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Cheryl Anne McGill

Cheryl Anne McGill
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TESTED AS LEGITIMATE BY BOB OLSON -- Listed on International, Professional, Full time Psychic Medium, Medical Intuitive & Radio Show Host. I offer telephone readings. I also work with law enforcement to find closure on cases. I am a RN, Sexual Assault, Domestic Violence Specialist/Forensic Nurse, & MBA Graduate with 25+ years experience working in the Psychic and Spiritual Realms. Detailed, accurate readings prove continuity of life.

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Telephone Readings only. I ask the client not to tell me anything to keep the reading "clear" and untainted. Please visit my web site at for more information. I will be honored to read for you. Love ALLways, Cheryl Anne

Listed since: Jan 30, 2008


I just had a reading by Cheryl Anne and it was completely accurate and filled with incredible energy. No leading questions, no beating around the bush, just straight out information from cooperating spirits in helping you to reach your fullest potential through Cheryl Anne. She hit on all the aspects of my life that I needed guidance in, and validated that which I was hesitant in plus throwing in some pleasant information regarding loved ones as well. Highly recommended!!
I have had many readings with many psychics these years. Accuracy is the most thing I care and Cheryl Anne is who I have been looking for. Things she sensed are exactly what they are. Some of the things she predicted happened already in a couple of weeks after my reading. I want to thank her for the way she eased my pain. She is truly gifted!
WOW!!!! Just had my first ever reading with Cheryl Ann she hit the ball out of the park. I was very nervous as to not know what to expect, but Cheryl Ann has a calming effect that causes you to relax as you process through the reading. She has an uncanny way to have you open up, and to feel like you have known her for quite some time. And you feel her unconditional love and acceptance. At the end of my reading I realize 30 minutes was not long with someone who has her gift.
I had my first reading with Cheryl Anne in 2011. She told me I was moving when I had no plans to do so. I received a job offer two months later which had me move out of state! I have had readings with her ever since. She is accurate every single time with telling me of things that are coming into my life in terms of finances, career, and relationships. She tells you the truth even if it isn't what you want to hear and is very kind in doing so. She is a beautiful soul with incredible gifts. A++!
Cheryl Anne McGill has been reading for me for the last 7 years. She is an extremely gifted psychic medium, incredibly accurate and has a wonderful soul. She has offered me valuable insight time and time again. She is so compassionate and warm and I could listen to her for hours. I truly RECOMMEND Cheryl-Anne to those who want a soft yet honest, touch and wish to know things only a true psychic can shed light on. I am so lucky to have found her and grateful for her and her assistant, Laurel.
Cheryl Anne is an experienced and accurate professional . She was clear and and on target for my current state of affairs . I would highly recommend her ! Gave me great guidance and recommendations .
Having over 35 yrs experience with Psychics i can say that Cheryl Anne was among the best i have been exposed too. She was able to validate issuses that i had concerns. And without asking any questions of me. I recommend her to anyone who wants and needs a true insight into ones life. Am looking forward to my next reading with this truely gifted woman.
This is my 3rd reading with Cheryl. She is amazing. I like her style of reading. She opens the conversation with what she gets from spirit and asks if that is correct. So many good things coming my way. She saw me surrounded by books and that's because I am in nursing school always studying. She picked up on both my grandmothers in spirit. She is so very accurate it's amazing. I will always contact her for advise. She's worth the wait.
I had my first reading with Cheryl Anne today and I was totally blown away. I have been going through a very difficult time and within the first few minutes Cheryl identified what my concerns were so I knew she was authentic. She also brought a message from my mother She is compassionate, articulate and really cares. She is blessed with such a wonderful gift that helps people. Thank you, Cheryl Anne. You have given me hope and have lifted me from the depth of despair. Susan Burkhardt
It Is now 3years since i started having readings with cherill anne.i like her readings, because you don t need to pur questiins. You might do it and she will answer, but otherwise she will read for you pointing out exactly what the issue in that moment. Moreover, she is also medical intuitive , so really complete. not know what i mostly appreciate is that she is sincere and at the same time compassionate.
I had my first reading ever with Cheryl Anne. Her compassion and insight was phenomenal...while I was hoping for a bit more from a particular individual she had so much to tell me that I believe more was to come. Being a bit uncertain on what to expect, she far surpassed my expectations and I cannot say enough about Cheryl Anne's kindness and desire to pass on as much information as possible.
it was a great honor to get a reading with Cheryl Anne. Getting a valid reading and connecting with my dear Mom were so vital to me, that I researched the subject for months. I discovered Cheryl Anne through this, and she definitely did not disappoint! Her accuracy and connections with loved ones were incredible and life changing for me. I will never again look at life in the same way! I am most grateful to Cheryl Anne for sharing her gift, and can't wait for the next reading with her!
I have spoken with Cheryl three different times now over the last 4 years and she is spot on. She has helped so much in dealing with career, relationships, and other issues and has validated things I had strong feelings about but just needed that extra assurance. All this without her asking any questions. I highly recommend her.
Blown away! She started to talk very fast without me providing any information whatsoever (most "psychics" asks for some info). She began to communciate with my "mother's mother" though there's no way for her know my grandmother had passed away last Feb. I had several questions on my mind (career, relationship, etc) but they were all answered in a form of messages from my grandmother without me asking any questions. I got tears and goosebumps at the same time. She's truly gifted!
