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Cheryl Anne McGill

Cheryl Anne McGill
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TESTED AS LEGITIMATE BY BOB OLSON -- Listed on International, Professional, Full time Psychic Medium, Medical Intuitive & Radio Show Host. I offer telephone readings. I also work with law enforcement to find closure on cases. I am a RN, Sexual Assault, Domestic Violence Specialist/Forensic Nurse, & MBA Graduate with 25+ years experience working in the Psychic and Spiritual Realms. Detailed, accurate readings prove continuity of life.

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Telephone Readings only. I ask the client not to tell me anything to keep the reading "clear" and untainted. Please visit my web site at for more information. I will be honored to read for you. Love ALLways, Cheryl Anne

Listed since: Jan 30, 2008


Cheryl Anne is very kind, and tells the truth as she sees it, even if it is not what the client wants to hear. I can't say that she told me any specific names or dates or gave me any messages from deceased loved ones, but that's not really what I was seeking. She was, however, spot on with what's going on in my professional and relationship life. She reassured and (remarkably) reaffirmed what I already knew. I will call her again, as I think she will be able to provide insight into the future.
I've had a few readings with Cheryl Anne and she is always very accurate and insightful. I think many people seek readings when the challenges of life seem too much to bear. You can't go wrong with Cheryl Anne, she is very kind and compassionate. I highly recommend her.
Cheryl Anne gave me a very evidential and insightful reading, and when I heard the recording of the session even more accurate items appeared. She is the real thing, a very talented and gifted psychic medium, and I am certainly planning on having her read for me again, hopefully for longer next time.
Cheryl Anne provided me with the best reading I've ever had! She was extremely accurate, professional, and articulate. She got right to the heart of the issue and provided me with precise, definitive guidance and information that I was seeking. She is pleasant to speak with and presents information in a clear, logical way. Cheryl Anne was extremely accurate despite having been provided little to no information about me or my situation prior to, or even during, my reading.
Cheryl was absolutely amazing, with her kindness, accuracy, and professionalism. She was able to tell with all certainty events that only I knew of in my life. She put me at ease immediately even though I was very emotional. I am so grateful for Cheryl and look forward to my next reading!
As an intuitive coach myself, I rarely treat myself to a reading, so I always search for the best of the best. Cheryl Anne is definitely one of the best! She gave me info about my life as though she were part of it, about my career, and she connected with SIX loved ones on the Other Side who were already standing by. She is highly ethical, professional & absolutely authentic. She knew what I do, how I felt, how I think, my maiden name, my spouse's name, two EXACT names from deceased loved ones.
Excellent reading ~ highly recommend! Cheryl Anne is accurate with specific details while being very loving and kind. In my reading, a serious issue concerning specifics of my mother's health came up. My mother took this information to her doctor who confirmed it was a valid health concern which they were able to quickly address and proactively save my mother's life. I am so very grateful to Cheryl Anne! Thank you! Tracy Cooper
Cheryl Anne McGill stands strong, for the last 7 years I have known/read with her, to be the truest and most insightful intuitive I have ever spoken with. She has revealed clarity to me with every question or concern I have ever had. She is often right in line with my own intuition, and adds objective amazing details. She is the real deal. If you read with her, it is important to actually want to hear the TRUTH. most people do not/can not accept truth, strange as that sounds.
Cheryl provided what I most needed - confirmation beyond any doubt that my son continues to thrive in the world of Spirit. She did this via detailed physical description, identifying how he had died, and naming his loved ones here. She also described with accuracy my son's personality and his life. Messages for loved ones here were based on their specific life circumstances as well as recent life changes. After my reading with Cheryl Anne, I felt that I could finally begin to let go of my grief.
This is my second reading with Cheryl Anne. Once again I am amazed with her clear insight and accuracy! Her connection with Spirit is incredibly pure and strong, but equally incredible is her concise interpretation. She is not just confirming information, she is retrieving surprisingly new details that one does not expect to hear. Her guidance leaves me with a feeling of hope and empowerment to better navigate my way through life. In an age of skepticism she is refreshingly real!
My first reading with Cheryl Ann was very accurate. She addressed some of the very important concerns I had and I didn't have to say a word. She also told me about a problem I was having with my right knee which really helped me to tailor my workouts to prevent further injury. Everything she said and discussed came through with the utmost love and respect. Truly a genuine lady with an amazing gift. I will be a regular client from now on. Thank you very much Cheryl Ann!
Someone once told me they wished crystal balls could really see into the future so decisions and life in general would be easier. I agreed, but instead of a crystal ball, I went shopping for a psychic medium because I believe there are people who really have this gift. I found Best Psychic Directory and read through everyone listed and chose Cheryl Ann McGill. BEST CHOICE OF MY LIFE! Today I had my 3rd reading and there will be many more. Thank you Cheryl Ann for your guidance and friendship. X0
This was my first session and I am Wowed at the accuracy that Cheryl Anne provides. She started off with what my reasons for the reading and answered the exact questions I had without me asking. Cheryl is kind, loving and genuine. I was very pleased at our session and look forward to our next meeting.
