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Gayle Kirk

Gayle Kirk
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* Wonderful! I'm speechless. I feel so much more at peace.


You will love her as I do.

* HONORED to be 1ST LISTING on Bob Olson's "Choose by State" list for NORTH CAROLINA!

Additional Information: 

SAME DAY READINGS may be available or by appointment.

SAVE MONEY! I do NOT charge extra for Same Day Readings. (Most people charge extra.)

My readings COST LESS per minute than Instant Readings! (You get more time with me for less money.)



Your Soul, the Universe, your loved ones in Heaven, Spirit Guides, and the Angels have led you here.

I am an international Spiritual Teacher, Psychic, Life Coach, Medium, and Channel.

I am respected and known for my accuracy, detailed information, integrity, compassion, and sensitivity.

Since 1998, I have helped people all over the world.

I live in Cary, North Carolina, but I am originally from Ohio. I have also lived in Florida, Illinois, New Jersey, and Massachusetts.

I have travelled quite a bit to other countries. I enjoy helping people from all over the world via telephone and Skype.

My clients are very satisfied and often call me for additional readings. If this is your first time having a reading, you can feel safe and comfortable with me. I love helping people have a great first experience!

I consistently receive positive feedback on the accuracy of my readings. There are OVER 375 honest CLIENT TESTIMONIALS you can read on my website.

I look forward to having a great reading with you!


Receive psychic guidance, life coaching, and wisdom from Spirit!

I use my accurate psychic abilities of seeing, hearing, feeling, and direct knowing to support you.

WITHOUT YOU SAYING ANYTHING, I start the reading by providing information about you and your life.

High-level Spirit Guides and your Soul have your highest and best interests in mind.

Spirit and I offer guidance regarding your questions, heart's desires, and your deepest concerns.


Ask about yourself, relationships, love, career, money, health, family, children, pets, and other areas.

High-level Spirit Guides and your Soul are always loving, guiding, and supporting you.

Move forward with greater love, clarity, personal power, health, happiness, peace, abundance, and inspiration!

What are your concerns, goals, and dreams?

Spirit and I offer loving guidance, clarity, greater understanding, direction, and self-healing.

This is an amazing, sacred, intimate, and often life-changing conversation between you, Spirit, and me!


I can use my psychic abilities to look at potentials and possibilities for the future based on how things look now.

However, please realize that your life is not predetermined.

You help create your life with your thoughts, feelings, actions, and beliefs with the love and support of the Universe.

The Guides and I will not tell you what to do.

You will receive psychic guidance, life coaching, and wisdom from Spirit to help you make your own wise decisions.

Psychic Life Coaching helps you to be your most and to create your best life.

Grow, heal, and move forward by understanding difficult situations and people, challenging patterns, and false beliefs.

Receive support in making the shifts and changes to enjoy all areas of your life.

Live as your Soul and step out into your greatness!


NOTE: For 30 Minutes Psychic Life Coaching, please have ready approximately 4 specific questions, about several different areas of your life that you would like guidance, clarity, and direction on or more questions for longer readings.

I don't give general readings.

Please have ready a list of specific questions about several different areas of your life.

Be willing to talk openly and honestly with Spirit and me about your concerns, challenges, hopes, and desires.

I will get accurate psychic pictures, words, and feelings to help you.

Psychic Life Coaching requires your participation in the conversation for you to receive the best results.

The Guides and I are honest, but gentle.

We try not to worry or upset you.

Rest assured I will not tell you if or when someone is going to pass.

Your questions create the direction and focus of your reading. Spirit Guides also offer insights, teachings, and messages for your spiritual growth. I may ask questions to help you to know your own inner wisdom and self-worth. It is uplifting, healing, and powerful.

It is our intention to leave you feeling hopeful and empowered.

Please do not give me your questions before the reading.

The number of questions that can be asked in a reading depends on you having specific questions ready prior to the reading, the depth of the answers, the length of the session, and whether there are messages from Heaven.


