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Allie Cheslick

Allie Cheslick
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WE REGRET TO ANNOUNCE THAT ALLIE PASSED AWAY UNEXPECTEDLY ON APRIL 23RD, 2017. We are grateful to have known her and worked with her since 2007. May she rest in peace. Our condolences to her family and friends. ~ Bob & Melissa Olson

Internationally Known Spiritual Medium, Intuitive (Psychic), Angelic Channel, Spiritual Healer, Teacher, Ordained Minister, Registered and Certified Metaphysical Practitioner, Reiki level 3 practitioner , Radio Personality & Host.

Allie Cheslick is a Professional Spiritual Medium, Healer, Intuitive & Radio Host. She has been a consultant to a national and international clientele and a sought after guest on many national and international radio programs. She is also known as a Psychic's Psychic and has demonstrated for audiences worldwide on radio and TV.

Allie says, "It's never about the psychic or medium, we are just the conduits for the information, it's always about the client and those in spirit wishing to communicate albeit loved ones, angels or spirit guides."

Allie's reputation and comedic personality have earned her a loyal following of clients both nationally and internationally, word of mouth referrals and a large local and international radio fan base. Her compassion, ethics, integrity and humor give her the ability to effectively communicate the messages of spirit and intuition while putting her clients at ease.

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Allie has been touted as one of the most genuine, sincere, and hauntingly- accurate spiritual and intuitive mediums of our time. Allie's Love is felt in every reading and her, "Tell it like it is attitude" is refreshing and authentic!

CONNECT WITH ALLIE ~ Allow her to guide you and work with you on your current situation or connect with your loved ones in spirit. She has worked Professionally for more than 15 years and her clients come from all walks of life. She is a consultant to many celebrities as well as other psychic's and mediums because they know she is direct, honest and a pure conduit of spirit.

"I have listened to Allie on the radio for several years and have had two readings with her. I was not only pleased by both sessions, but also totally amazed. Even the two or three things she said that I was initially doubtful of turned out to be "right on". Talking with Allie is very relaxing and like talking to a long-time friend who knows not only your past, but also your future. Allie is a MUST HAVE!"

~ Patti in Tennessee

Allie exudes love and honesty and you really get the sense that she wants to help you. I consulted with her when I had to make a difficult decision and was confused and clouded by the unknown and she makes things clear so you can make the right choice for yourself. During my second reading, my mom happened to be in the room listening when we were Skyping. Mom tends to be a skeptic but even she loves Allie and often asks about her. Allie is wonderful and I recommend her highly.

~ Yuson in California
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Listen in Live on THURSDAYS to Allie & Guests: 6pm pst / 9pm est

Connect with Allie:
Connect with Allie:

** Please feel free to leave a review of your connection with Allie and Visit her website to see more testimonials and Professional endorsements. **