I had my first reading with Cheryl Anne recently, and I was impressed. Cheryl Anne provided information about my loved ones without asking questions, and she showed much compassion and warmth in providing the information and relaying their messages. She was professional yet compassionate, and concise yet thorough. She was very conscientious in all respects. I was pleased with the reading and anticipate having another one with her.
Within seven months in 2014 my house burned,my mother died and the final blow came when my wife n true soul mate died. Devastated does not come close to describing my pain. I began to search for answers as to why God would take so much from me. Cheryl Anne was my first reading ever and she truly changed my life. I was able to hear from my mom and wife...make no mistake it was them. They are happy at peace and relieved to be free. It was their time. Cheryl can help reach out.
I had my reading with Cheryl Ann two days ago. The first time ever to have a reading done. My wife passed three months ago and I wanted to connect with her. Not really knowing what to expect, I was very pleasantly surprised. Cheryl Ann told me things that only my wife and I could know. My wife's beautiful personality came shining through and I knew it was her. To say Cheryl Ann is real and authentic is an understatement. I will have a second reading in the future. Thank you Cheryl Ann.
I've always believed in Mediums but I also know there are a lot of fakes out there. Cheryl Ann is NOT one of those. She was amazing! She connected with my late husband, whom I wanted to come through. She was very specific in her reading and I will be calling on her again. There isn't enough words for me to express how grateful I am to her. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone. Thank you Cheryl Anne! Marilyn Henderson
Hey Cheryl Ann! I didn't quite understand what you meant at certain parts of the reading, but it's all starting to make sense when looking back at what has happened in my life and doing all that research I love to do, haha. I would like to extend my appreciation and gratitude for your kind words of encouragement and reassurance throughout the session. After replaying our recording, I couldn't help but smile goofily at myself back then. Keep being your beautiful self, and I l<3ve you! :D
My second reading with Cheryl Anne was terrific. She was extremely accurate. Cheryl Anne is also very professional, compassionate, and descriptive. She has provided me with the two best readings I've ever had, by far. She instantly sees details and provides clarity and advice.
Cheryl Anne is very kind, and tells the truth as she sees it, even if it is not what the client wants to hear. I can't say that she told me any specific names or dates or gave me any messages from deceased loved ones, but that's not really what I was seeking. She was, however, spot on with what's going on in my professional and relationship life. She reassured and (remarkably) reaffirmed what I already knew. I will call her again, as I think she will be able to provide insight into the future.
I've had a few readings with Cheryl Anne and she is always very accurate and insightful. I think many people seek readings when the challenges of life seem too much to bear. You can't go wrong with Cheryl Anne, she is very kind and compassionate. I highly recommend her.
Cheryl Anne gave me a very evidential and insightful reading, and when I heard the recording of the session even more accurate items appeared. She is the real thing, a very talented and gifted psychic medium, and I am certainly planning on having her read for me again, hopefully for longer next time.
Cheryl Anne provided me with the best reading I've ever had! She was extremely accurate, professional, and articulate. She got right to the heart of the issue and provided me with precise, definitive guidance and information that I was seeking. She is pleasant to speak with and presents information in a clear, logical way. Cheryl Anne was extremely accurate despite having been provided little to no information about me or my situation prior to, or even during, my reading.
Cheryl was absolutely amazing, with her kindness, accuracy, and professionalism. She was able to tell with all certainty events that only I knew of in my life. She put me at ease immediately even though I was very emotional. I am so grateful for Cheryl and look forward to my next reading!
As an intuitive coach myself, I rarely treat myself to a reading, so I always search for the best of the best. Cheryl Anne is definitely one of the best! She gave me info about my life as though she were part of it, about my career, and she connected with SIX loved ones on the Other Side who were already standing by. She is highly ethical, professional & absolutely authentic. She knew what I do, how I felt, how I think, my maiden name, my spouse's name, two EXACT names from deceased loved ones.
Excellent reading ~ highly recommend! Cheryl Anne is accurate with specific details while being very loving and kind. In my reading, a serious issue concerning specifics of my mother's health came up. My mother took this information to her doctor who confirmed it was a valid health concern which they were able to quickly address and proactively save my mother's life. I am so very grateful to Cheryl Anne! Thank you! Tracy Cooper
Cheryl Anne McGill stands strong, for the last 7 years I have known/read with her, to be the truest and most insightful intuitive I have ever spoken with. She has revealed clarity to me with every question or concern I have ever had. She is often right in line with my own intuition, and adds objective amazing details. She is the real deal. If you read with her, it is important to actually want to hear the TRUTH. most people do not/can not accept truth, strange as that sounds.
Cheryl provided what I most needed - confirmation beyond any doubt that my son continues to thrive in the world of Spirit. She did this via detailed physical description, identifying how he had died, and naming his loved ones here. She also described with accuracy my son's personality and his life. Messages for loved ones here were based on their specific life circumstances as well as recent life changes. After my reading with Cheryl Anne, I felt that I could finally begin to let go of my grief.
This is my second reading with Cheryl Anne. Once again I am amazed with her clear insight and accuracy! Her connection with Spirit is incredibly pure and strong, but equally incredible is her concise interpretation. She is not just confirming information, she is retrieving surprisingly new details that one does not expect to hear. Her guidance leaves me with a feeling of hope and empowerment to better navigate my way through life. In an age of skepticism she is refreshingly real!


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