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Lisa Ghariani

Lisa Ghariani is the Founder of the CRIS [Contact Research Investigation Specialists]. Lisa is a psychic medium and EVP Specialist. She has recorded literally thousands of electronic voice transmissions and records private sessions for those interested in contacting deceased loved ones. Many of the recordings are high quality class A and B and can be heard clearly. Lisa is also a remote viewer and has worked on missing persons cases as well.
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Jeremy Mazak

Psychic Jeremy Mazak works one on one with clients providing psychic insights for their life's challenges. Jeremy proudly assists terminally ill patients who are finding it difficult to transition from this life to the next. Helping those in need without the run around.
(Reviews 0; Listed since: Jan 28, 2009) ::

Tracy Neeley

Spiritual Development is my specialty however, I do connect with Angels, Spirit Guides and past on loved ones. My goal is to help YOU with your spiritual path and guide you out of darkness and into the Light!
(Reviews 3; Listed since: May 27, 2009) ::

Mary Peeler

Psychic Medium Mary Peeler is based in Oklahoma City. She is internationally known for her accuracy, intuitive prowess, and amazing abilities to communicate with the dearly departed or guide others to a fuller, happier life. She is also skilled in Tarot, Past Life Regression, and Meditative techniques. Mary strives to establish trust through her caring nature and playful sense of humor.
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Terry L. Blackshire

I was born with the ability to communicate with spirits. Over the years I was awaken to the benefit of helping others. In 2009 after twelve years of not doing sessions (readings) for people I decided to make myself available to the public again. After recognizing my passion for helping those in need of my assistance as a Psychic-Medium I realized my mission and life’s path, one of service and of love!
(Reviews 1; Listed since: Oct 25, 2010) ::

Lauren Kelly

Lauren Kelly, a graduated student of Flora Peterson, is now expanding her psychic work beyond her paintings. A lifelong psychic and medium, Lauren is self-studied in card reading and psychic portraiture. In her psychic work, she specializes in relationship insight reading (both romantic and non-romantic), past life discussions, career/life path reading, women's empowerment, and guiding others through shadow work. Lauren has participated in a
(Reviews 0; Listed since: Jun 25, 2013) ::

Lana Lee

As a young girl, Lana Lee has always had a strong connection to Spirit. She has been reading professionally for over 13 years. During a session, Lana Lee offers you the opportunity to obtain insight about your present concerns as well as gaining past life knowledge. She connects you with your angels, guides and loved ones who have passed bringing forth messages to offer you guidance and comfort. In addition, Lana Lee enjoys communicating with you
(Nearest City: Norman; Reviews 1; Listed since: Aug 8, 2013) :: READ MORE...

Nicole M Ferguson

Hello, I am Nicole, a Spiritual Intuitive Messenger and gifted Clairvoyant. During readings I connect with my clients on a soul level to help them find more happiness, clarity, and peace in their lives. I provide intuitive advice regarding love, relationships, family, finances, and career. Additionally, I help heal past and present pain, clear auras and chakras, receive messages from loved ones who have passed, and teach motivated individuals
(Reviews 6; Listed since: Feb 6, 2015) ::
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