Listed since: Sep 9, 2007


Allie is one of a kind, she has read for me and I am truly amazed at her kindness which is genuine and her accuracy, even when she is ill herself she checks on her clients. Wonderful woman and psychic GOD BLESS HER
I just had a reading with Allie and it was really on!! She is so wonderful to speak with, I feel like I just made a really good friend today. So intuitive, accurate, honest, takes time to explain things, and she's funny too! Thank you Allie. I'll be calling you again for sure!
I cannot say enough good things about Allie's readings. I have been having readings with Allie for many years. She is always my go to intuitive when I need direction and help. She is always spot on!!! Without going into my personal life, she gave information about a situation months in advance. Never in a million years would I have thought it would come to fruition.. However, as always in Allie's reading, it did! She is truly the Best!! I adore her!
Thank you so much for the reading/session we had. I am so grateful that you have the gifts that you do and share them in our highest good. This was not my first reading with you and I have to share that you are AWESOME! You are very accurate and are able to see and hear what we need at that time and place. I'll be back for sure and have recommended you to several others! God Bless!
Allie is the real deal ... I had a reading with her during a transition period in my life. She was spot on and gave incredibly valuable direction in terms of sorting out challenging decisions. I got back to my notes from the reading periodically for some additional encouragement and direction. She's honest and incredibly insightful. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!
I've wanted an intuitive reading from Allie since we first connected on Facebook back in 2011. My head is spinning from the intuitive intel download. The details delineated were spot on and palpably resonant. Allie provided clarity regarding specific incarnational patterns that will help me progress to the next level on my soul's evolutionary path. Thank you, Allie, for laying out a practical schemata. Your reputation as one of the most gifted intuitive mediums is without doubt. Astounding!
i had a beautiful reading from Allie . She is great . Brought my Mother through as well as my husband. Two sister and even talked on a few others. She helped me to know they are very much with me. And they are helping me to cope with all I'm dealing with. I would recommend Allie . For a true positive and honest reading. She's the one. She's a beautiful soul. Even had so much patients fir my hearing and understanding and had to repeat several time. I love you Allie and so thank you..
Allie is the real deal. The session we had together was both enlightening and heartfelt. She shared messages that really surprised me yet comforted me from members of my family on the other side. She also accurately read current life circumstances which helped me see the situation(s) with more clarity. She not only helped me but also helped my husband re-connect with his father and uncle who recently crossed to the other side. He is now a firm believer of the after life!! Thank you Allie!
Allie has been doing ongoing readings for a few years now and when the stress gets high i know it is time for an update so she can enlighten me to what is really going on. Even the craziest things she has said to me i had to come back and eat my words cause she was spot on. She has been a great help in my life.
Allie knew things she couldn't have known! She was able to channel 2 of my grandmothers that had passed away. I thought that was amazing. She even channeled my deceased boyfriend which was a total surprise. It left me in tears. I have to admit I was a bit skeptical but after talking to Allie at length I know she is the real deal. I look forward to getting more readings from her!
I have known Allie for many years.. I can only say one thing, she is an especially gifted medium. We have shared many readings and personal moments and, each and every one was spot on. Her ability to get the messages from Spirit is overwhelming to the point of goose-bumps!. I have known many psychics in my life time, she rates up in the top 5... thank you ALLIE! You will always be my number one.
I had the honor of a reading with Allie. It was like spending time with an old friend who knew all about you and your family. She provided me with the resolution and peace I so needed since my husband passed, and was spot on with answers to questions I never thought could be answered from the other side. Looking forward to future readings with my new "old" friend. She was generous with her time and her compassion. Can't thank her enough. Referring her to my friends!
Allie did a reading for me. She was right on with many things and even got information about a Chihuahua of mine that passed away. She said he was was showing her strawberry pop tarts. NO ONE in this entire world would have known that was his favorite snack except for family. She is the real deal and I would suggest her to anyone for a reading...actually I already have suggested her to others.
I have had many readings in the past from others but none have compared to my experience with Allie. I don't think I can even put into words how I felt after my experience. Allie takes the time to make sure all areas in question are covered without being a clock watcher. It really feels like you are talking to your best friend when you have a reading from her. She put a lot of things to ease with the information she passed on. It was nice to have someone honest not sugar coating things.
I've had several readings over the years from Allie. She's not only accurate but delivers a no-nonsense reading that's filled with compassion and honesty. Allie is truly gifted and I highly recommend her.
She is more than a medium. Allie truly treats you like a friend and doesn't candy coat anything. My grandmother came threw and she knew her name. Things no one I mean no onewould know she knew. I have had a few readings with her and she always tells me how things will be and they always turn out how she says it. I absolutely adore her and her personality.
I just love Allie iv been lucky enough to have had more than one reading from Allie iv always found her to be to the point I love the fact that she's not ego based , and so accurate .I also love the feeling that she cares so much .I plan on her being a part of my life love you !
Had an excellent reading from Allie! She was very kind and patient and let me ask everything I needed to ask. I am so thrilled and happy with my reading. I will being doing it again for sure!
It took me well over a year of listening to her shows to finally gather the courage to schedule an appointment with Allie. Unfortunately, I had doubt and cancelled the reading the night before. I felt bad about it and worried about her response. Much to my mind's surprise, Allie gave the most kind and compassionate response with complete understanding of my situation. We ended up having the reading a month later and her warmth, patience, humor, & generosity made the experience wonderful.
I had a reading with Allie a few months ago and she was spot on Loved talking to her as well she tells it like it is so far her predictions have come through as correct still waiting on one but it is getting close give Allie a call if you want to know the truth
Allie Cheslick is right on all the time. She just read me and launched into an amazing session covering everything I wanted to ask about. At the end, she said, "By the way, your parents are here." She then gave me such a delightful account of my parents that I'm still smiling. God bless you, Allie and thank you SO much.
I have had many readings through the years but never one so right on! She predicted a new job with all that we'd have to go through to get to a moving date. She eased my mind about an impending legal action that is unfolding just as she said. There was one more prediction I'm awaiting with great anticipation. I will make a reading an annual event!
I was in the audience at the celebration of John Cancio's 7 Years of True Talk Television last night, June 10, 2013 at Proctors Underground. I was delighted to be Allie's second reading. She was spot on and knew my grandmother's and mother's birthdays and even told me I had received a sign from my Mom on Mother's Day. My little grand daughter came through too! Allie made my night! Thanks Allie for a wonderful experience! I am truly grateful for your gift!
Allie is amazing! Had a reading with her last night and she was incredibly accurate. Among the most comforting messages she had was one from my brother, whose cause of death was a source of question for 30 years until Allie finally set the record straight. She had all the details correct. I could go on and on... She is a source of love and inspiration for all. Many thanks to you Allie!
Allie is a amazing, and when she gives a reading its as though you've known her all of your life. I have had a few sessions with her and her guidace has helped me through challenges I had been going through. Her prediction on certain areas of my life was right on, she is compassionate, loving, honest , and I love her sense of humor, I highly recommend her and I am looking forward to speaking with her again.
Allie is the real thing, she is honest, compassionate, and straight to the point. Allie has been right on the money. I've been able to validate everything past, present, and as future things unfold! She is straightforward and compassionate and goes above and beyond with information and guidance.I saw her live and a lot of things were validate threw another medium that was there.. without Allie saying a word.. She funny and leaves nothing out even if you don't wish to hear the truth
So loving and caring. Has your best interest at heart, but tells it like it is without judgement!
Amazing medium and wonderfully intuitive. Super gentle and very down-home and witty when bringing out the heavier subject matter. I'm still deeply moved and grateful for a reading from five months ago. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Allie has completely changed my feelings about psychics. I feel that she more like my own personal therapist and I hope we have a relationship for a long time. She told me things the first time I talked to her that were unresolved from my childhood. Allie helped me find an amazing job and quite literally changed me life for the better. I never would have searched for this particular job had she not pointed me in the right direction. I will be forever grateful to her!!! Love you Allie!!
I had an amazing reading with Allie. She is so personable and down to earth person. She will not sugar coat what you want to hear. She is honest and upfront and has been right on target with my reading. She said things that only i knew and was right on the money. She is truly amazing and has a gift that is unbelieveable. Thank you Allie for being you and let me say you are AMAZING!! I hope to connect with you soon. A million thank you's.


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