+ TESTIMONIALS; Spiritual Psychic Medium & Animal Communicator. Top 50 Psychic Mediums 2016 published by Jennifer Diamond (Amazon). Your spirit people & pets are beautiful, eternal souls that shine brightly when we connect in a partnership full of excitement, openness and receptivity to their loving memories, healing messages and validation of how they connect with you STILL through signs and symbols. What a joy to connect with you to bring healing, comfort and closure through Spirit Contact Readings or Insight and Guidance in relation to your psychic questions about relationships, career, finance and health. Readings are honest, compassionate, ethical, accurate and healing so that you leave our session with hope, guidance, and/or greater clarity. Visit website for full details and testimonials.

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Listed since: Apr 20, 2011


We went as a group for spiritual contact, and honestly to see if Lisa was legitimate. I can say without hesitation, she is the real deal! Validated everyone in our group and had us all in tears. She brought messages from our loved ones with information she could not have otherwise known. Several from our group are already making future visits. I recommend Lisa highly and will definitely return
Today I participated in my first psychic group reading. I was amazed at the accuracy of the information Lisa provided in the reading. She shared information that only I or my daughters would know. Lisa was able to give me comfort and help relieve sadness. I connected with Lisa immediately from the moment I stepped out of the car. I will definitely visit Lisa again.
I was devastated when I lost my 9 year old Springer Spaniel, Penny Lane, to daffodil poisoning - it was sudden and very unexpected. I scheduled a session with Lisa in hopes of some sort of closure. Not only did she hit the nail on the head in terms of Penny's personality, but also with things she could not have known. I appreciated that Lisa also told me what signs to look for to know that Penny was communicating with me and when she was there. I now feel more at peace. Thank you, Lisa!
Yesterday was my first reading with Lisa who connected with my rescue German Shepherd Jake. I was able to find out about his previous homes which helped explain why he has the trauma and issues that he has. The session has helped me better understand my pup, and give him the time he needs to heal. Lisa was so connected to my Jake, and so kind and loving! She's an amazing person!
This is the third time I've used Lisa to contact my cat who has passed over. Patches continues to teach both of us the wonders and mysteries of the universe. Lisa totally enjoys her calling and I always come away with hope and love. On this session Lisa was able to find out that Patches and I were twins - maybe in Egypt, That she is still leaving me cat hair - "angel" hair and where we are going when I pass. Amazing. The lesson from this reading is "all knowledge is accessible."
Lisa was great! We had a group session, and she touched on a little bit of everything for everyone! We all were very pleased with our readings! She said stuff that only we would know! I would totally do it again! Thanks so much Lisa!
Lisa is fantastic! My reading was right on. She connected with my daughter and my grandmother. She told me things that only I knew. I could validate everything that was said. I have had readings from other mediums but no one was right on like Lisa. In my opinion she is the best!
I had the opportunity to do my first live reading and it was with Lisa Miller who lived close by so I was happy that I didn't have to go far. I was interested in the spirit reading but I inadvertently picked passed life reading when I actually wanted a spirit reading. Lisa was very willing to let me reschedule as her preparation is different for that session but I was curious and decided to check the past life reading. I enjoyed it and had a few things that resonated with me. Thanks Lisa!
I had my second reading with Lisa a few days ago and I continue to be amazed at her ability to tap into a pet's spirit. I love that she really gets me, talking to Lisa is like talking to a close friend who I have known for years even though I have never met her. Absolutely recommend her and look forward to more conversations.
I had another wonderful reading with Lisa. This one was extraordinary. Finding out more info on the spirits that live here in my home and their interaction with my cats has made things easier to understand. With all the spiritual activity here I anxiously await our next session. Will get in contact with you very soon.
Lisa is the real deal. She helped me connect with my angel dog Tikki Bear last week. She picked up on her personality, was able to connect with the cause of Tikki's pain and her insight to how Tikki is still with me was amazing. She picked up on the other animals too! She's my go to for across the divide communications, that's for sure!
Amazing is all I can say. LIsa connected me and my friend with our loved ones that passed on. She was so spot on with everything. I can finally heal knowing that my loved ones are truly at rest and are constantly looking out for me. Lisa made me feel at home a very comfortable the moment I walked in. She truly has a gift and is an amazing and wonderful person!
I had my second spirit contact session with Lisa today and she is truly amazing. I gained insight about my fiance and felt the presence of peace when our session was over. I highly recommend Lisa, she's the real deal
I have worked with Lisa many times now and she is always pleasant and honest. I have had her do animal and psychic readings. All have been powerful, spot on and informative.
