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North Carolina

Ada May Brown

I am Spirit taught Medium and Chakra Energy Healer. This means that when the time was right, Creator lead me to the path which would be most beneficial for me to learn what my abilities were and how they worked. This was very important to me because for so much of my life I had been in complete denial of these amazing gifts. As the old saying goes, “When the timing is right, the Teacher appears...” and that is so true for my life. The
(Nearest City: Chapel Hill ; Reviews 6; Listed since: Aug 25, 2007) :: READ MORE...

Daniel Wagner

Known internationally for his unusual abilities as a psychic and healer, Daniel exhibited psychic abilities at an early age. Those abilities increased as he grew and became aware of them. Over the years, Daniel has refined his gifts by working with secluded figures and world renowned figures like Doreen Virtue, Dr. Eric Pearl, Dr. Susan Gregg, Lynn Andrews, and others. He is certified and experienced in many fields as a healer and psychic.
(Reviews 0; Listed since: Apr 4, 2008) ::

Jonathan Bullock

I am a Psychic with over 20 years of experience. I can help you in matters of Love, Career, Money, or any other issue that life may be throwing at you. I am caring and compassionate. I am Non-Judgmental. I am a Clairvoyant and skilled Tarot, Rune, Angel and Animal Guide reader. I upfront and straight forward with my advice. I am caring and non-judgmental. I can aid in problems with the Paranormal and can channel my spirit guides to help
(Nearest City: Lumberton; Reviews 1; Listed since: Jun 5, 2008) :: READ MORE...

David Swing

I am a faerie seer offering spiritual counseling, intuitive, psychic and past life readings to help you discover new ways to bring more joy, magic and harmony into your life. With help from my spirit guide, I do my best to provide useful and compassionate information to help you move forward along your life path. I am also the author of two books about faeries, The Celtic Owl and Gnomes in the Garden, available through and other reta
(Nearest City: Asheville, NC; Reviews 0; Listed since: Jul 25, 2009) :: READ MORE...

Hans Christian King

Internationally Acclaimed Medium and Spiritual Teacher For over 50 years, Hans Christian King has been sharing his extraordinary talent: the ability to communicate with the realm of Spirit. He works in partnership with his Guidance to channel communication that is essential to your life. Modern Day Mystic Hans acts as a Medium to present messages between you and your own personal Angels. Experiencing a personal 'reading' creates an opportuni
(Nearest City: Asheville; Reviews 2; Listed since: Jan 1, 2010) :: READ MORE...

Belle Salisbury

Hello! My name is Belle and I am a Spiritualist Minister, Psychic Medium and spiritual counselor. In my abilities as a psychic I am able to see things that are going on around you at the present time, as well as past events, and the possible future outcome of your concerns around love, relationships, finances, career, or life path with a clarity that demonstrates my ability to bring you guidance. As a medium I am able to see and communicate with
(Nearest City: Fayetteville; Reviews 6; Listed since: Mar 7, 2011) :: READ MORE...

Jeannie Whyte

Internationally known professional psychic for over 33 years. Your life is important and having someone to rely on who has a passion for helping you achieve your success and will be there with you every step of the way, is what Jeannie specializes in. Helping you to be successful by providing guiding life-fulfilling information is how you obtain insights from the Archangels, Guides, Angels and Ascended Masters that provide you direct insight int
(Nearest City: Raleigh; Reviews 1; Listed since: Jun 7, 2011) :: READ MORE...

Dawn Joyce-Reno

DAWN JOYCE-RENO (Alea Dawn): Our loved ones in spirit always leave an energy connection in our hearts. A session with Alea Dawn can help you make that heart to heart connection with validation knowing that your loved ones are in beautiful form, still with you and still connecting with you. These are spirit empowered sessions as Alea also brings forward her special gift of Guided Communication to inspire and empower you in your daily waking life.
(Nearest City: Southport/Wilmington; Reviews 9; Listed since: Jul 20, 2011) :: READ MORE...

Chanah Liora Wizenberg

I am Chanah Liora. I come from a long line of psychics. There have been psychics in my family for generations on both my mother’s and my father’s side. I mostly use the tarot as my primary tool. When called, I use my crystal ball, pendulum and psychometry to enhance my tarot readings. Along with these skills I facilitate writing workshops using tarot. 
I believe that when we are prepared, have guidance, insight, and inspiration, there i
(Reviews 0; Listed since: Nov 14, 2011) ::

Vincent Genna, MSW

VINCENT GENNA, MSW, LLC: Vincent Genna is a triple power Psychic – an authentic and gifted psychic, with the knowledge and experience of a psychotherapist, and the big, charming personality of a showman. He combines his early background as a professional actor and singer, a Masters in Clinical Social Work and his Hospice experience helping more than 500 patients through the dying process, with his uncanny skills as a metaphysician and psychic m
(Nearest City: Raleigh; Reviews 1; Listed since: Feb 23, 2012) :: READ MORE...

Pamela Cummins

The High Priestess of Love, Pamela Cummins, can assist you in your love life, relationships, self-growth, and dream interpretation. She works with Angels and Guides and uses her psychic abilities of clairaudience, clairsentience, and clairvoyance to shine the light on your path. Her unique coaching and mentoring skills gives you the manifestation toolbox to achieve your goals. Pamela’s clients refer to her as the “Musical Psychic” because s
(Reviews 1; Listed since: Feb 28, 2013) ::

Nicolebeth Williamson

Being a Psychic Medium has always been something I have been very comfortable with, even excited at see our loved ones and pets in spirit coming forward to bring guiding, healing messages of love for you, and to watch the beautiful expressions on your faces as you experience your life with your loved ones again. I always cherish those moments, new memories, that you now have in your heart! My work also has a unique little something
(Nearest City: Asheville; Reviews 6; Listed since: Apr 20, 2013) :: READ MORE...

Deborah Hendrickson

Psychic Consultant: Deborah is a Psychic Medium who connects through prayer and meditation to Spirit. Deborah is direct and forthcoming with the information provided to her and asks Spirit to only provide messages which would best serve in the highest good and purpose of the client. Child and Adolescent Intuitive Development Mentor: Deborah utilizes her education as a Qualified Mental Health Professional (QMHP) and her experience growing up
(Nearest City: Asheville; Reviews 0; Listed since: Jun 28, 2013) :: READ MORE...

Jill M. Jackson

Jill M. Jackson is the 2015 Psychic of the Year from Best American Psychics! She is a renowned Psychic Medium who provides accurate insightful guidance when you need it most. She is clairvoyant (ability to see images, visions, people, or objects), clairaudient (ability to hear voices, music, or sounds), and claircognizant (ability to receive a clear “knowing” from the Spirit realm). Jill is a medium, a clear and open channel, able to conne
(Nearest City: Asheville; Reviews 5; Listed since: Nov 14, 2013) :: READ MORE...
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