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"As a former skeptic & private investigator, I created this psychic & medium directory to help you find the most credible & reputable psychics & mediums. This page allows you to get readings from the gifted psychics & mediums listed below." ~ Bob Olson

New Hampshire

Robert Allen Fahey

Robert Allen Fahey, M.Ed., Ph.D., was born in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and was raised a Catholic. Early in life, he could see and hear spirits, predict future events, had dreams of prophecy, and given warnings to be careful of his talent and experiences, as they had more to do with the unexplained. To help him grow up psychic, his mother nurtured his ability by playing 20-questions on a game Ouija board. To deter labels of being different, he le
(Reviews 17; Listed since: Aug 18, 2007) ::

Beckah Boyd

Beckah is a hereditary psychic, her abilities began to show at the age of 9. As she grew older her abilities also grew, she became fascinated with all forms of divination, some thousands of years old, she had the gift of precognition and would tell people things before it happened. She knew she could help people with her gifts and over many years worked to fine tune them. She feels that divination is a guiding tool that should be known by all and
(Reviews 11; Listed since: Apr 2, 2008) ::

Gretchen Vogel

Gretchen Vogel has quietly helped bereaved people all over the country as a trance medium since the early 1980s. As an organic gardener and farmer, Gretchen brings an earthy practicality and systematic approach to her spiritual work and writing. In telephone readings, Gretchen sits in prayerful meditation and records what she sees and hears from the deceased. Her meditations can provide her living clients with a degree of healing and solace to he
(Reviews 5; Listed since: Sep 29, 2008) ::

Lauren Rainbow

Healing and love is the motivational energies behind Lauren's work as a medium. Since 2001, Lauren has been a compassionate and evidential messenger for spirit to groups and individuals. Her multi-dimensional guidance is highly accurate and you are invited to experience her work with an open mind. "Full of energy and laughter, Lauren always brings high spirits to any event" ~New Hampshire Magazine
(Nearest City: Manchester; Reviews 4; Listed since: May 23, 2010) :: READ MORE...

Erica Rock

Soul Journey Intuitive Readings: We have an infinite number of potential futures. Don’t you want to connect with the one that is the brightest? Most abundant? Joyful and happy? Lying dormant within each and every one of us are latent gifts and talents that the Creator has placed inside. Our gift back to the Creator is to cultivate those gifts and allow them to bloom and flower. Erica reads the energy and essence of you be-ing and helps align yo
(Reviews 0; Listed since: Sep 27, 2010) ::

Necole Stephens

Necole Stephens is a highly sought after Spirit Medium, integrating the physical world and the Afterlife. With her compelling accuracy, she delivers messages from Heaven bringing through much comfort, hope, and inspiration. As a nationally recognized Spirit Medium and Spiritual Mentor. Necole is also a bereaved parent and has firsthand experience with grief. This has created a heightened ability to empathize and provide clients with a chance
(Nearest City: Nashua; Reviews 26; Listed since: Mar 8, 2011) :: READ MORE...

Tina Carey

I refer to myself as an Oracle Messenger, because on any given day spirit utilizes me as a psychic with medium tendencies. I call it spirit flavor for the day! My gifts have been passed down thru, generational woman before me having taught me about spirituality and healing. and thus became like breathing, thru divination. I am a psychic medium, your reading may consist of both, depending on spirit. Meaning a past loved one may come to validate, a
(Nearest City: Sanbornton; Reviews 14; Listed since: Jun 8, 2011) :: READ MORE...

Dorothy Morgan

Astrology, Intuitive & Angel sessions. Be ready with your birth information. Date, time and place please. Have your questions at hand. This way I can work with you as quickly as possible saving you valuable time. What To Expect From Your Reading. During a consultation we will discuss whatever is on your mind; a specific event, person, or issue, for the amount of time that best fits your needs. Unlike mediums I do ask questions, this help
(Nearest City: Ossipee; Reviews 0; Listed since: Aug 25, 2011) :: READ MORE...

Wendy Van de Poll

Are you looking for Pet Loss Grief Support? As a compassionate animal communicator I will walk the journey with you to help you when your pet is nearing their end of life, when you are coping with the loss of your pet and when you are ready to talk to your pet in the afterlife. Find out how your pet is doing in the afterlife. Send the message of love to your beloved companion. Get relief from your grief! Center For Pet Loss Grief | Through Lif
(Nearest City: Concord; Reviews 37; Listed since: Dec 4, 2012) :: READ MORE...

Frances Nash

Intuitive Readings …..including soul reading and aura reading How do I use these in my work? I see the colors and I see where they are on the body or energy field. I see the quality the color carries. Using that information I am able to tell you how the colors relate to one another and why. A soul reading consists of many facets, when I tune into your auric field I can tell what your energy/ vibration is and what you have come into
(Nearest City: Concord; Reviews 0; Listed since: Dec 27, 2012) :: READ MORE...

Olivia Ducasse

Olivia is the founder of Living From Within, a holistic life therapies foundation whose main goal is to help people heal from the inside out. The services offered included: Private Readings: Olivia uses Spirit/Angel communication to connect with and bring through messages from the other side. During a one on one session, clients will get a 12 month oracle card spread which serves to highlight or outline the upcoming year ahead. Clients also
(Nearest City: Conway; Reviews 0; Listed since: Nov 8, 2013) :: READ MORE...

Eric Breault

Eric Breault incorporates diverse psychic readings that includes mediumship, angel guidance, past life cell memory and forseeing your possible future blueprint. He see’s readings as an honorable sacred practice of giving valuable and credible messages to clients. Essentially, the divine purpose of these readings are to heal, redirect and empower you. It will also allow you to see your true purpose on this earth plane known as a galactic sc
(Nearest City: Berlin; Reviews 0; Listed since: Jan 20, 2014) :: READ MORE...

Lisa Ouellet

Lisa Ouellet is Your Spiritual Advisor on the Path to Personal Empowerment. She a Nationally Recognized Psychic as well as a Spiritual Life Coach, Certified Reiki Master, Magnified Healer, IET Therapist & Former Radio Show Host. Lisa is happy to share her gifts with you as she believes they are a blessing from Spirit. In a session with her, it's her honor to help you move from imprisonment to empowerment as you move forward in your life's journey
(Nearest City: Manchester; Reviews 0; Listed since: Aug 12, 2014) :: READ MORE...
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