Sometimes your family, friends, and pets in Heaven come through in Psychic Life Coaching.

They want to send you their love, support, and let you know they are now well.

Please be flexible and willing to hear from loved ones in Heaven, if that occurs.

Realize it is up to Spirit what happens in a reading.

If you are wanting to specifically connect with loved ones in Heaven, please book a reading for Messages from Heaven.

If someone in Heaven that you had difficulties with attempts to contact you during a session, please be willing to listen to them. They may want to apologize or explain their behavior.

Reconnecting with a loved one in a reading can be a great healing for you and them.

You may choose to decline hearing from someone if you aren't ready.


With great love, compassion, and sensitivity, I reconnect you with those who have crossed over.

My evidential mediumship brings greater understanding, healing, strength, and peace to those grieving.

I deliver highly specific evidence, accurate facts, and information so you can know without a doubt that your loved ones are really communicating with you in the reading.

WITHOUT YOU SAYING ANYTHING, I will provide specific details about your family, friends, and pets in Heaven and about you that I could not have known and is not available on the Internet.

My clients often say the uplifting validations I provide capture the true essence of the person so accurately that they feel as if their loved ones are in the same room!

I usually psychically feel your loved one's presence and often hear the type of relationship to you.

I may share with you their personality traits, how they passed, physical ailments, describe their relationship with you, and/or share memories about their life.

Your loved one may say who they are with in Heaven. They may also provide information about you and your family that has happened since they have passed so you will know they are still with you loving and supporting you.

My desire is for you to have a positive experience - one that brings comfort, understanding, peace of mind, hope, and healing.

I have great compassion and empathy for you regarding the loss of your loved ones. I have lost several people I was very close to, including my brother who took his own life.

When you make your appointment, don't tell me any information about your loved ones in Heaven and don't tell me who you hope to hear from. That way, you will know I am really connecting with them.

Along with approximately 25 minutes or more of Messages from Heaven, I also provide Psychic Life Coaching and if you are interested, Numerology for the remaining time of the reading.

NOTE: Messages from Heaven are available for 30, 40 or 50 Minutes Private Readings via Telephone or Skype.

IMPORTANT: 30 Minutes may not be enough time to adequately provide both Messages from Heaven and PSYCHIC LIFE COACHING and NUMEROLOGY.

NOTE: I strongly suggest a 40 or 50 Minutes Private Reading if you have several questions for PSYCHIC LIFE COACHING and NUMEROLOGY in addition to Messages from Heaven. I am not able to extend sessions if you need more time.

If you wish, CHANNELING may also be included for 50 Minutes Readings via Telephone only.

PLEASE WAIT 6 MONTHS after your loved one has passed before having a Messages from Heaven Reading.

By taking time to grieve, it helps your loved ones in Heaven to have a stronger presence in the reading.

PLEASE WAIT 6 MONTHS between Messages from Heaven Readings. (You may have a reading for Psychic Life Coaching and Numerology more often.)

Quite often, you will connect with one or more of the people and pets in Heaven that you are hoping to hear from - if you loved each other, knew them well (immediate family and very close friends), if it has been at least 6 months since they have passed, and if it has been at least 6 months since your last connection with them in a reading.

NOTE: You must be open to hearing from any person or pet in Heaven.

No medium can guarantee a connection with someone in Heaven or summon a particular person or pet.

Try to be open to connecting with more than just the person or pet you want to hear from.

Sometimes you are asked to pass a message on to someone else.

I allow your loved ones in Spirit to choose who comes through and what they say.

Please be flexible and realize it is up to Spirit what happens.

For MESSAGES FROM HEAVEN, please have ready approximately 4 specific questions about your life, about several different subjects, that you would like guidance, clarity, or guidance on for PSYCHIC LIFE COACHING since that is included, if we have enough time after the Messages from Heaven.

Messages from Heaven and Numerology are available by calling me directly, not for Instant Readings.


