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Tracy Johnson

Tracy Johnson
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$90.00 per 30 minute reading and $160.00 per 60 minute reading
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Tracy is a second-generation, natural intuitive who has touched and blessed the lives of people across the globe with her loving and non-judgmental insight. Tracy’s warm, inviting attitude makes it easy for her clients to open up and feel safe sharing the most intimate of personal concerns. Live webcam, phone and email readings.

Additional Information: 

Tracy has been actively connected with things of Spirit since childhood. Having been raised by a mother who was "sensitive" to energies and messages from higher source. At age 26 she had a "vision" or direct communication with a personage she calls Heavenly Mother. Since that time she has felt a compelling connection both to the feminine divine as well as to serving women's spiritual needs, in particular.

Tracy does not believe in shame or guilt, but in the healthy evolution of the soul. Her ultimate objective is to help others (with a special compassion for women's and gay issues) heal, build healthy and functional relationships, feel a renewed sense of self-worth, overcome obstacles and achieve a sense of peace, joy and fulfillment in their


"The readings I receive from Tracy have been hugely beneficial to me. They have assisted me in gaining a sound peace of mind in many situations I have been experiencing in my life recently. I would definitely recommend her services and you can have the utmost confidence that her readings are on point. She is so easy to talk to and she is always very supportive and positive in her advice."
Connecticut, USA

"I have had the distinguished pleasure to connect with the wonderful grace of spirit in Tracy. It has been quite an amazing and thoroughly life-changing event in all areas of my life. She has provided profound insights into every area in my divine love connection to my partner, financial aspects, as well as the focus for the progress of my soul in this realm of existence. I am grateful to spirit for bringing us together for such a time as this. Therefore It is without question that I recommend her to you. Trust me you too will begin to accept her authenticity; and acknowledge her light and love".
Nassau, New Providence, Bahamas

"I can sum up my readings with Tracy with one word, awesome. She has been open and honest with me when reading for me and has completely changed my life. Thru Tracy's indepth readings, I have grown and used the tools, gifts that have been given to me. I can't thank her enough and look forward to our next time together. Thanks so much".
North Carolina, USA

"Tracy has been an amazing tool in my spiritual quest. Tracy has provided guidance and clarity in the spiritual process and path I have been on. Her insight and connection to spirit is like no other. I have been able to make clear cut decisions based on the accurate information Tracy has provided. Tracy is compassionate, funny and divinely guided by spirit. I have been blessed to have Tracy in my life".
Newport Beach, CA, USA

"Tracy's readings have given me valuable insight into various personal situations over the last few months, and this has enabled me to make the right decisions regarding crucial areas of my life. She conducts her readings in an open, supportive and non-judgemental atmosphere, and her readings are always to the point. I would unreservedly recommend her services to anyone."
Totnes, Devon, United Kingdom

"Tracy -thanks Wow! I can honestly say , hand on heart , i have never had such an accurate reading in all my life - and i have had hundreds! This lady is amazing, and i would recommend her to anyone. I can't get over the reading and hope to have a more indepth one really" soon."

Listed since: Dec 5, 2008


I just had a email reading sent from Tracy and she was so spot on. I could relate to everything she wrote. She write with passion and such warmth. I recommend Tracy with all my heart.

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