I had my first session with Cheryl Anne yesterday. AMAZING! She blew me away with her accuracy, compassion and priceless guidance that appealed to my left brain as well as the right brain. Today, I no longer feel "stuck" but motivated to assert myself and know that destiny is achievable with the right support. Thank you Cheryl Anne for your support.
As usual Cheryl Anne is top notch in her intuitive reading with me. I have been speaking with her for seven years now. There is just no one else like her. On top of it, she is a beautiful person and a kind soul. Bless her.
This was my husband's and my fourth or fifth reading over a number of years with Cheryl Anne. As usual, everything was so clear and concise, and we thoroughly enjoy being read together. She is always so accurate and wonderful to talk to, with her gentle and compassionate soul. We look forward to getting together again with her next year!
Cheryl Anne has read for me three times, and I have had several readings in the past from other psychic mediums. Each reading, Cheryl Anne has begun talking about the subject matter at hand, giving me a clear picture of the situation and giving me guidance, without me asking a question or even telling her why I scheduled the reading. She has accurately predicted the twists and turns of my situation, has told me what's about to happen, and what I should be doing along the way. Highly recommend.
I have had reading with psychic before but never like Cheryl Anne, she is real and I will recommended to anyone who is looking for real psychic. I am looking forward to have another reading with her in the future again. Thank you Cheryl Anne
My reading was amazing. I was looking for answers to business and financial concerns and Cheryl immediately jumped in with the insight to these concerns. Most importantly, she was able to provide valuable insight to my future and the transactions that lay before me. What a beautiful reading. The best I have ever had... She is so accurate that it made me nervous during the reading which is just not my style. If you need insight...this is the best money you will spend!
This was my 1st reading (45 min) with Cheryl Anne. She is very pleasant & easy to talk to. She doesn’t ask leading questions, she just listens to the information being provided to her & relays that to the client. My life has been changing in every way & she was able to pinpoint how & what my plan was before I told her. The info she relayed to me confirmed I’m making the correct life changing moves & I had a sense of peace and validation once it was complete. I would not hesitate to use her again
Thank you for leading me to Cheryl Ann. She jumped right in, brought forth my son who had died in a tragic accident in January, and validated why he was hit. Simply, it was his time to go and the angels were there for him when he transitioned. He felt no pain. She did not ask, she knew. She even talked about him being happy, with his dog and cat - described them with incredible clarity. She described other circumstances in my life, bringing relief and understanding to help me cope. LOVE:)
I have had three readings with Cheryl now and have found all of them to be astoundingly accurate- hence why I have kept coming back. She does not require you to say anything at the start of the session- she just jumps right in and describes your situation to a T. She's also warm kind hearted and friendly- definitely the tea deal!
Cheryl Anne answered my ques before I even asked. She was very helpful in giving me insight on things that have been troubling me. She was quite accurate in predicting future events. When what she said came to pass, it was then that I realized that she truly is a gifted psychic medium. I hope you will have this amazing opportunity to experience a reading with her. She is so kind, compassionate, & helpful. I appreciate her so much & I’m absolutely grateful that she shares her gift with all us.
Thank you for a very helpful, accurate reading. You are compassionate, kind, and connected to Spirit. Many blessings to you.
I have had many great readings with Cheryl Anne over the past 5 years. Not only is she extremely accurate and knowledgable about exactly what subjects are most pertinent, she is loving, understanding, and highly spiritual. A reading with Cheryl Anne is refreshing and effortless, in the way she is able to put your mind at ease about everything, and the complete trust and faith in your life, that follows.
Through out the years I have had several psychic readings though I am not by any means a "psychic reading junkie". I must say that Cheryl Anne was amazing. She was more accurate than one can imagine and gave a detailed reading which astonished me. Here is the thing, I did not have to say a word about why I was calling and she just began speaking on the reason that I had scheduled a reading. I highly recommend CherylAnne and will scheduling again when needed.
I can not think of a better way to start the new year. Cheryl Anne wiped away all my worries in 45 min and left me glowing in hope. Her reading was perfect in every way...accuracy, compassion, knowledge and insight. The nurse in her catered to my need for self-love and understanding my purpose. I plan to make it an annual event, every January; Talk to Cheryl Anne.
This is my second reading with Cheryll Anne. After constantly worrying about how I should be living my life she gave me the counseling I needed to move forward and start living in the now. Thank you for listening and for your advise. I will let you know about nursing school and everything else at the right time. I will definitely contact her again. Sending loving energy.
I had my first reading with Cheryl Anne. I only had twenty minutes with her, everything she hit on was true and resonated with me, not once did she mention anything that gave me doubt. She hit on my career and my personal life and she gave me a few predictions for the future both professionally and personally. This reading was just to test the waters and I was very happy with the results and with the woman herself. I highly recommend Cheryl Anne and i will contact her again.
I was lost and did not know what direction to take. I found Cheryl Anne on the best Psychic Directory and decided to give it a try. Wow, She's simply amazing, so kind and sincere when I needed a gentle hand to guide me. Her accuracy is so spot on it's crazy. I will always reconnect with her when I need clarifications or just a little insight into life. After a reading with Cheryl Anne, I always feel more spiritual, inspired, and comforted. Thank you so very much for sharing your gift!


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