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Mela Shea


Nearest City: 

Easton, PA, Frenchtown, NJ


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$100 per hour

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Hi my name is Mela and I am a psychic medium and I specialize in helping you get answers to your questions and/or getting closure from a loved one who has passed over. My philosophy is simple, I believe each of us can create the life we want and that things are never set in stone. When I channel with your guides answers to your questions "drop in" and I communicate them to you as a messenger. The best thing that you can do is give me permission to read you before you enter the call.

When you call or meet with me face to face, I invite your guides/spirit/higher self to join us in the reading. I invite anyone who has messages for you to hear to make those messages known to you. Come with your questions or come with an open slate and we will read energy. My reading style is similar to string theory in that I can see/feel multiple outcomes and tell you what is most likely to happen. I am also adept at helping make hiring decisions in terms of who would be the best fit for your office dynamic.

I have advised on love relationships, marriage, children, divorce, death of a loved one, finances, life changes, career changes, etc. Call or text me to book a reading. I am most readily available to respond by text.

Furthermore, my primary goal is that you get a reading that works for you, please feel free to text me and ask me if I can do something specific.

Looking forward to connecting with you.

Listed since: Nov 9, 2014


I just had an amazing reading with Mela! She was right on point and very specific about details and explanations of some events happening in my life right now. She gave me enough information to be able to make decisions and answered all of my questions very accurately.. Overall, I felt at peace after the reading she gave me and the outcome of my session with Mela. I highly recommend her.
Mela was spot on. She cleared up any suspicions I had about a certain case that I was actually sensing, ask me specific questions that were also pointing towards things that I had been wondering about. She also picked up on a presence I have noticed my child was playing with at home and it was a little girl which is exactly what it was. That floored me. She advised me to break free of something I have been trying to break free and picked up I had several guides. This reading was perfect timing.
Mela gave my reading ignorant of the drama and continuing upheavals in my life. She quickly identified many key problematic areas with 100% accuracy and suggested ways I could consider dealing with them to effect change for the good. I was impressed by the way she read my personality. Me and my interests are exactly as she described. Mela picked up on something so 'spooky' that I couldn't fail to recognize that she is a genuine psychic reader. I look forward to my next reading. Thank-you.
Mela was able to help answer many of the questions playing on my mind and give me great closure. She put me at ease immediately during our call. Thank you Mela.
I really enjoyed Mela's reading, I was very impressed. She was spot on with the information she knew, giving me another perspective to see. She was clear, accurate and kind. I will continue to go to Mela.
Mela and I chatted online when we first met. I was blown away by how well she knew me, past and present. She helped me enormously with some difficulties I was having, and offered very thoughtful (and incredibly pertinent) help for considering the future. I don't often seek help, but I am more than grateful to have found Mela. This was a very healing and inspirational experience for me, and it was amazing to be so well understood.
Mela did a lovely reading for me, that was totally connected to me on a soul, spiritual level as well as in my physical world. She brought forth many clarifying perspectives that reflected her ability to connect with my spirit guide. Worth every moment! I would highly recommend Mela as she is the Bee's knees!
I've been a return client of Mela's for years. She is excellent at pin pointing issues that may be floating around in your subconscious. It's remarkable how she can clear up swelling issues and questions with only a few concise words. Her work brings calm and clarity to he most muddled of issues. I always leave our sessions feeling as though I know myself more clearly and at peace. What she does in her sessions is truly a gift.
I have had the opportunity to receive readings from Mela connected to my career and they were tremendously helpful. Mela's insights are spot on and she is wonderful to work with. I highly recommend her and I am already looking forward to my next appointment with her. Thank you Mela!
My name is Sheila, I was introduced to Mela by my sister. I decided to get a reading from Mela based on my relationship. Mela made me feel very comfortable, I was able to speak freely and honestly. The information that was shared with me through Mela from my guides was spot on. The guides gave me better understanding of my issue and how to deal with it to gain a positive resolution. I would reccomend Mela to any one. I will be back. Thank you Mela
Mela gave me a glorious reading. Very accurate and very helpful. A lovely experience :) Thank you Mela xx
Mela provided me with a reading that was correct in every way (although one point is too far in the future to be sure on that yet). She offered a very professional service and I would be happy to recommend her.
Mela gave me a reading some time back, she was very good and really opened my eyes as to what I couldn't see myself. I would definitely recommend her and would use her again for sure. Also I have gotten to know her more since that first reading and she is has always impressed me as a person as well as a psychic.
Mela was a huge help in clearing my space. We had a bunch of antiques in the house that had old energy imprints. Mela is easy to connect with and kind. Skilled and accurate in her assessments. I am continually impressed with her skills.
I've been having readings with Mela for about three years. I use our sessions as a sounding board for my personal and professional life, and her insights into people that I know (and people that I have yet to meet) are always right on the money. I consider her a collaborator and coach as much as a psychic reader. When a friend died tragically, she was able to describe all the circumstances of the passing, which was very comforting. Mela is a very rate talent.
Mela is amazing. With her I was able to contact both my Mom and a dear friend that passed. She most definitely channeled my spirit guide, which is an unusual one. She is authentic. We had the session in her home and I felt welcomed and comfortable. I highly recommend her to anyone that needs help exploring beyond the veil.

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