I had a reading with Lisa almost one year ago. I decided to hold off on my review to see how things within my life unfolded. Wow! Just wow! I even recorded our conversation (with her permission) and reference it once in a while to confirm her accuracy. Lisa is amazing... I highly recommend her!
I have spent some time processing this reading and have had readings done by other professionals since. Lisa's reading still brings myself and my boyfriend to tears, while the others were way off. Lisa was very "spot-on" and said things about my girl that there was no way she could know. I felt like Lisa was sitting in a room with my dog by the way she was describing her personality and answering questions that I had. Lisa was very caring and I felt very comfortable opening up with her.
Just three days ago, I had my first psychic session with Lisa Miller who undoubtedly connected with my dog, Ivan, who passed one month ago. At the start of our session, Lisa shared that Ivan was directing her attention to his left hind quarter. During the last 2 years of Ivan's life he, suffered from an unsuccessful surgery that worsened over time. She also referenced a familiar hot dog story that only people living in this house would know. Lisa is an intelligent and empathic communicator.
Lisa is amazing. She is truly a sweetheart. Her voice is so soothing and pleasant. You can tell she has a big heart for animals and really cares about helping you heal after losing a pet. She helped my mom a ton. There were things that she has said that only my mom knew and that was definitely a confirmation for her. I highly recommend Lisa. . Thank you Lisa!!!
Another session with Lisa produce an amazing reading. We found out more about Shadow's spirit. Lisa shared incredible insight about the way Shadow interacts with us on a daily basis. Shadow even directed Lisa to a device called a "Shadow box" that will allow her to communicate with us. This amazed and surprised Lisa and us. We are so looking forward to more sessions with Lisa.
Lisa spent longer than the hour I had booked with me and gave me many, many details about my two recently deceased dogs and also my two living parrots. She gave me info on the very close soul contract I had with one of the dogs and helped me to gain some peace of mind about finding my dog when she reincarnates. An excellent animal communicator! I will contact her again soon!
I had a phone session with Lisa to communicate with my beloved dog, Dorrie, who had passed away a few months ago. Lisa was able to connect with my girl, and provided information that validated that it was Dorrie coming through. She is a compassionate, caring person who understands the people-pet connection. She provided me with information to help me through my grief process. I will definitely be speaking to her again, as there is more I want to learn. I highly recommend Lisa Miller!
I had a reading with Lisa about a year ago and many of the things she told me became true. I will be meeting with her again very soon in the future.
This was a wonderful reading to help me understand my cat Willow. I will be scheduling another session with Lisa very soon. Thanks!!!!!!
This was the third reading I've had with Lisa and it was truly amazing! I have been going through some really trying times and she was able to help me gain insight into the situation, and that gave me great comfort. To me it's remarkable how she completely "gets me" and she has never laid eyes on me in person, as these are phone readings. Lisa is truly gifted! I highly recommend her and hope to have more readings from her in the future.
Lisa was spot on with our three dogs. She provides very specific information and is extremely insightful. She also provided information about my career that I look forward to materializing. My husband was impressed!
I was seeking an animal communicator so I could connect with my beloved cat Hannibal who passed away months ago. Lisa was able to connect right away and provided detailed undeniable validation from Hannibal. I would highly recommend Lisa. I will definitely be seeking her guidance again.
I have to say, I do believe in our pets spirits, and they do leave little signs. I was so desperate to find out how my little Annabel was, I searched and found Lisa and read all the reviews too. She was very comforting and compassionate,she told me that she would give me a sign and clues what to look for. It took a while,but she was spot on,exactly how she said. You have to truly believe too. I highly recommend her. I might talk to her again. Thanks Lisa
I reached out to Lisa to connect with our dog that passed away suddenly while we were on our honeymoon. She described our dog's personality perfectly and how she described the situation of her passing was uncanny. We had a lot of guilt over the fact we were not present, but talking with Lisa helped us get past that and give us some closure. I would definitely recommend Lisa and look forward to working with her again in the future!
I had readings with Lisa on 2 different occasions and she has hit the mark with each reading. She has helped me to connect with my cat who passes away suddenly and has been a resource to help me communicate with my pets who are currently still alive. She is compassionate and truly has a connection with her clients. She has a true gift and she has been an invaluable resource to connect me with the spiritual world. Highly recommended. ;)
Lovely lady to spend a little time talking about my horses. I have had one of my horses read before and she just took that to a new level. She was able to give insight on a new member of our family and help us get to know him. The results showed in days to follow and we felt even closer to our horses. Thanks Lisa! I have sent your name onto fellow equestrians!!


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