A Family Reading for MESSAGES FROM HEAVEN is available via SKYPE ONLY for 2 to 4 directly related immediate blood family members (parents, siblings, children over 18 years of age, and parents who have lost a child).

A Family Reading is the MOST SUCCESSFUL FOR parents who have lost a child OR for adult children over 18 years of age who have lost a parent(s) or sister/brother(s).

Everyone in the Family Reading MUST BE SEEKING TO CONNECT WITH THE SAME deceased family member(s).

You must be open to hearing from any person or pet in Heaven. I allow your loved ones in Spirit to choose who comes through and what they say. Please be flexible and realize it is up to Spirit what happens.

IMPORTANT: PLEASE DO NOT INVITE spouses, in-laws, or cousins and definitely no friends. It introduces unrelated energy that can bring in messages from their loved ones in Heaven which will take time away from the people you want to hear from.

Please see for more information on Family Readings.


There is a Higher Power that is always loving, guiding, and supporting you.

High-level Spirit Guides and your Soul have your highest and best interests in mind.

In a Channeled Reading, Spirit Guides speak directly to you while I am in a slightly altered state similar to a deep meditation.

By attuning with Higher Consciousness, I expand my awareness and bring through Divine Spirit.

Feel the love and compassion that Spirit has for you. It is a sacred, intimate, and often life-changing conversation between you and spiritual beings of a higher dimension.

The Guides consult and work with your Spirit Guides and your Soul in a Channeled Reading.

As you discuss your concerns with the Guides, they empower you to be your most and help you to create your best life.

Your heart knows Truth when you hear it. There is a feeling of great love that comes as the Guides speak. Their words resonate with your Soul.

The Guides I channel are highly evolved beings here to help us all know ourselves as Divine consciousness and to live as our Higher Self or Soul here on earth.

The channeling that I offer is somewhat similar to Esther Hicks who channels Abraham and Sanaya Roman who channels Orin and Suzanne Giesemann who channels Sanaya.

The Guides help you to remember your oneness with God.

They assist you in knowing your Divine Self worth and potential, to live as your Higher Self or Soul, to express love, and to serve others.

Spirit supports you in your growth, understanding, healing, and enlightenment.

The Guides do not represent any one religion, dialect, or culture. They desire to help all who sincerely seek them.

Spirit Guides are beings who are usually on a higher evolutionary scale. Spirit Guides are messengers or helpers for God/Source. They have often lived many previous lives and have chosen and earned the privilege to serve.

The Guides I channel represent and work for the Divine Consciousness which is the Spirit of God within all of us. It is who we really are - our True Self.

I call the group of Spirit Guides that I channel, "Divine Spirit".

Divine Spirit is a blending of my Soul with Spirit Guides who work in service for God/Source and who represent the Divine Consciousness.

The Guides are happy to discuss most any concerns you may have.

The group of Guides that I channel are known for their love, accuracy, honesty, and wisdom. The Guides enjoy responding to your questions and do so with gentleness and compassion.

The Guides can help you to look at any patterns or beliefs that may be preventing you from moving forward in your life, work, finances, relationships, health, and spiritual well-being.

Spirit Guides help you in being empowered so you may be your most, create your best life, and move forward with joy, peace, prosperity, and ease.

IMPORTANT: Please have at least 5 to 7 specific about several different areas of your life that you would like guidance, clarity, and direction on.

The Guides don't give general readings.

Please have ready a list of specific questions about several different areas of your life.

General questions like, "What do you see for me?" or "What do my Guides want me to know?" or "Are there any messages for me?" or "What can you tell me about my job, marriage, or kids?" usually get very general answers.

Try to be more clear about what it is you wish to know.

Be willing to participate in the conversation during the reading to get the most out of the experience.

IMPORTANT: A Channeled Reading is focused more on self-empowerment and personal responsibility, rather than on predictions.

A Channeled Reading is best received by those who want to grow spiritually, co-create their life with the help of Spirit, raise their consciousness, lovingly look at themselves with honesty and responsibility, and for those desiring a deeper reading experience.

