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Michael Diamond

Michael Diamond
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Nearest City: 
New York City (Manhattan), and West Milford, NJ
Scheduled Reading Fee: 
$80 for 30 minute reading or $150 for 1 hour reading
To Schedule A Reading Call: 

Michael Diamond is a gifted Spirit Medium located in New York City and Northern NJ. He is known for his natural ability to bring through evidential messages from those in the Spirit world.

Michael began having mediumistic experiences as a young child but was unsure of what it was. His family told him that he had a lot of "imaginary friends", which he continued to have as he got older, but realized that everyone else didn't have them. In his teens and early twenties he began to understand his psychic and mediumiship abilities, which lead to a path of self discovery of these amazing gifts. He has dedicated decades to his ongoing development of this fascinating ability of mediumship.

Michael is also a Registered Nurse, having worked in the ICU, oncology, case management and nursing administration for some of the top medical institutions in the New York City and NJ area. His medical knowledge has proven to be an asset, allowing him to understand complex clinical details while communicating with those in the Spirit world.

Michael's goal for every reading is to make an evidential connection between you and a loved one that has passed and relay any messages he receives.

For the last decade, Michael has been helping people connect with their loved ones on the other side, while teaching that life and love are eternal.

Additional Information: 

Appointments with Michael are available in both Manhattan and Northern NJ.
Readings are also available by telephone and Skype. Telephone/Skype readings are just as accurate as in person readings. This is because the way spirit communicates to Michael is the same no matter where you or he are physically located.
Remember, the connections we make in the physical world never dies.
Your loved ones are only a thought away.

Contact Michael for more information or to schedule an appointment.
Email at

Listed since: Apr 5, 2016

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