NOTE: If you have never had a reading before or if you are relatively new to all this, I recommend having a reading for PSYCHIC LIFE COACHING first.

IMPORTANT: My posture, mannerisms, voice, accent, and pattern of speech may change slightly because it is a greater blending of the Higher Energies and my Soul speaking while I am in a deeper meditation.

This is so you will know the difference between when it is a deeper blending of the Guides and my Higher Self speaking versus when I am speaking as Gayle.

Most of the time, I hear the Guides' words as they are spoken through me. I may be able to briefly discuss what the Guides said to you after the channeling, if you have questions during the reading.

Other times, I am more removed in my awareness and I don't remember much. Usually, much or all of what is said to you during the reading is forgotten shortly after the reading since I am in a slightly altered state of consciousness.

You will likely experience their love, compassion, and sincere desire to help you, along with their greater wisdom, understanding, and patience.

The Guide's intention is to guide, educate, empower, uplift, and help heal.

As a result, you may feel gentle shifts and healing during and after the session to assist you in being your most and moving forward in your life.

Your questions create the direction and focus of your conversation with the Guides. Divine Spirit also offers insights, teachings, and messages for your spiritual growth.

The Guides ask questions to help you to know your own inner wisdom and self-worth. It is uplifting, healing, and powerful.

The Guides want you to remember your true nature. You are an eternal Divine spiritual being!

NOTE: Channeled Readings are available for 40 Minutes via Telephone only when it is just channeling.

You can include PSYCHIC LIFE COACHING and NUMEROLOGY with the Channeled Reading for 40 or 50 Minutes via Telephone only.

If you wish, you may also include PSYCHIC LIFE COACHING and NUMEROLOGY and MESSAGES FROM HEAVEN with the channeling for 50 Minutes via Telephone only.

NOTE: When you book your appointment, please tell me if you would like just channeling or if you want to include these other services.


I also offer Numerology to help you to learn about the personality, Soul life purpose, and unique gifts, talents, strengths, abilities, and challenges of you, your partner, and your children, at no extra charge.

Numerology is especially helpful in understanding yourself, your relationship with others, and for determining which type of job or career path is right for you and for young people who are just graduating.

Learn about the strengths, challenges, direction, and themes of this current year and this period of life you are in.

Please let me know if you would like Numerology when we start the reading.

Allow approximately 15 minutes for each person studied using Numerology.

All I need is the birth date (not time or place) and full birth name (including middle name) of those people you wish me to do Numerology for. You may give that to me during the reading, not before.


Classes and Events are available in-person, over the telephone, and online. See for more information.


Please be alone, in a quiet place, where you will be uninterrupted by people, children, pets, TV, traffic, and other noise. I need your full attention.

I can cover a lot of information fairly quickly if you have specific questions ready.

The outcome of a reading is greatly influenced by your mind set and emotional state.

Please be patient, have an open mind, and a loving heart. Work with me.

Do not be withholding, testing, or interrupt me. Otherwise, you will block the flow of information and messages.

If you have had a recent disappointing experience with a psychic, medium, or channel, please wait to have a reading with me.

NOTE: You may NOT record the session.

Posting audio and/or video recordings of readings online, via social media, or in any other form is strictly prohibited. Thank you for your cooperation.


Please read the full description for the type of reading you want on under the link called SERVICES. It will help you to know how I work, what to expect, and how to prepare so you can help create a positive experience.


If I don't answer the telephone, please leave a message. I will call you right back.

I can only return calls within the USA and Canada.

All payments are non-refundable, no exceptions.

Please purchase a longer reading if you think you may need more time.

Readings may not be extended, shortened, or cancelled once purchased.

NOTE: For more information about any of my services, please see

I look forward to speaking with you and having a positive experience.

Love & blessings,



Listed since: May 15, 2007


Gayle provided me with a combination of psychic life coaching and channeled reading. I was very nervous and she immediately tapped into easing my fear and making my experience one I could grow from. Clear and concise, very "warm" experience, I recommend her to all seeking clarity in their lives.
This was my first reading with Gayle. She provided me with insight, guidance and reassurance. The information offered me clarity about myself and life. A very positive experience.
Gayle was wonderful -- I connected with my parents and life partner instantly and felt so comforted. Thank you!
I had my first reading today with Gayle. She connected with my Mom, Dad, Grandmother, Sister-in-law & best friend from high school. She was able to tell me things & explain things that were very meaningful to me. She touched on things that were impossible for her to know without having this amazing gift. I am so thankful to have experienced this as I know I can grow more spiritual & heal myself with the clarification & acknowledgement she was able to deliver to me. I Highly recommend Gayle !
Gayle has helped me through a very difficult time in my life for the past 5 years. She is amazing and ACCURATE! Gayle helps me with Clarity and direction. Everything that she said about my situation has unbelievably come true. I feel strengthen with strong purpose after our communication. Thank you Gayle!
Had a reading today. Was completely amazed and touched. Will definitely be having another reading with her.
I just got through having a reading with Gayle and I feel she is "spot on" with her gift of picking up on my loved ones- Grandmother, Mother, Father, Sister, and Brother; and the Big surprise was that she picked up on a baby, who was my sister's and was two at the time she passed. He also passed with her in the auto accident. It was joyful and comforting to hear from them and to share these lovely feelings. I highly recommend her. Gayle is accurate, kind, spiritual, and compassionate.
Great reading! Right on with issues and personalities of loved ones. Would highly recommend a reading and will do so again.
I had my reading with Gayle today and she was very accurate. I came away from the reading today with a sense of peace and happiness that I have not had in a long time. I feel I can finally move forward with my life and be happy. I cannot thank her enough
I just had a reading with Gayle, it was excellent and well worth every penny. She is very comfortable to talk too and the information she provided was, in my opinion, 99.9% accurate. She brought the people through that I wanted to hear from and also provided a psychic reading after. I was able to agree with everything she told me about my family and I was happy to hear about the psychic information. I will definitely call her again.
She knew things nobody would know, I was shocked! Now I have a message to pass to my mother... Unbelievable...
Gayle was So Accurate She connected with my Mother, Father, Grandmother, and Little dog who have passed on and Gave Me many Accurate details about each one of them She is very Kind and easy to talk too Gayle also helped me with personal problems and answered all of the questions I had for her I Highly Recommend Gayle If you are Looking for a very Accurate ,Uplifting ,Reading do not hesitate to Call Gayle
Gayle is truly amazing. My father died tragically 16 years ago and Gayle knew exactly what had happened and helped me heal from her words and direction. In just 1 session, she helped me process and move forward with my life and pain more than the 15 years of therapy ever did. Today, she said things that she could not possible know about-it was astounding and made me feel at peace once again. She is incredible.
Gayle received messages from the very three people I had hoped she would contact. The information she conveyed was specific, accurate, enlightening, and comforting. I definitely will call Gayle again.
I had a wonderful reading with Gayle yesterday. My grandmother and uncle came through and the information shared was really helpful and very accurate. Galye is very caring when she brings information across. I highly recommend her.
I felt inspired to get a reading from Gayle, do to the fact that I needed some clarity on a situation regarding my Mother. As per her suggestion I wrote out 3 to 5 questions to ask. She actually answered every one of them during the reading itself. I love the connection we had, it felt more like I was talking to an old friend. If you are Feeling guided to get a reading, Just do It! You will not be disappointed. Thank You Gayle for sharing your Gift!
I had an amazing reading today. Not only did Gayle come they with the loved ones I wanted a message from, she gave me the answers And guidance I was seeking. Two words, "SPOT ON"! I feel like a made a connection with her not only as an advisor but a friend too. Thank you.
Wow! What a wonderful experience I had today with Gayl. I was amazed during the reading with her that she was able to help me to make a connection with my dad, who died when I was nine, who gave me loving reassurance that he is here with me. He also gave her facts that only he could have known. Gayl also gave me a psychic reading and literally answered my questions that I had written down before I asked her!!! She is wonderful!! I HIGHLY recommend!
Gayle is so gifted and I really enjoyed my 50-min reading with her. She connected me with my loved ones and provided an excellent numerology reading as well which gave me direction and guidance. Thank you Gayle!
I was SO SKEPTICAL of an over the phone reading!! I took the chance and called Gayle. I am sooooo happy I did! She was immediately on point when connecting with my loved ones. I have such a sense of relief after talking with her. She absolutely knew things that validated for me, the fact that she is absolutely the real deal. I am so thankful I called. I will absolutely be calling her again.
My first reading and found it to be a very pleasant experience. Gayle was able to clearly identify 3 distinct departed love ones and I felt real love, caring and compassion for her skills and interpretation at conveying a clear message. Her spirit guide also gave me a valuable message for myself which will help guide me in my life. Thanks so much.
I had a very nice & insightful reading with Gayle. I asked for a psychic reading even though my father has passed on. Immediately she picked him up and was spot on with everything. Even though she didn't focus on his messages and kept it quick as I asked for another type of reading, I still loved that she connected with him! In the reading she called out times of my past that have made me who I am today and still shape my future. She gave me very valuable advice! Strongly recommend!
My reading with Gayle was as if I was in the wonderful company of my deceased loved ones once again. This was my first session with Gayle, but it certainly won't be my last!
I want to thank Gayle for the special reading I had the other day. With her love and humor she gave med the opportunity to "meet" my dad - and grandmothers again. It was truly special and gave me peace in my heart. It was also very comforting and helpful the support I was given through the way she could see my life situation and that gave med encouragement into the future. The reading was so natural and relaxed and it gave me the power I need for my light to keep shining
As someone who has grown up very spiritually aware, I am also acutely aware of when someone is unqualified as a psychic medium and grasping at straws. Gayle could be no further from that - she instantly connected with my passed loved one, identifying even the specific characteristics that ultimately took my mother's life. And though one might think it is easy to "pass off" a generic description of a "motherly type", Gayle was able to with true accuracy identify her unique characteristics. A++
Gayle is a kind and compassionate conduit of spirtial messages as well as general life guidance issues. She was able to instantly connect with a beloved grandmother on the other side and deliver details during the call that were spot on about a china set that had been passed on to me, it was truly amazing. Gayle was also able to connect with our much loved dog Danny and his message helped us heal as as a family. Again, Gayle was able to deliver specific details about his life and his passing.
Gayle immediately relayed information from my mother and brother on the other side. All of the messages from Spirit, guides and loved ones, were deep in meaning and VERY accurate. I woke up the next morning feeling whole again and purposeful. Gayle is the perfect messenger for our guides, Spirit and loved ones from the other side. Her warmth, caring and wise perception and interpretation of my life and loved ones truly impacted me in a profound way. I will talk to her again! Thank you Gayle!!
Gayle: thank you for a great reading experience. I have never had a phone reading before and I was amazed at your accuracy and helpfulness. You have a very soothing manner when talking to people and I am so glad to have chosen you to speak to. I truly felt your heart in every word. I hope to speak with you again in the future. You are the "real deal." I can't wait to listen to my CD of our session. Regards, Lori
I just had my 2nd reading from Gayle. Again, she blew me away in her accuracy about deceased family members and what they had to say to me. She also did numerology on my son and my husband and it was very insightful and surprisingly so accurate. She then answered specific questions that I had and really helped me understand certain life paths or decisions that I needed help clarifying and deciding on. It was beyond amazing…AGAIN. This woman is the real thing. She is amazing.
I just had a reading with Gayle and I am still astonished and shocked. She is amazing and knew and said things that hardly anyone knew. She hit the nail on the head with loved ones and helped me a lot to understand things and help me move on and not let the past keep me down. It was like a miracle. I don't know what else to say except call her. She is the real deal and you won't be disappointed. I am thankful that I called her.


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